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Punter cashes in on Norwich’s Championship title

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With Norwich’s Championship title success this season, one punter (and Canaries fan) pocketed more than £1,600 on their success. The punter, 73-year-old Trevor Milton had made three separate bets on Norwich at the start of the season, backing them to get the league title. Just a few games into the season, Milton placed a £5 each way on them coming out on top, at a price of 50/1. He made a second £25 each-way bet at 40/1, followed by a £20 win-only bet in November when the odds dropped to 4/1.

Canaries overcome tough start

Norwich didn’t actually have a great start to the season at all. In their first six games of the campaign, they went W1 D2 L3 only, two of those defeats happening on home soil against West Brom and Leeds. But the Canaries went on to lose just three more games across the course of the campaign. The Canaries finished the season on a 14 match undefeated streak of form, and with a 27 match scoring streak. They took a while to actually wrap things up as far as the title was concern. That is because in April they went on a four-match sequence of drawn games and it meant that come the final day of the season they could have still been caught.

Norwich make fans wait

For the Canaries not to have won the title on the final day of the season, they would have to have lost and Sheffield United had to win their game. The title issues was put to bed though with the Canaries impressing in a 2-1 victory at the playoff-bound Aston Villa. Business own Mr Milton said: "I liked the youngsters in the squad and the mix of players, and I could see something. "The league is not that good and I could see the enthusiasm from the youngsters and thought it was worth a punt." He said the £1,625 winnings were paid directly into his account by Bet365 at 2 pm on Sunday. Milton explained that he intends to back Norwich to get a top ten finish in the Premier League next season.

Bet365 cash out early – rules and how it works

This information is based on our personal experiences with the Bet365 cash out feature in year 2018 and represents solely our opinion. Online betting site Bet365 have become the first major player in the online betting industry to offer the partial cash-out option to their sportsbook. The new feature will enable their customers to cash-out just part of their active bet, while the rest of it remains open. This gives Bet365 customers even greater control of their active liabilities in sports betting. The partial cash-out option can be selected on a sliding scale, which will present the cash-out values on the portion of the bet that they want to trade on. This is similar to balancing a green book on a betting exchange, and trading options in spread betting. But it is a simpler format, which Bet365 customers will be able to take advantage of. It is thought that Betfair themselves and Paddy Power are following suit with the mechanism. The partial cash-out option will run alongside the full cash-out option available at online betting site Bet365 which has been in place since 2013. Normally you would have to wait until the end of an event to see whether or not your bet wins. However, with the ability to cash out, you can decide, while the action is still on-going, to cash in on your selection if it is doing well, or even minimize potential loss if you think the bet isn’t likely to end up a winner at the end of the event. That is the full cash out option, where the entire bet is cashed out early. The alternative now, with the new Bet365 partial cash-out option is that a customer can choose to cash out just part of their active bet, again to either bank some profit, or to minimise some of the potential loss, while leaving the rest of the active bet to cover the full outcome. It is all about betting control over your active liabilities. The cash out option is available on selected markets at online betting site Bet365, both pre-match and in-play as well. It is also available on both single and multiple bets and numerous sports are covered, such as soccer, tennis horse racing and basketball. Try the Bet365 Cash Out Option

How to use Bet365’s Cash Out Option

For any wagers in the sportsbook that are eligible for Cash Out, you will see the option clearly displayed in the My Bets section of your Bet Slip. So it is the My Bets section of your Bet365 bet slip which you need to monitor in order to see what is on offer from the cash out option. If you want to take a cash out option on one of your bets, just click the Cash Out button. You will then see the amount at which your Cash Out option is available at, then the bet is settled and the final result relating to your bet will have no impact on the amount returned to your account. The partial cash-out option at Bet365 will allow you to use the sliding scale to see how much of the active bet that you want to cash out, and then you will follow the same, straight forward procedure to close out the portion of the bet. The rest of the active wager will then be running until the event is closed. New customers registering an account with online betting site Bet365 are welcome. With great features like live in-play betting, Bet365 come as one of the most highly rated online bookmaker available.

What is a Banker Bet and how to play one at Bet365

Types of Bets
You’ve probably all heard the team of a “Banker” in football betting. This is a term generally used when a red hot favourite is expected to produce a win in a match. Say Real Madrid were playing Accrington Stanley. The Spaniards giants would be a banker to win. Is there a drawback to picking a “banker”? Of course there is, they are so short priced that they are going to require a massive stake to return any kind of profit. However, the term “Banker” is more applicable in online betting when you are building yourself a multiple bet. Why would you have a short priced option in a multiple that you are trying to land as big of a profit as you can from? Well think of the “banker” like this. It is the security blanket in your wager, the strong cornerstone upon which everything else depends. It is the potential backbone of some solid profit because of how likely it is to win. Punters will pick a banker that they have immense confidence in, and slipping one into a multiple, let’s say a four fold for example, then it leaves you just three slightly riskier bets to build up the profit from, instead of trying to shoot for all four riskier bets. Please have a look on the Bet365 site about topical offers and possibilities for bankers. It should not be very difficult too find. If you need some help anyway you can always reach out for the bet365 support.

