Premier League Betting

Who can stop Manchester United ?

Man United 19th Premier League Winner
Man United 19th Premier League Winner - © GEPA pictures

Naturally one of the biggest discussions when it comes to football betting, is who is going to win the Premier League? That is because this is the big one, the one which encapsulates the entire ups and downs in fortunes of your team across the season. The outcome which determines who has the bragging rights for the summer and who gets to land that nice winner come the last blown whistle which wraps up the season. The Premier League outright winner market in online betting remains one of the most popular across the board. It is a great market for newcomers and seasoned punters to take a look at, because it all seems so simple. Pick the best team to win the league. It doesn’t sound that hard really does it? It sounds even less hard when you scour down the list of teams in contention and realise that really, there are only three teams competing for this year’s title. They are of course, defending Champions Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea. With Arsenal’s rapid fall from grace in the standings, and Liverpool apparent need for another season of maturity and gelling, picking a winner from a three horse race seems a pretty cut and dry thing. Narrowing the field as much as possible is one of the most obvious betting tips, and with season, team and match previews from the news pages at, you can be nudged in the right direction if you are pondering. Some pondering you may well do, because you go and take a look at odds which have been put forth by the Bookies, and then you start questioning. Manchester United are sitting around Evens with some online bookies, with their City rivals right on their tales, averaging a trading price of 2/1. As for Chelsea, well they are even further back in the three horse race at around a best price of 5/1 on the board, and that means that the Stamford Bridge crew are suddenly a dark horse in your Premier League outright winner betting.

Which leads to some interesting things to chew over. Like where is the best value? Like, do you back your own team because of pride and optimism, or do you take a shot at a genuine favourite? Will a Chelsea fan back Manchester United with a wager to win the league for example? Well, at least betting against your team will cushion the blow of defeat if you team doesn’t go all the way and loses out to the rival which you bet on. But just because Chelsea are out at superb value, are they really? The bookies are clearly happy to list them long, because they don’t think that you’ll be getting a return on things. But here is a big lesson in season long football betting. Things change. Long term football betting is one of the best ways to earn yourself some profit if you are patient enough, read the stats and find the best price you can. A handy list of the best bookmakers are on show at Online-Betting, so that you aren’t stuck as to where to go to find the best deals and prices. The prices will not shift too much until after the new year, or if one of the front runners take a nose dive in form, and if it is suspected that that will happen, then they wouldn’t be favourites in the market! So obviously taking a long term punt now is more likely to pay off than waiting too long to get your bet down, as the season will have its shifts of power most likely. But there are certain benefits in backing a favourite long term, and that is, they usually win. Not all the time of course, because there are no certainties in sport. But Manchester United for example, have a proven track record of coming first, have proved time and time again that they know how to get across the finish line first. Bottom line is, and this is a good way to look at Premier League betting, is that Manchester City and Chelsea are still trying to play catch up to United. They are still the ones trying to break the dominance of the Red Devils, and as much as they improve, United never ever, stand still either. That is why they are favourites and remain the best value bet that you can take. As for their rivals City, they have yet to prove themselves over the course of the season, and Chelsea are still trying to find their top gear. Look at last season’s home stats. United rocked out a 95% win percentage at home, compared to Chelsea’s 74% and Man City’s 68%. That 14 points dropped at home by City, and 12 by Chelsea. Man Utd? Well they dropped just two, and those are the winning margins of trends to look for. Can you picture that changing drastically this season?

If you want to back a title challenging team beyond Chelsea and Manchester United, then look for options Without The Big 2 and you’ll see Man City head and shoulders favourite about everyone else. Liverpool and Tottenham don’t even come close in this market, and bookies are out to win of course, they are not going to give bargains away, you need to work hard to beat them. That is where getting as much betting advice, such as the betting tips section at Online-Betting, can really help you out with decision making. Ultimately it will be down to the punter to part with their money, they way they want to, but knowledge is power in football betting! Stay current with Online Betting news and get ahead. Also, getting away from the top of the table, just as interesting is picking relegation candidates. You automatically zoom in on the newly promoted teams from the Championship, in this case, QPR, Norwich and Swansea. As trends go again, they will all likely be in relegation battle come the end of the season. But for bargains, look for those who narrowly escaped last season and have done little to improve their squad. Stand up Blackburn and Wigan there. Remember that surprises really don’t happen as often as they may appear to in football. Are the strong getting stronger in the Premier League?