How can I stop a losing run of bets?

Football Betting

We have all been down the road of placing a succession of bad bets where the opposition team score a late equaliser or a selected player hits the post three times or a side get beaten on the counter-attack in the final minute of a match.

The key thing with a losing bet is to consider whether it was a) a genuinely bad bet where you didn’t use your judgement properly or b) a bet which would have won more than it had lost. If you’re placing losing bets all the time, you have to ask yourself whether you are looking at big odds too much and just hoping to win a big pay-out rather than select a team that you think are a value proposition.

The worst thing you can do with losing bets is to start betting bigger stakes to try and compensate for the money that you have lost. Instead, you need to do the opposite and go back to betting with small stakes until you are winning more than you are losing. Then you can start to increase the stakes again.