Using Statistics for Live In-Play Betting

Best Strategies for Betting
Statistics. Most punters rely heavily on them and just ask any fantasy footballer what the staple of their success is and you will probably hear the word “statistics” somewhere in their answer. It’s not a great secret that the studying of factors like form and trends can hugely boost your opportunities in collecting some returns from your sports betting. Serious football betting punters are likely to be glancing at the Premier League table at least a few times per week and crunching the numbers to find a trend to apply to the forthcoming fixtures. The most basic value of this is simply in looking at home and away from. You aren’t going to reasonably back a team to win away from home if they have lost five of their last six out on the road. You are going to have even less reason to be backing them if they are travelling to a team who has only lost one of their last six on home soil. That’s the very basic approach to statistics for football betting, but while it is an extremely simple example, it is one that you can actually use to see the value of looking at statistics. Most people however, generally only associate statistics study with pre-match wagers and forget that many of the same principals and disciplines can also apply to live in-play betting. It is something which gets a little overlooked because the nature of live in-play betting with a bookmaker is an exciting roller-coaster ride of betting with emotions. That's completely the wrong way to go about your betting, because with long term goals in mind, you need a much steadier approach as opposed to the fly by the seat of your pants experience. They help. You aren’t going to be guaranteed a winner from studying stats, but it will certainly increase your understanding of betting and the value of odds presented on a market at an online bookmaker. Freelance NBC Sports writer Rob Allen came up with golden rules of football betting which include 1) understanding that you are going to lose 2) choose the best odds available 3) never place a reactive bet Some sage advice there and check out I' for more insights. That third one can be a very, very tricky minefield when you are looking at live in-play betting. By its very nature, live in-play betting just entices you to wager on the current action without too much though and as you are sat watching a game you get those gut feelings that something is going to happen and you throw money at it. It’s hard not to and that is why it has become such a popular feature, and a moneymaker, for bookmakers. Punters will likely have less discipline during live in-play betting that just waiting for a match outright bet to play itself out.

Live In-Play Betting and Statistics

This is where statistics can also apply heavily to live in-play betting. Along with that, the old caveat of discipline has to be married together. There should be no instance in betting where you are not exerting discipline. What do we mean by discipline? We mean sticking to a game plan and managing your bankroll properly and not getting swept in a moment. Go back to number three above, never make a reactionary bet. You have to curtail your urges with live in-play betting and you bet with your head and not your heart, or your gut or whatever is driving your adrenalin in the moment. It’s essential to remain focused and there really is a need to sit down and plan out an approach to your live betting, just as you would do in your pre-match wagers. This is where the old statistical approach comes in. Let’s make an example match of Chelsea v Manchester United and we are going to find live in-play bets for it, ahead of time this is, not just five minutes before kick off. We have a bankroll of £10 for the game. We notice that Chelsea have not conceded the opening goal of a game in all but one of their home games this season. That’s a big trend and you could plan out a 5 stake on the First Team to score being Chelsea, based on their lack of first goals conceded. Maybe then it is Diego Costa who has scored three of Chelsea’s last five opening goals of the game. However, if Chelsea haven’t scored an opening goal in the first fifteen minutes of their last half a dozen games then it could be worth planning to get a wager down live in-play on Costa to score next after 15 minutes have ticked off on the clock. Again, this is all down to planning and sticking to the plan based on the statistics that you have looked at before hand. Just because Chelsea have been on the back foot in the opening forays, doesn’t mean that Costa still won’t score first. The panic for punters comes in when, in this case for example, Manchester United slotted home an opening goal in the first five minutes of the game. There goes your first wager down the pan immediately. The temptation is just to throw a rash of bets then to try and make up for the early losses. Never do this, never chases losses, that again, is reactionary betting. You can tweak, because for example your Diego Costa bet could still stand as him being the next goalscorer in live betting as Chelsea push for an equaliser. This all goes back to the statistical approach again. Never discount the necessity for statistics ahead of live betting. The same principals apply as if you were looking at statistics such as home and away head to head form for a match outright, or the over/under 2.5 goals trend for a fixed bet pre-match. Statistics can help you immensely with your live in-play betting planning and just remember to plan, plan, plan. Just don’t go into a game blind and throw money left right and centre because your emotions are getting the better of you. Get the better of them, plan your live betting and don’t forget some of those golden rules. Because of the appeal of live betting, you can find great statistical information running at online betting sites to help you out.

