NASCAR Betting Online

Types of Sports

NASCAR betting has become one of the hottest sports betting activity. And just like in any other sports betting form, this too don’t ask you to possess special skills. But of course, you have to be wise in making bets and decisions.

NASCAR Betting Basics

Qualifying Betting

In general, at the end of the qualifying period, wagers on the qualifying performance will be settled base to the grid positions. Hence, all qualifying bets must be placed before the practice session, which come before the qualifying session.

Number of Finishes

Likely, for some purposes like settlement, the number of finishers in the race will be based on the official results; considering those drivers lapped by a circuit and the like.

Winning Margin

As a custom, winning bets predict the official winning margin as the first and second cars to cross the line, leaving out any time punishments or disqualifications had by any driver after the end of the race.

NASCAR Betting Tips

In general, when betting on an auto race like NASCAR race, it is advisable that you don’t only put your full focus and consideration to the driver. Hence, there are a lot more significant stuff you really must pay attention to.

Likely, when betting on an auto race, aside from the driver try also to check on the:

entire race team and operation. How do the teams do in the holes? Did the team earned a lot of equipment failure, like brake failures, blown engines, or broken transmission gears? Which teams have systematically put cars in the top 5 or 10? Which teams seem to get the best gas mileage? Which teams adjust the best to weather conditions and changing tracks?

racing track. Likely, some drivers do well on road courses, others seem to reign the super short tracks or speedways, while others still manage to do well on dusty and messy tracks though they already have so much rubber build up.

weather condition. This can greatly influence the outcome of a race when you actually bet on a NASCAR event. Hence before you bet, ask yourself some of these questions:

Are hot or cool temperatures in the forecast?

Is there a chance to rain during the event? (Rain can delay a race but it can wash away some of the rubber build up that will help the cars run better).

Which of the teams can promptly adjust to changing track situations or scenarios?