Netbet Golden Goal offer Grid style prediction game

Get creative with prediction grids!


Netbet Golden Goal Competition

Each week you can jump into a prediction game at bookmaker NetBet and unlike some of the other prediction games around, you actually have a little bit of creativity to dip into, as well as variety. That is because this operates off of a grid system so you get to select the outcome of the listed matches in the grid. This is all about predictions and it is worth noting that unlike some of the other prediction games around, this is one that you have to stake on. It’s not free.

The Grid

On the grid, you will see a list of matches and you have the option to select one or more of the outcomes in a match. For example in a Spurs v Burnley fixture you have a home win, a draw or an away win to consider. You make your selection of what the match outcome will be and sit back, cross your fingers and wait.

The stake per grid for a single game like that is £1 but you can look at multiple selections as well. This is where you either back two or all three of those options to increase your chances of winning. So a double for example would be backing Spurs and a Draw, while a treble is obviously backing Spurs, a Draw and a Burnley outcome.

The player can choose one or more double predictions and one or more triple predictions, the other grid predictions being single ones. The amount staked on multiple predictions is proportional to the number of single predictions included in the grid played. There are limits to how many doubles and trebles you can play on a grid and the more you do, the more your stake will rise.

On the main Europe grid of eleven matches there a possible 216 predictions you can build by selecting singles and the maximum amount of doubles and trebles. Each of those predictions requires a stake so that would be a £216 stake you are putting up.


Winners are based on different levels, which basically equates to how many correct results that you land on the grid. The winnings come from a prize pool based on the total bets placed by players on a grid. The top is Level 1 which means that you have landed all eleven predictions and that returns 50% of the total + the Jackpot. A Level 2 win which is ten of the eleven predictions collects 25% of the total. The starting amount of a jackpot on a grid is £20,000 and if there are no winners of level one, then 20% of the stakes go back to the jackpot raise to top that up. The maximum jackpot on a grid is £40,000.

Europe, Mini and Premier League Grids

There are different grids to play on with different prize pots and requirements at the Netbet Golden Goal. The Europe grid is made up of a mix of matches from across European Leagues, the Premier League grid features all ten matches in a round of matches from the top flight and the Mini grid is just a five or six match grid with games from Europe including the Premier League.

Extra Tools

If you can’t be bothered to actually go through a grid and make your own selections then you can click the NetBet Selection button to fill in a grid for you, or just hit the random button for a sheer potluck.

Netbet Golden Goal Summary

Basically, even though this may look just a little more complicated than other bookmaker competitions, you just choose the grid of your fancy, get your prediction and (hopefully) win the jackpot. You are still putting your powers of prediction on the line

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