Asian Handicap Betting Guide with Bet365

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This information is based on our personal experiences with the Bet365 cash out feature in year 2018 and represents solely our opinion. With the growing popularity of Asian Handicap betting on football matches, we will take a look through the options that you can play with on this type of bet. Essentially the Asian Handicap works towards eliminating the amount of outcomes on which you can bet for a football match, by taking away the option to bet on a draw. Because of this, instead of having a win, draw, loss scenario where the chances would be about 33.3% on each of those outcomes happening, you can cut your odds to 50% on just two outcomes. A win or a loss. Therefore, you should be able to find better prices than fixed odd ones, and Bet365 is a great place to start  with Asian Betting. The advent of having a Handicap in a sporting match, such as the big football game, is to level the playing field in terms of betting. There is not much fun laying a straight bet on an underdog, because they rarely pull off big wins. WIth a Handicap in place, you can bet on the underdog, and still win money, even if they lose. A Handicap, can be applied in a variety of ways, but in general, it is when one team (usually the weaker one) is given a "points" or "goals" head-start in a match, by the bookmakers. This gives the underdog the chance to produce a winning result for the bet, even if they don't win on the field of play. More about Asian Handicap at Bet365 Full Goal Asian Handicaps There are "full goal" Asian Handicaps which need to be explored, but still the odds are generally more punter friendly than fixed odds. When teams are handicapped in football, a stronger team is given a negative goal value, while the weaker team will be given a plus goal value, so that they can essentially start the match even. Let’s use Chelsea v Watford in the forthcoming FA Cup tie on the weekend to look at full goal Asian Handicaps. Chelsea are the stronger team and can be handicapped in two ways with Asian Handicap betting at Bet365. With Chelsea being the stronger team, and therefore expected to win before they even kick off, they can start the game in a deficit with an Asian Handicap.
  • Scenario A. Chelsea can be taken at -2.00 goals with odds of 19/20 at Bet365, which will mean that in terms of the bet, Chelsea will start the game two-nil down. What the punter will be betting on here, is that Chelsea will overcome that handicap and therefore they would need to win by three or more goals for the bet to win. A 3-0 win for Chelsea would win the bet, as would a 4-1 win. A 1-0 win however would leave them a goal short of overturning the Handicap and the bet would be lost.
  • Scenario B. Watford, the weaker of the two teams, can be taken at +2.00 goals with odds of 9/10 at Bet365. This means that Watford will be starting the game 2-0 up in terms of the Asian Handicap bet. The punter will win the bet, if Watford hang on to that advantage, which they will do as long as they do not lose the match by more than one goal. So, if Chelsea win 1-0, the Asian Handicap will see the bet as Chelsea 1, Watford 2, which means Watford wins the bet, even though they lost the actual match.
Scenario A & B with a drawn match Unlike fixed odds betting, the fact that a match gets drawn (tied) really plays no bearing in terms of the Asian Handicap. In both of the above scenarios, a drawn match would have produced a result. Scenario A would have lost the bet, because Chelsea didn't overcome the 2 goal defecit they started with, and Bet365 would be happy. Scenario B however, would have won the bet, because Watford will have held on to the 2 goal advantage they started the match with, and therefore Bet365 pays the punter. Level-Ball Asian Handicap This is just given as a zero beside a team’s name when making a bet (as opposed to any other Asian Handicap option such as a +2.00 of a -1.00 for example). For all intents and purposes, if you see a 0, which is a level-ball, or so it is called, it is essentially a ‘Draw No Bet’ option. A win for the team you backed at 0, will pay out the odds, while a draw will refund your stake. A loss for the team you backed, will of course, give you nothing back. The Level Ball Asian Handicap is starting neither team with a goal advantage. Half and Quarter Goals This is the area where the Asian Handicap betting may look a little bit daunting, but it is not. No team scores a half goal or quarter goal of course, but when you see half points for example in betting, such as Chelsea -0.50 goals, it is another tool to cut out the event of a “push” or a "tie" when it comes to wagers. Asian Handicap betting with Bet365 uses these fractions and they can be played to great effect. When looking at bets, there is a long way between a handicap of -1 and -2. There are three intervals in between that which can be utilised to make the betting field more extensive. For Example: The distance between -1.00 goals and -2.00 has quarter and half intervals as illustrated in the brackets.. 0 (-0.25) (-0.50) (-0.75) -1.00 Quarter goals use the intervals to split the difference between the next closest two quarter bets. Sound complicated? It’s not as overwhelming as it may sound. When you bet a quarter goal, you are essentially splitting your bet (though not in actual practice), by putting half of your stake on one handicap beneath the quarter goal, and the other half the next handicap above the quarter goal. So, by using the example above, a bet on -0.50 goals would be betting half of your stake on the closest two handicaps either side of it, in this case -0.25 and -0.75. Using our example, let’s look at Chelsea v Watford again. A punter puts £100 on Watford for +0.75 with Bet365 at a price of 17/5. This bet, therefore, will essentially be putting £50 (half of the stake) on Watford +0.50 (a half goal) and $50 on Watford +1 (full goal). How does this make a difference? Well, it covers a little more, as one would expect. A +0.50 Asian Handicap, needs a win or a draw for Watford to win the bet, because in either of those instances, Watford have already started with half a goal advantage. A +1.00 Asian Handicap needs a Watford win or a draw for the bet to be successful too, but will also reward a stake refund if Watford lose by one goal (which would make the Asian Handicap score a tie). The +0.75 bet therefore, which is between the +0.50 and the +1.00, will take the Watford win, a draw, and if Watford lose by one goal, you will lose half of your stake, but keep the other half. So, in essence: Watford lose: The +0.50 loss would pay nothing. Watford lose by 1: The +1.00 refund the stake if lose match by 1 goal (total loss if Watford lose by more than 1 goal) Sandwiched in between those two Asian Handicaps, the +0.75 bet covers half way between the two, by only losing half of the stake. So the +0.75 protects you more than the straight Watford loss of a +0.50 bet, but doesn’t reward as much as them losing on +1.00 bet. Check out the Asian Handicap odds with Bet365, the weekend’s FA Cup fixtures will be a great time to dabble in this exciting betting field. If you get a little lost, first work by looking at the full goal handicaps and be guided by those before branching out into the quarter and half goal options. A quick rule of thumb to remember, is that quarter goals pays out half wins and half loses (depending on which way you bet).

The best Asian handicap bookmakers

There is always some football betting to be enjoyed somewhere. Whether it is during the action packed heavy-fixtures domestic seasons in Europe, to summer treats like the European Championships or the World Cup there is always something going on somewhere. Even the likes of the MLS in North America fills a great void during the European domestic break. So you are never ever going to be short of football betting opportunities whatever time of the year it is. One of the most rapidly rising channels for football betting has been the arrival of Asian Handicap betting. While to some punters it remains an untapped well of potential, many have seen the huge advantages of betting Asian Handicap versus regular Handicaps. What is the difference? The Asian Handicap version eliminates any “push” outcome (a draw) which ruins regular Handicap bets. Let’s say you have a bet -2 regular handicap on Manchester United to win a match against Stoke, but the Red Devils only win 2-0. Your stake will have been lost because the Red Devils didn't cover the spread. However, if you had bet on a Manchester United -2 Asian Handicap and Manchester United won 2-0 then you would get your lost stake refunded. Asian handicap essentially cuts down the number of outcomes from win/draw/win to just win/win, eliminating the draw. So punters have a much more valuable closer shot of a 50% winning chance. Asian Handicap includes ½ and ¼ intervals which makes betting even more valuable. In the above instance, if you had backed Manchester United at -1.75 and they had won 2-0 then you would have gotten a half win back. So on an Asian Handicap of 0 through 0.50 half of the stake goes on the 0.5 handicap and the other half on the 0 handicap, so your stake basically gets split over two bets. Not all bookmakers offer Asian Handicap betting, which is a perfect fit for football betting. So you are going to need to look around to find the best Asian Handicap bookmakers. Bet365 are one of the main exponents of the service, with a good history of offering the market to their customers. With the prices on offer to the rest of the football betting features that they offer, they are the stand out option for your Asian Handicap betting. As a recommendation of the best Asian Handicap bookmakers, Bet365 would have to top the charts. One thing which they are very good at in particular, is getting out early Asian Handicap prices on football matches, so you can plan well ahead. Other great Asian Handicap bookmakers are Bet Victor, Paddy Power, Unibet and 888Sport. All of them offer Asian Handicap betting with Unibet in particular offering some fantastic value in their markets. It may take some time to get used to the Asian Handicap betting markets, but by putting in some time you will quickly be able to see the fantastic extra value and coverage that can be found in there.  

