Paddy Power Horse Racing Betting Bonuses

Extra winnings and insurance to be had!


There is great horse racing betting coverage provided at popular online bookmaker Paddy Power, who enhance your wagers with some great bonuses. Paddy Power provide superb market prices on their horse racing betting, and with some great extra coverage on your horse racing betting, the bookie remains a popular option for punters. Not only are the great prices and access to live sports streams a great pull for the bookie, but there are more reasons to take a look at Paddy Power for your horse racing betting. First of all there are the bonus pay out options, and who doesn’t like the chance to pick up a little extra profit for nothing? When you build multiple bets at Paddy Power on your horse racing betting, then you can get up to an incredible 25% bonus on top of your winnings. Building your Lucky Bets at Paddy Power can pay you extra rewards. For a Lucky 15, if you land four winners then you get a 10% bonus. For a Lucky 31 you can get a 10 or 20% bonus depending on whether you land four or five winner, and if you land six winners in Lucky 63 then you will get a huge 25% bonus on top of your winnings. This is a great extra horse racing bonus (but does apply to the greyhounds as well). But the benefits of doing your horse racing betting at Paddy Power stretches even further than just the great bonus payouts on offer. There is also a great consolation if your Lucky Bets are not quite so lucky on the day. The Paddy Power horse racing consolation bets provides some insurance if you land just one winner out of a Lucky 15, a Lucky 31 or a Lucky 63 then you will you will paid out on double the odds on that one winning selection. So if you are having a bad day, then landing just one winner will at least pay you out double its original odds. Again this applies to Horse Racing and Greyhounds and is great insurance.

There is also the Paddy Power Double Result to take into consideration as well. If you have ever seen your horse cross the line first and then could only watch in dismay as it was disqualified, then worry not, because bookie Paddy Power is on your side here. If you land a winning bet, but then your horse is disqualified, you will be still paid out as a winner with Paddy Power. What makes this a Double Result, is that the newly promoted horse to the winner position after a disqualification of the horse that crosses the line first, will also be paid out as a winner. So in the event of a disqualification from first place, punters have superb coverage in horse racing betting at Paddy Power with their Double Result bonus. There are also daily specials which Paddy Power provide each day of the week. You will need to check in to the home page at Paddy Power racing to keep abreast of the further offers coming your way. So with early board prices coming every morning from Paddy Power and all the standard bonuses the online bookmaker offer on their horse racing, along with Best Odds Guaranteed (which means that if the starting price ends up higher than an early price, you’ll get paid out the bigger price). Paddy Power provide live streams of racing from the UK and Ireland, and all that is needed to watch is just to have a £1 minimum bet on the race in question.

The highly rated online bookmaker Paddy Power offer a free £50 bet for new customers registering an account. New customers can take advantage of this great welcome sign up bonus, as the bookie will match the value of a first stake on a new account, up to the maximum value of £50. So there is a great bit of free betting cash to be enjoyed as well, just to get your sports betting under way at Paddy Power.