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Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

We’re almost at the end of another season and time to hold post mortems. First we usually look at how our team performed or otherwise. Then the important one, how our betting strategies performed and how much we have won. Or have we? If we’re one hundred percent honest how many of us can hold up our hands and say, “Yes I made a profit”? Not too many, I’ll warrant.
So this should be the first part of any indepth audit. I want to look at all the various well known markets and see if they are worth servicing again next season. There are now so many markets that it’s easy to fall into the trap of spreading  our stake money too thinly on multiple markets. Much smarter in my opinion to choose a handful of markets and study them in depth and stake a little larger and with more confidence.

One market that I always find difficult to assess is “CORNERS“. In the past if you wanted a good corners score you looked for teams that played with two wingers. Get two such teams on the field together and you  could expect an avalanche of corners. Now though, you are often fortunate to find two wingers on the same field. Wing backs? Bah humbug, to coin a phrase. This is one market that I will cheerfully leave alone. It has really lost it’s glamour.

The newest GIMMICK is Cashing Out. You make your selection, add your stake and wait for something to happen in the match. Then a goal is scored. Now your dilemna is real. Do you sit back and hope the other team don’t equalise or do you accept a reduced “winnings slip”? Unless you’re intent on building a bank, by hook or by crook, why even think of taking a reducd pay off. Surely you had confidence in your selection when you place your bet. So why hesitate now? Remember, two or three winners at reduced pay outs can disappear with just one loser, whilst the same two or three winning bets will probably more than cover one loser.

First goal scorer markets are very volatile. However the odds don’t reflect the true odds of any first scorer. In theory the odds against any player being first scorer are actually 21/1. Very simply, there are twenty two players on the field at kick off and any one of them can score. Even the goalkeeper. We saw such a freak when Stoke entertained Southampton. After just 15 seconds Begovic’s clearance was caught by the wind and left Boruc strained on the edge of the penalty area. O.K. this was a freak happening but just think how many First Scorer bets bit the dust. Not really the type of bet you can rely on.
What odds would you expect to receive for such a goal? I’ll wager there weren’t any quotes for either goalkeeper. However the other bets ALL LOST. This is just another market that the bookmakers love you to play.

Both teams to score. Now this one does set me thinking. Anybody who does put in the “studying time” could well make this a worthwhile venture. We all know how certain teams seem to score no matter how good the opposition. Chelsea can almost always be backed to score, no matter who they play. There are other teams in other leagues who are just as prolific. All it needs is a little delve into past results and recent form and this I’m sure, will be made to pay.

More good and bad markets, next time.