Keys to Half Time/Full Time 1/X betting

Types of Bets

The Lucky 15 is a type of full cover bet, which has singles included in it. It is a very popular wager because it only requires punters to pick out four selections and it is something that you will hear many horse racing punters trying to chase town. Included in the Lucky 15 will be 15 separate bets. Along with the four singles, included are 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a big four-fold accumulator. What makes the Lucky 15 such a popular form of betting is that you would only need just one of the four selections to win in order to get some kind of return (because of the included singles). A lot of bookmakers will even pay out at double odds if just one winner is landed in a Lucky 15, which is where the term “lucky” comes from.

But a Lucky 15 can just as easily be utilised in football betting as it can be on the horses. The natural, straight forward option here would be just to have a look at a weekend coupon for example and pick out four winnings selections (which offer some value of course). You don’t have to go too big, or stray too far from odds on favourites for a Lucky 15. Landing four correct selection at odds of 1/2 on each would return over £25 worth of profit for you if they all came up, which is largely down to the accumulator odds included in the bet. Of course, remember that you are placing 15 separate bets in a Lucky 15 and you have to pay for all of them. Asking for £1 stake on a Lucky 15 will mean that you have to stump up a total of a £15 stake. Here we are going to look at the Half Time/Full Time 1/X option to build a Lucky 15 with. The Half Time/Full Time market of course, is a lot richer for punters than just backing an outright selection. If Chelsea were at home to say a relegation threatened Norwich, the outright market could be around 1/5 on the Blues to bag the win, while in a Chelsea/Chelsea Half Time/Full Time bet, you could get the home side at around 4/6 to be winning at half time and at full time. But the bigger value in Half Time/Full Time bets is seeing a team throw away a lead at half time to end up drawing (Half Time/Full Time 1/X). It is tougher to call of course, but that will be reflected in bigger odds. So what kind of games would you be looking for in this scenario? You certainly wouldn’t look at a Chelsea/Draw option, because the game would be looking far too lopsided. Instead you are going to want to look at games where the teams are relatively evenly matched. This could generally focus on teams who don’t score a lot and don’t give much away at the back either. The chance of a draw is far more likely to happen than in a lop-sided scenario. An example here is that a Chelsea/Draw Half Time/Full Time against Norwich being priced up at 22/1, while a Hull/Draw scenario against Aston Villa returns around 14/1. The latter, even though at the shorter odds, naturally makes the better value because there is a higher chance of a draw. Don’t chase the outrageous odds for a Lucky 15, track the sensible ones instead. There is a general rule of thumb in soccer stats, and that is around 1/3 of the games for an entire season, will end in a draw. That is not a high return, because look at it the other way, two third of games don’t end in a draw, so in trying to back a draw you are immediately going against the odds. At the time of writing, the Premier League had only returned draws in 20% of all games (357 in total). So this season has been decidedly short of draws, with the 2012/13 season resulting in 28% of its matches being drawn. The natural starting point would be to look for the teams who do draw more games than others. This season’s highest tallies have come from West Brom, Stoke and Southampton. There are two elements to the Half Time/Full Time bet of course and so you will want to be looking at teams who have a higher percentage of winning games at half time. Most of the time this will be the top clubs, but look outside of the likes of Liverpool and Man City and you will find gems like Southampton who have been winning a third of their games at half time. It is mid table teams like that which you want to look at. The biggest stat though you want to consider, is the number of games an away team has been winning at half time. Why? Because you will get a lower percentage of away wins in a season than you will home wins. So if an away team gets an early advantage on the board at half time, it is plausible to expect the home side to come back into it. Think of it the other way around, if you look at strong side winning at half time on home turf, then the likelihood that they will let a lead slip and fall to a draw is far less. So that is where you look to try and pick out the best teams for your Half Time/Full Time 1/X betting. Look for teams who have drawn a high percentage of games already in the season, those generally around the mid table area, and then look for them on the road in non-lopsided games. If someone like Southampton is on the road at Old Trafford, then there is less of a likelihood of them getting ahead in the first place than if they are playing at somewhere like Villa Park, against a team who are a way below them in the league. The alternative route to this, would be too look at the stronger teams on the road against mid table position. This are also games which tend to offer a bigger chance of a draw happening. Another key stat to consider would be to look at sides who have a high percentage of their goals being equalising ones. It suggests a team with a good battling quality, where heads don't drop after falling behind in a game. Looking at Southampton this season, 48% of their goals have been equalising ones. The reverse of that, marry it up with sides who have conceded the highest percentage of equalising goals. There are plenty of teams around this season like Stoke, Swansea, West Ham and West Brom, who have conceded over 40% of their goals as equalising ones. Keys to Half Time/Full Time 1/X bets Mid-table teams playing away at teams who are below them Stronger teams playing against mid-table teams Teams who have been winning a fair share of games at half time Teams with over 40% of their goals for the season being equalising ones

How to cash out with Bet365

This information is based on our personal experiences with the Bet365 cash out feature in year 2014 and represents solely our opinion.

