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Football Betting

Having the worlds best strategies at your elbow is one thing but also having all the EXTRAS that go with them is what really matters.
Do you have the necessary bookmakers accounts?  Accounts is plural because it’s a priority that you have a number of accounts, with as many bookmakers as possible. Don’t forget that when you first bet on a bookmakers site, there will undoubtedly be a FREE BET of some kind. This can be turned into cash with a little knowledge of MATCHED BETTING.

A collection of accounts means you can compare odds on offer for various matches or competitions. Whilst the odds may only differ by the odd decimal point, they all add up in the end. Just as important is the need to have accounts at more than one EXCHANGE. On most occasions Betfair will provide your needs but there will be times when they fail to come up to scratch. Not often but it does happen.

If you bet in-play you must ensure that you have a good “FEED“. Where possible watch the game on T. V. or listen to the radio. Many so-called LIVE SERVICES aren’t what they claim. Even a five second delay can mean the difference between getting the price you want and missing out. This is very true if you’re a TENNIS fanatic.

Having more than one strategy is also a must. Whilst it is almost certain that losing runs are shorter and likely to occur less often, especially when TRADING, they will nevertheless still be around from time to time. Having two or even three strategies going at the same time will almost certainly alleviate the losses from the one which isn’t performing to your hoped for standard.

Anyone who is really intent on making their betting pay will obviously be thinking about using software specifically for use on the EXCHANGES. There is Betfair Angel . Which as it suggests is for use on that site but also a version Bet Angel, for use with Betdaq. This can be downloaded to your P.C. free of charge if you have a Betdaq account.
Betfair Angel also includes a football based application which seems to be well received. The software will also trade on TENNIS matches.
It’s worthwhile signing up for the Bet Angel monthly news letter. Delivered to your P.C. free of charge.
With suitable software it is possible to automate your betting. Takes the stress out of decision making but for me it also takes away some of the fun and satisfaction when a trade goes GREEN.

In addition to these there is also telephone betting at both the bookmakers and exchange sites.
Finally there is the latest offering. Mobile Betting. I can’t see it catching up with the internet service but it is increasing in volume. All the latest apps make it ideal for the person out at work or other such pursuit.
Perhaps a hint to your loved one might result in Father Christmas delivering some useful addition to your betting armoury.


What do you look for when making your selections?
In the past a solid indication of an IN-FORM side was they’re percentage of ball possession. Some teams were renown for keeping possession and stringing a large number of passes together before giving to oppositions goalkeeper the chance to earn his wages.
According to the recent newspapers that’s no longer the case. When you look at the stats for some games it’s hard to accept the possession figures that are credited to some teams. Can you imagine, 78% of possession and still losing? Hard to believe but that happened to Wigan in a recent game. And that’s definitely not a “one-off”. The present ideal seems to be defend in depth and hit on the break. Many teams seem frightened to venture into their opponents final third of the field. How can a team that only spends 20 – 25% , in their opponents final 1/3rd really expect to win games? Well they not only do this but they are regularly coming out on top. It’s nothing unusual to see that well over 50% of the game is played in the middle third of the pitch. Yet, even while these stats are appearing game after game, goals are still being scored at an increasing rate, season after season. So what is going on? The only answer I can see is that defences are becoming more and more vulnerable. When a team
puts one striker on the field  surely the back four should be able to look after him. It just isn’t happening though.
In future I’ll be looking at teams with tight defences. Because it really looks as if the defence that makes the fewest mistakes is on to a good thing.


This is something that has been voiced many times in recent seasons about our PREMIER LEAGUE.
This last couple of seasons appears to have put a big question mark to that claim.
The best of BRITISH has gone forth and on the most part, been repulsed.
The Barcelona V Man. Utd game should have been a warning in itself. Our best club side played off the park.
This season has seen some dubious results in Euro games. When a team from Cyprus can head a qualifying group what does that say about our quartet. It’s not beyond the bounds of belief that only ARSENAL will be representing the Premier League in the KNOCK-OUT STAGES.

So where do we stand in EUROPE? Obviously not where we were accustomed to being for a long long time. It’s more than likely that we’ll be seeing a Champion’s League Final without the Premiership being represented.
A sad state of affairs. This will probably be reflected in next years European Championships. With a reasonable draw in the groups we might just make it to the knock-out stages.
I think our main hopes in that direction lies in the younger players who have been blooded this season. The old rearguard just don’t seem able to cope much these days.

Bet responsibly.