Money Management and staking plans for betting system

One alternative Horse Racing System which can be implied also on Football Betting

Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

I have seen many money management systems (?) or rather, staking plans. I am surprised that not one offers advice on using LEVEL STAKES. Progression and regression plans will only lead to the workhouse. I’ve seen almost every staking plan at work and inevitably along comes the punters main enemy, the LOSING RUN. And losing runs will hit the best selection system or method sooner or later.

The simple doubling up staking plans can be a burden after just 11 losers the next bet would be £1,024. Now how many punters can afford that? Few and far between and runs like this on favuorites are not unknown. Progression stakes are only going to lead to one end. Regression stakes can soon put an end to any system, too. I’ve only ever found two staking methods that won’t lead you to the workhouse, one being basic level stakes. If a system can’t survive on level stakes then it will eventually cost a packet if a staking plan is used.

There is however one alternative. It takes a lot of study and control. First find a suitable race and narrow it down to two contenders. Races where the first and second favourite have a good record. Then you need a dutching calculator. (There are plenty on the internet for the searching but you can use the system bets calculator from our website as well.).

Careful research will find many suitable races.
Start with a bank of, say, 100 points and then when you’re ready to lay down some stakes invest 5 percent of your bank as directed through the dutching calxulator. This won’t make anyone a milliomaire overnight but if the correct races are chosen two and three year old races are ideal for this type of bet.

It can quite easily be applied to football betting. Find two “good things” and “dutch” them. This works well when the chosen teams have a slight difference between each others prices.
I find it works best on football but if you have a successful racing system don’t be afraid to use it with that.

At last a hint for those world cup enthusiats. This might be a bit late but referees have the power at the World Cup to abandon matches if there is racist or other kinds of disrespectful chanting etc. Now different bookmakers will deal with such games by their own individual rules. Make sure you know what will be the case if you are unfortunate enough to bet on such a match.

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