Control over your bets? Sounds like a dream come true, does it not? The cash out option on bets at bookmakers has become increasingly popular and it offers a great way to try and protect yourself with a little insurance that you have at your own control. Online betting site Bet365 are one of the bookmakers around online that do offer the cash out option for your betting, but what exactly does it mean and how do you take the best advantage of it? Usually when you get to strike your bet with a bookmaker, then you just have to sit and steep while you wait for the conclusion. But with the Cash Out option at Bet365, you have more control over your bet than that, because you can monitor theprogress of your bet and whenever you choose, you can Cash Out for some profit. The natural caveat to this, is there is going to be lesser value taken on the cash out option than if you were to let it ride successfully to its conclusion. The amount offered by Bet365 on your bet to cash out will simply depend on how your selection(s) are doing. You could be offered a higher or lower value than what your original stake was. The point being, you may ask?

Advantage of early cash out on winning bet

Say you have backed an underdog to win match and they manage to score a goal in the 60th minute of the game and take the lead. You have options here of cashing out early, again for a lower price than your full 90 minute would be, or risk losing everything by expecting the underdogs to hang on for the final half hour. It gives you that chance to walk away with something. It is risk-lessening. It can also basically minimize any potential loss if your think that the bet you are waiting on is unlikely to win.

Cash Out on Multiples

At Bet365 you can use the cash out option to great effect on multiple bets. Here is a classic scenario. You place a seven fold accumulator and the first five legs are all successful. Do you sweat it out are take a smaller profit, rather than risking it all? It may for some, depend on how risky the last two legs are, or some would just rather bank what they can rather than leaving it all to chance where favourites can sometimes lose. The Cash Out option at Bet365 is available on select markets both pre-match and In-Play, on single and multiple bets, for a variety of sports including Soccer, Tennis, Horse Racing and Basketball. Any bets which are eligible for Cash Out will be displayed in the My Bets section so your slip and you can just monitor that section to see what amount is being offered for you to cash out early. Just click the button if you do want to take what is on offer, it is as simple as that, and your bet it settled.

Asian Handicap Betting Strategy – How To Back Favourites

Best Strategies for Betting
When it comes to football betting, we believe that the Asian Handicap opportunities really can add a lot of value to your betting experience. They are such a good way to bet on matches as opposed to just the traditional methods of backing an outcome in a match. As with any type of bet or betting system, there are no guarantees of winning, so you have to fully assess the risk involved with Asian Handicap betting just as much as with any other type of bet. Why we like Asian Handicap betting is because it basically makes the outcome of a football match a 50/50 proposition as opposed to a 1/2/3 which you regularly find in straight single betting (home win/draw/away win). How this happens is that it gives a goals handicap for each team involved in the game. Basically, the stronger side in a match is deducted goals while the underdog in a match is awarded goals. But what Asian Handicap betting does differently to regular handicap is that it gives you the opportunity to pick up returns from alternative quarter bets. For example, backing a team with a +1.25 Asian Handicap will pay out a half-win if that team loses by just the one goal, or a +1.75 Asian Handicap on a team would pay you a full win if they lost by just the one goal. It is certainly a form of betting that we fully recommended taking some time to get used to and learn.

Asian Handicap Favourites

We are not going to go into full Asian Handicap details for this post because that would take up so much. Instead, we are going to assume a working knowledge of Asian Handicaps and we are going to apply it to a very straightforward betting strategy of backing favourites in matches. This is a very simple alternative to just backing a team in the regular outright markets. Because we are talking about favourites here, we are talking about low-odds options and the key of course to this is securing wins. While this delivers a higher potential of wins because these options are low-odds it will only take a couple of setbacks to destroy what has come in. We’ll get into that more in a little bit. We are going to look at an actual Premier League match from September 2018 between Chelsea and Bournemouth for odds. Chelsea 2/5 Draw 19/4 Bournemouth 8/1 We have here Chelsea who are big favourites to win the match. Those 2/7 odds are going to be dismissed pretty quickly as being low-value. But what we can do is look for slightly better odds through Asian Handicap betting and we do this by betting the stronger team at either -1 or at -1.25 there. Let’s look at the Asian Handicap options on those two outcomes. Chelsea -1 = 2/5 Chelsea -1.25 = 3/5 So immediately you can see your prices have gotten a little better. We aren’t talking about changing the whole playing field here and turning low-odds into a high-odds option because that would mean your risk factor would go up exponentially. We are talking about just squeezing out a little more value for money in baking a favourite without piling up a great deal more risk. Betting is all about that risk/reward factor.

Goals are the goal

So while these are still relatively low odds they are still better than just backing Chelsea in a straight single to win the match outright. For either of those outcomes that we would select in the Asian Handicap market, we would need Chelsea to win by two goals and this is where your own expectancy/predictions come into play. Is it unreasonable to expect the Blues to win this by a margin of at least a couple of goals, at home? Given the huge difference in odds between the two sides in the match outright, it wouldn’t appear to big a big stretch. In fact, we looked at the last five league meetings between Chelsea and Bournemouth and Chelsea beat the Cherries by more than two goals on three occasions, while beating them once by a one-goal margin (the other was a defeat for them). In the last six meetings between them in all competitions, the Blues had won 83% of those fixtures, outscoring their opponents 13-6 so the Blues averaged over two goals per game. Chelsea -1 Win by 2+ goals = Win Win by 1+ goals = Stake Refund Draw = Lose Lose = Lose Chelsea -1.25 Win by 2+ goals = Win Win by 1+ goals = Half Loss Draw = Lose Lose = Lose So it would probably be a decent scenario to look at. The slightly bigger risk on the Chelsea -1.25 Asian Handicap, therefore, appeals quite a bit. A £10 stake would return £6 if the Blues won by at least two goals. But the beauty of the Asian Handicap is that with this wager if Chelsea won by just the one goal, you would only suffer a half loss.

