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Lay the Draw, Half Time/Full Time Bets, Draw no Bet

Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

Below are a few more markets which seem popular with some punters. The views given a purely my own and are not meant to be anything else. I just hope there is a fair amount of agreement from other punters.

Hand in hand with Both teams to score, we have under/over 2.5 goals
This is another market that depends on the punter having a fair knowledge of the teams and their tactics. If Arsenal are in their “playful” mood you just have to give them a miss as they are liable to run up quite a score. On the other hand get Chelsea lined up against a fairly resolute side and goals will be hard to come by. This is a market where it pays to know your defensive sides really well. Another point which will pay to have an awareness about is the odds offered on this market. They are nearly always below what I would call, value for money. The bookies just don’t take a chance with these bets.

Lay the Draw
An old favourite. There are still many punters who frequent this market. Much of the value has long gone from this particular “money cow”. Nevertheless it still attracts quite a few “novices”. Most invariable give it up after a few punts. Usually because they choose the wrong games to back. However the big problem for most of them is that they don’t have a “get out” plan when things go again them. Nevertheless some punters will still try their hand at this market, so I wish them well.

Yet another market which has a good following is the Half-time/Full-time result. Not one which I fancy but if you pay some attention to previous results, especially when the games have been close fought affairs, there may well be a pointer or two to make use of. One aspect of this market which I find annoying is the odds on offer. Considering there are nine possible combinations of results the odds when compared with the current form are mostly grossly inadequate. I can’t really see this market ever matching the true odds of the expected outcomes. Not one for me.

Draw no Bet
Now here is a Market worth looking at seriously. How often has a good sound bet been turned over when an unexpected equaliser has been scored. As is usual, this has a habit of happenng with almost the last kick of the game. Giving no chance to recoup anything at all. The problem faced by the punter is whether or not the prices offered in this type of bet is better or as good as the Asian Handicap on the same game(s). For a student of form and value this will prove to be a good market to consider.

The season has only just ended but now really is the time to get ready for next season. The sooner you fill your armoury to take on the old enemy, the better.
Bet sensibly!