Making Money from Football Betting

So you want to make money betting on football?

Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

The title should really be a question to which everybody will answer YES.

Fine, however do you really have any idea of how to go about being a successful football ”gambler”?

I’ve put the word gambler into inverted commas as gambling is the last thing you will do if you are to make money from betting on football matches.

In these more sophisticated days of TRADING, gambling is now, or should be, the last thing any one should want to do. Mug punters gamble. The dedicated punter uses a much more refined way to bet on matches. More of that later.

Do you know how many ways there are to lose money on football matches. No matter what number you guess there will always be at least one more.

The modern way to bet on football is usually, via a strategy or system. This can be applied to any of the ways open to punters. Whether straight forward 1 – 2 – X betting, Draw No Bet or Asian Handicap betting. Then there’s also Spread Betting. The latter is really for the very experienced punter. Those of you who are “tech-savvy” may well be interested in using software to help with your methods of selection and placing of your bets, etc. (Bet Angel comes to mind).

What you really need is a good selection method or a very good tipster. The selection method you’ll probably find by a trial and error basis. The tipster though can be a different kettle of fish entirely. A third way is to use statistics. Sounds boring but this really is the way forward. Most tipsters use stats on which to base their selections.

Of course there are so many different types of stats to consider.

When combined with other types of betting, e.g. trading, there are overwhelming possibilities for consistent profit making.

Incidentally it shouldn’t be beyond the average punters ability to come up with a strategy of their own. After all, all the strategies “on the go” at present had to start from somewhere and not always from the professionals.

Then there is the “new” idea of “cashing out”. This can in some instances replace hedging/laying your bets and in other instances call an end to a bet that hasn’t quite worked out and allow you to start again without losing your whole stake.

The choices facing the punter seem to get more and more on a day to day basis.

A BIG decision to be made is when to start taking current season form into consideration.

Some of the results we’ve seen so far this new season are quite unbelievable. More especially some teams are being priced on last seasons form by the bookies. Why else would West Ham,at home, be on offer from one firm @ 5.0 versus Liverpool? It all adds to the equation which is football selection.

As the season begins to show trends and traits it is to be hoped that the temptation to invest in multiple accumulators and other large return bets is resisted. Much better to give thought to trading games, at first, before play starts. We can sort out “in-play” trading a little later.

The basic tenet of trading is to buy LOW and sell HIGH.

My introduction to trading was the old chestnut, Lay the Draw. Fortunately I’ve been able to make steps forward since then. Make no mistake thought, Trading is the way forward.

However, thinking about LTD brings up the idea of, is it worthwhile backing 0 – 0 before K.O.?

This score is generally available to BACK at around 11.0 or so. The answer can be YES in certain circumstances. Where it is reasonable to expect a dirth of goals from two sides who find it hard to hit the net in the first half of a game and both have fairly solid defences then it looks reasonable to expect half-time to arrive without a goal being scored. In this instant it would then be worthwhile to LAY 0 – 0. At this point in the game it should be possible to get around 5.0 for the game to end scoreless. All that is needed is a little knowledge at stake manipulation. All this will follow later on.


These notes are not meant to be complete or in any kind of order. It’s just what came to the fore as I was typing. I’ll come back to these in more detail shortly.


Don’t forget, back responsibly and if you find you or suspect you have a problem get in touch with Gamble aware. They’re on the internet.