Where to do Asian Handicap Betting

Not all bookmakers offer Asian Handicap betting so you need to look for someone who does like bet365 for example who have provided the option for a long time on their website. Always stick to a reputable betting site. As you will find with all types of bets you will find slight variations in odds on the same bet at different bookmakers. Because this is handicap betting then you are going to need to do that all-important legwork of looking at stats and form. Because you basically need to look at the all-important current stats to try and predict whether or not a favourite is in strong enough scoring form to cover whatever Asian Handicap deficit you are starting them off with. Again there are no guarantees but looking at form, you can’t account for a team having an off-day but you can get an idea about overall performance levels.

Wimbledon Live In Play Tennis Betting Tips and Strategies

Best Strategies for Betting

Wimbledon tennis live in play betting tips and strategies are worth looking at ahead of your tennis betting for this year's action at SW19. There is always added excitement to be found in doing live in play betting for sports, and tennis is no exception. There are some tips and tricks to look out for when betting live on tennis though, to help you try and maximise your return. We take a look at highly popular online bookmaker Bet365 for this, as they run a great Live In Play betting service, combined with some fantastic live sports streaming which works so well with live betting. With Wimbledon 2011 right here, your tennis betting over the fortnight from SW19 can be accentuated by live in play tennis betting. When you go into a match in progress, new windows of betting opportunities open up to you, and these are ways to increase your profits. First market which you want to to look at is the Next Game winner. This is always a great market and there are some general trends which you will want to follow. Essentially you are looking for breaks in play and more often than not, these happen in the middle of sets. One particular score line in a set which I usually look for, is 5-3. At this point the losing player has nothing to lose, especially if they are facing a serve. This is always a great time to pick up profit by backing the losing player here. This is the portion of the set where momentum shifts will happen, and is a good online tennis betting tip to bear in mind for Wimbledon. If the gap in the games is any wider for a set, say 5-2, 4-1 or something like that, it is less likely that the losing player is going to pull something out, because that player will really be gathering themselves for the next set.

It is of course worth looking at a top seed to break the first service game of an underdog. Top seeds generally like to stamp their authority on matches and like to step in with aggression a little bit more. Personally I find more value in taking the better player to break in their opponents second service game because they will have gotten a taste of what the opponent is going to do. Live betting on Next Game winners in tennis can get pretty exciting, but always stay in control and not get over excited. Stick to your betting budget and plan your strategies. Tennis betting is rarely over in a flash. Next Set betting generally sees the underdog come out of the blocks the quickest. Underdogs going against top seeds have their best chance in the opening set, while they are fresh and can catch the better player cold before they get into their stride. Always worth taking a chance on the outsider in the first set. You don’t often see Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal going two sets up and then dropping the third. However, when two top seeds meet, there is more parity going on, and if a player falls two sets behind, then it is worth backing that player to win the next set. There is usually a momentum swing at this point, just as in the final of the recent French Open final, when Federer clawed his way back into the match by winning the third set after being two down against Nadal. The live tennis betting markets do go deeper for live tennis betting, but those are just a couple of basic live in play tennis betting tips to get your started with as Wimbledon hits for the next fortnight. As a recommendation, check out Bet365 for their live in play betting coverage, as it really is excellent.


European PGA – The Desert Classic winner odds & predictions

Golf Betting
European PGA Golf Preview - January 17th, 2019 The European PGA tour moves to the west coast of the USA this week for the Desert Classic. This is the 60th anniversary of the tournament which is hosted out in California at Palm Springs. This is a pro-am event hosted across three different courses. In use will be the PGA West Stadium course, the PGA West Nicklaus tournament course and La Quinta country club. Spain’s Jon Rahm is the 7/1 outright favourite to win this week* (betting odds taken from bet365 on January 15 at 00:52 AM)

The Desert Classic betting odds*

John Rahm 7/1 Justin Rose 9/1 Patrick Cantlay 16/1 Charles Howell III 20/1 Adam Hadwin 25/1 Andrew Putnam 30/1 Aaron Wise 35/1 Abraham Ancer 35/1 Luke List 35/1 Chez Reavie 40/1 Phil Mickelson 40/1 Patton Kizzire 45/1 Scott Piercy 45/1 Kevin Kisner 45/1 50/1 bar * (betting odds taken from bet365 on January 15th at 00:52 AM) This is a popular pro-am event and heading up the market is John Rahm. He carded an eighth-place finish to start the season off with at the Sentry Tournament of Champions. It was a pretty solid effort from him and it was straight after his win at the Hero World Challenge back at the start of December last year in Albany. Rahm is the reigning champion at the tournament so the Spaniard will be a popular pick this week. Let’s not forget that Rahm started last season so well with a second at the Tournament of Champions and a win at the CareerBuilder Challenge. The other big name at the head of the field is current world number one, Justin Rose. This will be Rose’s first action since his third place at the Hero World Challenge tournament in December.

