How to develop your personalised betting strategy


Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

Once again we’ve arrived at that time of the year when we are determined to rid ourselves of our bad habits and traits and become better people. Just as we did last year and the year before. However we’re still in the same place doing the same things. Why? Well change can be frightening. It might well lead us into the unknown and fear of the unknown is what holds us back. How does this affect us in our betting habits? The one big fear is that we’ll end up broke. It can happen and does happen. The end result is that we tell ourselves, “I knew this would happen”. So we’re very wary of making any changes in our lives and especially in our betting lives. What we need to ask ourselves is, “Can I change my betting habits and be sure I don’t end up in Carey Street?”. The answer is ” Yes” you can if you change your method of betting.

The average football punter is very tempted by the large returns offered for accumulators and all sorts of multiple bets. The sooner this approached is changed the sooner the punter’s “luck” will change.

The answer? Strategies.

Strategies are best used on the Exchanges. Although some will require the use of your bookmaker, too. What is the difference between betting with your bookmaker and using a strategy? The bet with your bookmaker has the odds virtually written in stone. Once you accept the odds for a bet you’re stuck with them. On the Exchange you can choose your odds, to a certain degree. Then as the game progresses you can make further decisions to change the odds, i.e. hedging, and further your own goal, so to speak.

Using strategies is a much more personal thing, especially if you use one you’ve devised yourself. Believe me, there’s plenty of room in the betting world for more strategies. Don’t forget. Every strategy you come across has been devised by a punter just like you. The only difference between the two of you is that he was prepared to do a little, or more likely, a lot of research, to find his Eldorado. Don’t be put off by the fact that some people are trying to sell their strategies. In fact forget these people. There are enough strategies in the public domain for you to start off with.

How about probably the most popular and one of the oldest, Lay the Draw? Not really the most inspiring but many punters have taken the basic rules for this strategy and fitted their own refinements into it. Now there are probably more Lay the Draw strategies doing the rounds than any other. The thing with strategies is, simple. There is no end to how they can be used. Take a basic strategy, then introduce, say a time element into it and you have something entirely different. All it needs is a little application and time. You don’t need any special educational attainments to be a confident strategist. There is ample space for more strategies and strategists in the betting world. This is where most strategies are aimed at.

However there will be times when a strategy will need the”help” of a bookmaker. Matched betting with a bookmakers Free Bet offer is such an occasion. So running your exchange account(s) in tandem with a few bookmakers accounts is always a wise action.
It’s also necessary to have more than one exchange account. Betfair and Betdaq are the two best known but there are others. The need for more than one exchange in your portfolio is to cover the occasions when one will “Go down”. Doesn’t happen often but if you’ve a live bet running it can cause you many problems.

Basically, you must be prepared to win small amounts regularly rather than hope to hit the jackpot. Little and often will be more rewarding in the long run.