Shop around for the best value

Best Strategies for Betting

The arrival of the internet has provided a haven for professional gamblers in so much as there are now many more betting firms and sportsbooks offering prices on a whole host of sporting events. What this basically means is that a punter really has no excuses for not finding the best value available before placing a bet.

I would strongly advise anyone who desires to make gambling their living to get some sort of online banking system set up. I would recommend having a Neteller or Skrill (Moneybookers) account or ideally both so you can transfer money very quickly between sites should you need to place a bet with a certain firm very rapidly.

This can really make the difference between winning and losing in the world of online gambling. Another side issue to doing this is that it helps you to be able to take advantage of the high number of free bets and sign up bonuses that are available. At the end of the day, the sites have one major objective and that is to get your business.

But because of the large number of online and high street outlets, there are now large numbers of companies all in competition for your business and that can only be good for the punter. You can begin to use their desire to get your business as a weapon against them.

Basically you need to be disciplined and patient. This is the hallmark of any pro gambler. In this instance it is no different to poker in so much that you are basically waiting until juicy opportunities present themselves. Gambling for a living should ideally be quite dull and repetitive. If it isn’t then you are doing something seriously wrong and more than likely entering into too much action.

Placing too many bets is akin to playing too many hands in poker, both are counter productive and will inevitably lead to losses. Getting back to the topic of the article and another important factor that you can use to get the best value is to compare prices with betting firms from different countries on events that have an interest globally.

You can do this if you have an online banking system but taking advantage of prices from other betting firms in other countries has one very important advantage. It can often reveal a difference in price due to home bias.

Bookmakers tend to shift their lines depending on volume and the patriotic support in the UK is driving prices down to less than what they really should be. The same thing happens whenever England play at football and this is definitely something that the astute gambler can take advantage of if they are aware that it exists.

Most people wouldn’t even contemplate paying $40,000 for a car if they could get the same car for $35,000 a few miles down the road. It always amazes me how people can shop around for the best value in everyday life and yet glaringly neglect to do so before placing a bet.

It can be literally the difference between life and death in a betting sense and any punter really has no excuses these days for failing and all it needs is the proper preparation and enough patience not to jump in and place too much action. Even if all you do is try to take advantages of the sign up bonuses then you can still make money from online gambling if you have the proper level of discipline.