American Winners

It may be worth looking at an American winner though and skipping over the top two. The reason for that is it has been an American who has won the title in all but three of the last eighteen editions of the tournament. Jon Rahm's win twelve months ago saw him become the first non-American to win it since Jhonattan Vegas in 2011. The top American in this year’s field is Patrick Cantlay, currently ranked 19th in the world. So he may pop up with a little more appeal for punters in the tournament. It is worth remembering that this is still early season stuff so players are still getting their eye in a bit. Charles Howell could be worth another look this week with back to back top fifteen finishes this season from his two starts. That’s a pretty consistent run and back in 2013, he finished as runner up in the tournament. Another player who has come up with a good result at the tournament recently is Canada’s Adam Hadwin. He was second in 2017 and has another shot at 25/1 odds* (betting odds taken from bet365 on January 15th at 3:42 pm) Bud Cauley and Brian Harman are another couple of players from further down the pecking order who have churned out some decent results in the past few years at the courses. There is also two-time winner Bill Haas back for another crack. He won the tournament in 2010 and then again in 2015 and he is just one of eight players to have won it on more than one occasion. Also in the field is Phil Mickelson who has won it twice.


Granted it’s not the deepest of fields to pick from and it is a pro-am event which distractions can happen. But we are going to stick with the recent trend of American winners by and large. We are going to skip over picking an actual outright and lean on a nice pick of 7/4 and 6/4 respectively on Charles Howell II and Patrick Cantlay both securing a top ten finish* (betting odds taken from bet365 on January 15th at 3:42 pm).

Abu Dhabi Championship Golf Winner Odds & Predictions

Golf Betting
Abu Dhabi Championships 2019 Preview - 16th January, 2019 The European PGA starts the new season of action and there is a world class event going down. It is the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship. This is a pretty new event in terms of golf spectacles really because the inaugural edition was only back in 2006. Last year it was Tommy Fleetwood who came out swinging by getting his hands on the title. He is back as a strong contender twelve months on, but it is Justin Johnson who will tee up as the 11/2 outright favourite* (betting odds taken from bet365 on January 15th at 3:42 pm)

Abu Dhabi Championship Odds*

Dustin Johnson 11/2 Tommy Fleetwood 10/1 Brooks Koepka 10/1 Henrik Stenson 16/1 Louis Oosthuizen 18/1 Thomas Pieters 20/1 Tyrrell Hatton 22/1 Rafael Cabrera Bello 25/1 Haotong Li 28/1 Thorbjørn Olesen 30/1 Matt Wallace 30/1 Brendan Grace 33/1 Lee Westwood 35/1 Byeong Hun An 40/1 Martin Kaymer 40/1 Tom Lewis 45/1 Lucas Bjerregaard 45/1 50/1 bar * (betting odds taken from bet365 on January 15th, 2019 at 3:46 pm)

Early start

Make a note that this one starts on Wednesday, January 16th instead of the usual Thursday start that tournaments get. That is because of the 2019 Asian Cup and working around that.

Can Fleetwood get three-peat?

Englishman Tommy Fleetwood came up with back to back titles at the Abu Dhabi Championship twelve months ago. It wasn’t necessarily the greatest show of distance driving from him but that’s a not major factor at this tournament. So in eyeing up a player this year’s field, you may want to look for accuracy over distance. Greens In Regulation looks to be the forward for your Abu Dhabi Championship betting this week.

Repeat Winners

Something else that the tournament has churned up recently is repeat winners. Paul Casey won it twice in three years. Martin Kaymer won it three times and now you have Tommy Fleetwood who has won it back to back. So there is something behind the old course form factor going into this one really.

The Main Contenders

Dustin Johnson is back for another crack at the European event and he turned up a couple of years ago and actually played his way into contention. Given his status in the World over the last couple of years, it is no great surprise that really he is going off as the 11/2 favourite, but is that a price that will particularly appeal for punters in this first event of the lucrative Rolex series* (betting odds taken from bet365 on January 15th, 2019 at 3:46 pm)? Fellow American Brooks Koepka is right up there at the head of the market and this will be his second attempt at the tournament. His first was back in 2014 when he pretty much had a tournament to forget and didn't get to the weekend. He is a tremendous player, of course, a three-time major champion, but is a bit of an unknown quantity in this. He at least has had some action this year with an appearance at the Sentry Tournament of Champions. There is, of course, Tommy Fleetwood who has clear course form. The one negative against him perhaps is that this will be his first appearance for 2019. So he hasn’t had a competitive warm up to get his teeth into head of the title defence. But then again he knows what he is doing at this event and will have done everything else possible to prepare. This is a great field for a great tournament and Henrik Stenson continues his run of appearing in every edition so far. He hasn’t managed to stick the win on the board yet though and it would be a surprise to see him win it this go around. He is still working his way back to full fitness after the problem with his elbow last year.


It is a tough tournament to call because there really doesn't look to be a great deal of value on the front-runners. Considering that this is still the early season then it is probably worth skipping the outrights until we see new year form and so instead we are sticking with the top ten finish market. There some options become a little clearer with Fleetwood for example at even money to at least get in the top ten* (betting odds taken from bet365 on January 15th, 2019 at 3:46 pm). Digging a little deeper down the field Thorbjorn Olesen and Branden Grace both look decent enough options at 5/2 and 7/2 respectively* (betting odds taken from bet365 on January 15th, 2019 at 3:46 pm).

Rocky Fielding v Saul Alvarez Boxing Winner Odds & Predictions

Sports Betting
Rocky v Alvarez Boxing Preview - Sunday, December 16th - 3.00 am You are going to have to stay up late on Saturday night to get a glimpse of this much-hyped about. The fight is expected to start at 3.00 am on Sunday morning (UK Time) from New York. England’s Rocky Fielding will be making the first defence of his WBA Super Middleweight title as he takes on the legend that is Saul Alvarez at Madison Square Garden.

