Rafa Benitez attracts a lot of attention Next Liverpool Manager Betting

Will Rafa make a return to Anfield?


There has been a lot of activity happening in the Next Permanent Liverpool manager betting market, after Kenny Dalglish saw the FA Cup slip away from him on the weekend. Liverpool lost 2-1 against Chelsea at Wembley, so Dalglish was unable to add any gloss to a disappointing season. They earned themselves the Carling Cup thanks to a penalty shoot out against Championship side Cardiff, but struggling to make a top seven finish in the Premier League, winning just one home game of the eight played in league since the turn of the year, hasn’t won Dalglish many fans over. Liverpool have been lightweight up front and un-creative in the middle of the park and don’t look as if they have the squad quality to take a step forward.

So they may need investment in the summer, will Dalglish be the one to spend the money? Will the owners stick with him for another season? The last big batch of big money signings haven’t worked. Will they trust him to spend more? The thing about Dalglish is that he of course has such a huge identity at Anfield, he is a firm fixture of Liverpool’s great history and therefore it may not prove to be a great publicity move if they get rid of him. But surely he isn’t untouchable? But out of interest, if the Liverpool board decide that they need a change at the top to drive forward, who are the leading candidates in the Next Permanent Liverpool manager betting?

Well, former boss Rafa Benitez is the man who has attracted all the attention. There were firm rumours about the Spaniard heading back to the Premier League with Chelsea after Andre Villas-Boas got the sack from Stamford Bridge. However, their rumours seem to have died down a bit, and some Liverpool fans have been calling for a return of Rafa. It would probably be a move that smoothed the transition if Dalglish goes. But there are other big names in contention as well, with Jose Mourinho, who just won the La Liga title with Real Madrid and short-lived Chelsea boss Andre-Villa Boas himself. Swansea’s Brendan Rodgers could be a major target for the Reds too, as he would bring the style and wonderful passing game with a purpose, that Liverpool are missing. But Rodgers has been hotly linked with Spurs.

Would Martin O’Neill be ready to step up to a bigger club after making a steady return to management with Sunderland this season? Would Pep Guardiola be tempted out of his decision to step away from the game at the end of Barcelona’s season? Weighing up the options, it all seems a little bit unlikely, but the odds have been trimmed so much on a return for Rafa Benitez as next Liverpool manager, it has hard to ignore the market momentum. He is the best fit for the club, a tactical thinker who did take Liverpool to European glory.

Next Permanent Liverpool Manager Betting Odds at SkyBet
Rafa Benitez 94/, Jose Mourinho 10/1, Andre Villas-Boas 12/1, Brendan Rodgers 9/1, Martin O’Neill 10/1, Pep Guardiola 12/1