Enhanced Odds – Focus on Europe

Europe , Referees and some league upstarts

Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

As we are about to get down to serious European matches it won’t hurt to look at how the referees function in these events.
The foreign referees seem more eager to flash their cards than the referees we see in our Premier League. They don’t hesitate to book for the most innocent of tackles etc. This puts our domestic sides at a disadvantage straight away. Nevertheless they have to get on with things as they are. The officials themselves are from divers countries and individual records should speak for themselves.

The Champion’s League and Europa League appear to have their own specific sets of referees.
Although only a few games have been played yet there are indications of which referees are card happy and those who tend to let the game flow. One indication that often shows is that English referees become more whistle happy when in charge of European games. Scottish referees are very much in line with the other Euopean whistlers. W. Collum and C.Thomson are uaually the Scottish representatives and are very handy with their cards.

The Italians, Spanish and French are quite liberal with cards.

The goalline assistants have done very little in the past, perhaps it’s time they were given more authority. The number of times there are serious fouls in the penalty area which go unpunished is diabolical.
Perhaps it’s time for FIFA to take a leaf out of rugby’s boots and refer to a television referee. At least a lot of fouls by the sly players would be found out.

Enhanced Odds

I’ve noticed that many enhanced odds bets offered are trebles or accumulators. It’s surprising how many of the chosen teams don’t actually win. Money for old rope for the bookmaker. Perhaps there is a way to make them pay. The least likely selection to oblige is the one with the longest individual odds. Or at least it should be. So why not make use of it (or your own selection from the offered teams). The individual odds are not likely to be too large so the answer could well be to LAY the team you think least likely to win. Here, again, it may take a little research but running the rule over three or four teams, shouldn’t be too arduous but can be very rewarding.

Most experts consider it foolish to try to access form before eight matches have been played. Looking at some major leagues in Europe it’s easy to see why.
Juventus as badly placed as Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona dragging their feet.
In France, Lyon and Monaco, last season second and third already have ground to make up. The same thing applies in Germany were Wolfsburg and Borussia. M. G. have already lost much ground.
How about Chelsea and Liverpool in our own Premiership? Then we have West Ham and Crystal Palace, both punching well above their weight. Not to mention Man City who have hit a black patch in the past two weeks.
So what does early season form add up to? Not a lot I’m afraid. Until the top leagues and the top sides sort themselves out, I’ll stick with the lower leagues. at least when a front runner emerges they usually do the punters some good turns.