Odds-on that new record temperatures are to hit the UK

2003 record to be broken?

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Bookmakers reckon that there is about a 60% chance the highest ever temperature in the UK will be recorded by the end of the week. A scorching, blistering heatwave is on the way. Punters can back the previous highest temperature of 38.5c being broken for a price of 4/6* (betting odds taken from Ladbrokes on July 24th, 2019 at 6:02 pm)

The market is for a record to be broken before Sunday (July 28th). The information from the Met Office is all pointing to a massive heatwave to land. Thursday’s temperatures in the UK are set to be hotter than the likes of Cairo and Casablanca.

The record temperature in the UK happened in August 2003 when the thermometer went up to that 38.5C.

It’s unprecedented stuff that could be on the way. In the London area, it is predicted that it could get up to 39C. On Wednesday temperatures in the South East hitting a high 33.5C in Essex.