Exchange Trading

Trading at Betting Exchanges

The first thing to realise when using any exchange is, the prices/odds, are always stated in decimal. Even money would be shown as 2.0. 6/4 would be 2.5. Every price has the stake included. So 10/1 would show up as 11.0. A little awkward at first but it will soon become second nature.

The second thing to realise is that LAY prices are given in the same formula but you must realise that they need to be reversed to find true odds. e.g. Lay at 3.0 isn’t 2/1 but 1/2. When you LAY you are in essence the bookie.

The gist of trading on an exchange can be summed up as making two or sometimes three bets on the same event. You make the initial bet say a win bet at 6.0 then when the time is ripe, when the price you took has dropped to say 5.0 you then make a LAY bet. The best way to operate this method is to use a Hedging Calculator. Just Google the words.

Of course this can be applied to ANY sport.

A quick look at another way to Lay the Draw. First choose a close match but one which you feel will have goals in it. The odds for the draw will not be too big. Once the bet is confirmed it is necessary to keep a close watch on the progress of the game. As soon as a goal is scored you can run, with the bet. Or back the draw. Or cash out. The profits aren’t great but with a little diligence in match choice a useful profit can be built.

Another simple method but one that can, with some astute choosing, build up a steady profit. Once again we are looking at a match which screams out Home Win. To add to this the bigger the difference in league positions the better. The simple bet is Lay the AWAY team. Watch the progress of the game and when the Home side scores CASH OUT. This is the safe way to operate the bet but if you want to run with it that’s up to the individual. But never forget. Laying a team gives you the opportunity to have a 66% chance of winning. Whereas the opposing Win bet only gives 33% chance of winning.

Only bet what you can afford to lose.