Rocky v Alvarez Odds*

Saul Alvarez 1/16 Rocky Fielding 8/1 * (betting odds taken from bet365 December 14th, 2018 at 2:52 pm) [bbutton bookmaker="bet365"]

Fielding the underdog

There is little doubt in the bookmakers’ minds about which way this fight is going to go. This is such a step up for Fielding in terms of quality. He is a massive underdog at MSG. Rocky got his hands on the WBA Super Middleweight Title though against the odds. He was the underdog in Germany when he took on the undefeated Tyron Zeuge but Fielding got the win through a knockout in the fifth round. That took his professional career record to 27-1. The only loss in his career happened against Callum Smith back in 2015, failing to get his hands on the WBC Silver and the then-vacant British Super Middleweight titles. But he has won six fights on the bounce since them and four of those six wins have been by a stoppage. Fifteen of his career wins have been via a knockout. It has already been a terrific year for British boxing if he could pull out a win in this one at 8/1 odds* (betting odds taken from bet365 December 14th, 2018 at 2:52 pm) it would be a spectacular cherry on the cake.

Canelo steps it up

Mexico’s Canelo was last seen causing a huge upset of his own. He took out his rival Gennady Golovkin in a majority decision. That was not a decision without controversy though as many had pegged GGG as having done enough to get the win. Pretty much just as it had been in their first meeting when they drew, and so the world waits to see if the two of them get back in the ring and square up again to settle that score. For this battle against Rocky, Alvarez is going up in weight. But the Mexican sensation has had no trouble switching divisions before. He has earned titles at Welterweight, Super Welterweight and middleweight. This will be his first ever fight at the Super Middleweight though. He really has nothing to fear, not with a huge 50-1-2 professional fighting career under his belt. If you look at it really, it’s not a fight Canelo needs. He will be looking at this as easy fodder in order to just get another belt. Alvarez is 1/4 to get the win by knockout* (betting odds taken from bet365 December 14th, 2018 at 2:52 pm)


There is a clear gulf in class and experience between these two. This would be a monumental effort from Rocky to upset the odds here. Adding to the problem is that the fight is America and as British fighters now, it’s often hard to get points decisions to go in their favour over there. Rocky is 33/1 to get a points decision* (betting odds taken from bet365 December 14th, 2018 at 2:52 pm).  It’s unlikely that Rocky has the power to stop Canelo. It may all come down to just when Canelo will get the breakthrough and hurt the Englishman. So then the approach to the fight is whether or not Fielding just can stick in there and actually get to the end of the fight. That in and of itself would be seen as something of a win for him against one of the elite fighters in the world. Saul Alvarez by Decision or Technical Decision is a tempting 7/2 proposition* (betting odds taken from bet365 December 14th, 2018 at 2:52 pm).

Ireland v New Zealand Rugby winner odds & predictions

Rugby Betting
Ireland v New Zealand preview - 17th November 2018 - 7 pm kick off After the All Blacks pulled out a dramatic win over England last weekend at Twickenham, they will move on to face Ireland at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin on Saturday. Ireland, who are the reigning Six Nations champions will be looking for their first ever win at home against the mighty New Zealand. The Irish are 15/8 underdogs to pull off the triumph* (betting odds taken on November 15th,2 018 at 7:48 pm)

Ireland v New Zealand Odds*

New Zealand 4/9 Ireland 15/8 Draw 22/1 * (betting odds taken on November 15th,2 018 at 7:48 pm)

Irish looking for first home win

Ireland have had a very good 2018 with a W9 L1 record. They opened their autumn action out in Chicago with a win over Italy, a game which they won comfortably and then it was at home against Argentina last weekend. Ireland came out 28-17 winners in that one, moving them on to a four-match winning streak in their current form. Back in the summer, they came from behind to beat Australia 2-1 in their series Down Under, a huge coup for the Irish who are bang on top of their game again. The only loss that they suffered in the 2018 calendar year was in their opening test against the Wallabies in early June. In the last decade, Ireland has faced New Zealand a total of nine times and lost eight of them. In November 2016 they did take a famous win over the All Blacks out in Chicago, which leaves them never having won a home international against the Kiwis. After beating New Zealand in Chicago, they met a couple of weeks later at Lansdowne Road and lost 21-9 but were in the game until the final fifteen minutes of the fixture. Three of Ireland’s last four losses against New Zealand have been by a margin of no more than -12 points. The one exception was their horror result of a 60-0 drubbing by the All Blacks in Hamilton in the summer of June 2012. An Ireland +6 handicap is at 10/11 odds* (betting odds taken on November 15th,2 018 at 7:48 pm).

The All Blacks

It is so rare that you will see the All Blacks fail to win a game. Even at times when they are looking down and out in a game, they have such an astonishing ability to haul themselves back from the brink to win games. Last weekend at Twickenham, England produced a top-drawer performance against them. The All Blacks had to come from 15-0 down in the game (15-10 at halftime) to pull out the win. That is what they can do. Even when they look beaten, they pull it out and they are come back kings of international rugby. The form of New Zealand this year is now W11 L1 the only defeat there in that sequence coming against South Africa during the Rugby Championship this year (which New Zealand won yet again). Of the eleven wins that New Zealand have collected this year, nine of them have been by a margin of at least 13 points. Six of the eleven wins that the Kiwis have produced have been by a margin of at least 22 points. In the anytime try scorer market eat shortest priced option is Rieko Ioane at 10/11 odds* (betting odds taken on November 15th,2 018 at 7:48 pm).


The All Blacks have proven time and time again that they are just so hard to beat. They are ferocious in the scrum and they tore into England’s lineout last weekend. Lat weekends’ tussle at Twickenham was actually a wonderful flawed game, but things could be a little more controlled this weekend in Dublin. Still, even though rightly Ireland are there to be respected given their current standing, we have to back the New Zealand power to come through. Ireland +6 handicap fits.