Decimal vs. Fractional betting odds

Cyril's Betting Advice
Cyril's Betting Advice

Settling bets at ”face value” can be a long drawn out affair.

3 doubles and a treble comes out at 4 bets. A Yankee comes out at 11 bets and a Lucky 15 is, well 15 bets.
Now each of these bets can be settled in a smaller number of calculations than “face value”.

Todays article is based on my last one on Settling Bets a few days ago. If you have difficulties to follow my thoughts maybe should read that one first.
Lets assume our three selections each win at 2/1 (Decimal 3.0). 10p stakes.

Then set the bet out like this.

A 2/1 – 30
B 2/1 – 30
C 2/1 – 30

Returns from single A goes onto B = 30 @ 2/1 = 90.
Returns from both singles A+B = 60 goes on to C @2/1 = 180. thus the 3 doubles return 2.70.

so now the settling looks like this

A 2/1 – 30
B 2/1 – 30 A/B = 90.
C 2/1 – 30 A/C + B/C = £1.80.

We now settle the treble A/B/C.
The return from the double A/B .90 is invested on C @2/1 = 2.70.
This total is added to the other two totals thus,.
90+180+270. Grand total £5.40.

Now without realising it you’ve settled 4 bets in just three calculations. Not much of a saving but it does get better as we progress.

Once more we have our three winners @ 2/1.

A 2/1 – 30
B 2/1 – 30
C 2/1 – 30

We go thru’ the motions. Stake 30 from A is invested on B = 90.

A 2/1 – 30
B 2/1 -30 A/B = 90.
C 2/1 – 30

We add together the stakes from A + B + the double A/B. This equals 30 +30 + 90 = £1.50.
This total is then invested on C. So we now have£ 1.50 @2/1 = £4.50

This£ 4.50 is added to the return from double A/B .90 = £5.40

There we have it. Four bets settled with just TWO calculations.

Not only have you calculated a winning 3 doubles and a treble in 2 moves but if you put the decimal point in the correct places you’ll realise you’ve calculated the bet as a DECIMAL bet although you’ve used the FRACTIONAL approach.

Now how about if we settle the same bet in just ONE calculation? Yes just ONE small sum. I call it small but at first it may seem a trifle convoluted but with a little practise you’ll soon get the idea.

Once again we have our three winners at 2/1. This time we have to make some adjustments before we start our calculations. We add ONE point to the starting price. So we now have three winners @ 3/1.

A 3/1 – 40
B 3/1 – 40
C 3/1 – 40.
The .40 return from A is invested on to B @ 3/1 = £1.60. This in turn goes onto C @3/1 + £6.40
. You then have one more calculation to make. Deduct ONE point at the original starting price. 2/1 x 3 = 90. Then add to this a SINGLE point. Equals a total of £1.00. This is deducted from the calculated bet for a final return of £5.40.

This method can be used for any FULL combination bet. No matter how many selections are involved.
Lets try a 10p yankee bet with four winners at 6/4, 7/4, 15/8 and 85/40. Now when we add the point to each price I do it by adding the right hand number of the price to the left hand number. Therefore 6/4 becomes 10/4. & 7/4 becomes 11/4, 15/8 becomes 23/8 and 85/40 becomes 125/40.
We can then line up the prices with the extra POINT on each one. Thus…………

A 10/4 – 35
B 11/4 – 37.5
C 23/8 – 38.75
D 125/40 – 41.25

Then we can just multiply 35 x 37.5 x 38.75 x41.25. From this ensuing total we deduct £1.52. (rounded down), the sum of the single stake at each S.P. Then finally deduct the ONE unit stake. Incidentally had this been settled as a Lucky 15 it would only have needed a SINGLE stake deduction from the total of £20.97.
This may look a little difficult at first but a small amount of time practising with various odds will soon have you on the right track.

The beauty of Decimal prices is that they include the stake. 3.5 is actually 2.5 odds and 1.0 stake.
Evens would be 2.00.

Try a few decimal football prices in a multiples bet.

A 2.00
B 2.45
C1.85 3 doubles and a treble.
Double A/B 2.00 x 2.45 = 4.90
Double A/C 2.00 x 1,85 = 3.70
Double B/C 2.45 x 1.85 = 4.53
Treble A/B/C 2.00 x 2.45 x 1.85 = 9.06.
Total 22.19.
That’s the long way.
Now ADD one point to each price and multiply out.
A 3.00 x
B 3.45 x
C 2.85 = 29.49 minus 7.30 = 22.19. Minus figure is ONE POINT AT EACH original price also deduct a single stake unit.

Most football bets revolve around accumulators.
This type of bet is the easiest to settle. Just multiply the odds on offer for each selection.

A 2.55
B 1.90
C 2.60
D 1.85
E 2.70 = 62.92.

There are, of course, many different types of bets which I haven’t touched upon here. Simply because those I have mentioned are the most popular with the punters. At least , they were when I was a betting shop manager. Also there are so many betting calculators available on the internet that you can have the answer to your bet in a few seconds. What I have shown you will allow you to at least get a very close estimate to your bet when you’re not near a computer.
Whilst using fractional odds may be what you’re used to working with, it will be to your advantage to learn to use decimals for greater accuracy and get your answers a lot quicker.
I never thought I’d “give-up” fractions after some forty years or so of settling with them but now I only use them when In have time to spare and want to be absolutely sure of something.