Football Betting Strategies


Football Betting

The start of a new season sees us all vowing to do away with our old strategies and determined to find a new one that will win the JACKPOT.
Then after a few minutes reflection we realise that the GOLDEN FLEECE has gone in hiding again. Just like every other season that’s passed us by.

A few strategies come to mind which I’m sure will get an airing by many punters.


On the face of it, surely it can’t be too hard to find a match in which at least ONE goal will be scored in the 45 minutes remaining.
This is not as volatile as many other strategies. Providing you do your homework first.
There are many roads to travel down. Just how likely is there to be even one goal between two sides. My first port of call for help would be to find out how regularly both of the sides score in the second half of their games. I know that relying on things that have happened in the past isn’t a guarantee that it will do so again, but history does have a habit of repeating itself.
Talking of history, a visit to the HEAD to HEAD stats is a MUST.
Not a bad strategy for those who bet with DISCIPLINE.
One thing I would bear in mind though is, BEWARE of a 0 – 0 half-time score. Often teams which find it hard to score in the first half, tend to get a bit uptight when things aren’t going their way. Get TWO SUCH TEAMS contesting the same match and a 0 – 0 full-time score line is always a possibility.


Very popular but for different reasons with different people.
My personal approach is to DUTCH a number of scores.
Whilst this can be a very restrictive way to bet given the right circumstances a good profit can accrue.
As with most strategies choosing the right games is very important. Two teams who don’t concede many goals would have me including 0 – 0 in my scores. What has to be omitted from any consideration is a team that can “break-out” from it’s normal constraints and go on a scoring spree.
The average match usually has a scoreline close to the average number of goals per game. Which in the popular leagues is within a “shout” of 2.5 goals per game. Teams whose matches go above this average on a regular basis should be avoided.
Especially when the HOME TEAM itself has a habit of going above the average.
Taking the most popular SIX scorelines and DUTCHING them has a lot of appeal. The popular leagues return an average for these scores of well over 50%. A figure of 55% can be expected. This is before any sort of weeding-out has taken place.
The SIX SCORES I would advocate for most leagues are-

  0 - 0
  1 - 0
  0 - 1
  1 - 1
  2 - 0
  2 - 1.

This isn’t a “One size fits all” strategy so it is necessary to make sure that the SIX SCORES you intend to use, are applicable to the league you intend to bet on.
Should you be adamant there will be goals in any particular match then discard the 0 – 0 for a larger profit.
As with all strategies there may well be a time when calculations are awry. So don’t be afraid to cover a score outside of your range. It’s always worthwhile to take that extra step even if it only reduces any potential losses.


Probably the most discussed strategy ever.
This is not my favourite strategy. There are too many hurdles to surmount.
All I’ll say at this point is place your bet as late as possible.
Not before 70 minutes. By this time the prices are  very manageable. Well below 2.0. So whatever your match choice your stake will be within reason and not the end of the world, if the worst comes to the worst.
One way to approach this bet is to note which teams make a habit of scoring later on in their matches. Hold fire until they have a match in which they fail to find a late goal and then at the next opportunity decide if the time is apt.
Without doubt there is mileage in this strategy but you MUST do your homework first. And do it thoroughly.


Something I happened upon some time back.
BACK over 2.5 goals and then DUTCH a number of scores which fit your thoughts on the game.
However to make this worthwhile you need to make a decision as to the potential winner.
Assuming the expected winner is the HOME side there will only be FOUR scores which could spoil your bet.
0 – 0, 0 – 1, 1 – 1 and 0 – 2. To get the best from this strategy I would be looking to HOME sides should be a little above EVENS. Experience will tell here.
At this price the odds for the scores mentioned should be approximately 10.0, 11.0, 7.0 and 20.0. The price for over 2.5 should be at least EVENS.
Staking at 100 pts @ EVENS would return, should our predictions be right, 200 pts. Dutching 75 pts over the four scores would return 193.45 pts. Either 25 pts or 19.45 pts profit.
Approximately 10 % profit which ever bet is successful. Most professional punters would kill for that.
This, like almost all of my strategies is there to be built upon. Play around with it. Paper trade with EXCHANGE prices.
Ckeck out bookmakers prices too. At times it will be possible to have a mix of prices. Always to the punters advantage.
Only stake what you can reasonably afford to lose. It is possible to have a good time betting but only if betting sensibly.