Naps, Un-named Favourite & Forecast Favourite – Horse Racing Betting System

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I have been extremely fortunate to obtain four copies of a magazine I used to read in the 70’s/80’s.
I’ve mentioned the magazine in earlier articles, THE SPORTING INVESTOR.
A5 size ideal for the jacket pocket.
The four copies I acquired really do bring back some memories.
Of course the systems in them are out of date. So it should be interesting to try to bring them up to date. The first copy is from July 1968 Volume 22 No 7. So the first time it was printed would be 1947.
The first system I’ll look at is called THREE GOOD THINGS A DAY.
The three selections are chosen by THREE DIFFERENT METHODS.
One, a NAP selection. Two, an UN-NAMED FAVOURITE. Three, a FORECAST FAVOURITE.
The hardest part of the system is that the first methods could indicate the same selection.
Should this happen then alternative(s) need to be found.

Selection methods – Naps, un-named favourite and forecast favourite.


Check each nap against, 1, betting forecast position. 2, type of race. 3, No of runners.
Look for a selection in a Non-handicap race with no more than SEVEN runners which should start at a reasonable price which is also betting forecast favourite.
The NAP which meets most of these conditions is the choice for the day.

2. Find a GOOD FAVOURITE. Again look for a race with no more than SEVEN runners. 2-y-o’s and the last race on the card are usually suitable for this quest. If there is a stalemate of choices give preference to the smaller field. If still no clear choice go with the shortest price.

3. Our third choice is the FORECAST FAVOURITE. First discard the two races already used.
Once again choose only from Non-handicap races. Look for a forecast favourite that is tipped and priced between EVENS and FIVE to TWO. (5/2).
ONCE AGAIN, KEEP TO SMALL FIELDS. If necessary give preference to the race with the fewest runners.

The final selections should give a fairly good chance of making a reasonable profit on the day.

The hardest part to this system, in my estimation, is choosing the right meeting(s). Why not refer to the table of figures I gave in SYSTEM THOUGHTS ON MAY 30TH.

Choosing the NAPPISTS.

It is up to the individual which tipsters he uses for this chore, Most newspapers have three tipsters, or two and a rating system.

Whilst this is quite acceptable I would recommend using the Racing Post’s NAP TABLE as the source of selection. Something I have noticed down the years is that when a tipster’s nap wins he very often follows next day with an repeat.

So my suggestion is, each day, run down the NAPS TABLE and note the first six that were successful the previous day. From these SIX, or maybe less on occasions, depending on how many were successful, choose your NAP selection for the day. If you aren’t completely happy with those you’ve been looking at, leave that part of the bet alone for the day. You don’t have to bet each day unless you’re completely happy with your conclusions.

The beauty of this little system is that you get to use your experience in winner picking. Also you can choose whether or not to use the three selection methods or just one or two. The choice is yours.

The creator of this system doesn’t go into it’s NATIONAL HUNT version in much detail.
From the few details given, I assume that the UN-NAMED FAVOURITE selection is the only one confined to Non-Handicap races.

Looking for selections for the other two criteria I would suggest only consider either 2 mile CHASES or 3 mile (and plus) CHASES.
In a way these distances can be regarded as BASIC. Distances inbetween the two, tend to require an amount of expertise from the runner to accomplish the required feat. It’s a little hard to explain why but that little bit extra does appear to be needed for these "ODD" distances.

The TWO MILE CHASE will suit the speedier horses whilst the stayers will be well at home over the extreme distances.
Should it be necessary to choose between there two for selection purposes I would always give preference to the LONGER DISTANCE RACE.

I don’t really think HURDLE races are really an ideal type of race on which to place my money. There are too many CAVALRY CHARGES for my liking. However, if they are your bag use them but do so carefully and keep within the general rules of the system.


Since the end of Royal Ascot there have been 6 betting races and 3 supplementary races.
There were 4 winning races and 2 losing races although both these races included the FIRST CHOICE selections being NON-RUNNERS.
We have increased the Profit figure by another 50.1 pts. Standing at 249.1pts after racing 27th June.

The SUPPLEMENTARY BETS have been outstanding. There were three last week-end and EACH FIRST CHOICE selection obliged.
Since the start of May the SUPPLEMETARY BETS record is 5 winning races out of five.

Last Saturday and Sunday gave a total of five betting races 2 betting races and 3 supplementary races which gave a total return of 4 winners and a Non-runner.
It would be nice to have FEED-BACK if possible.

As ever, bet carefully.