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BetFred Goals Galore Coupon – BTTS Tips for the Weekend

Online Bookmaker BetFred offer a little something different for your weekend’s football betting. The BetFred Goals Galore Coupon and Odds offers the punter to test their powers of prediction, not on the outcome of the weekend’s top football matches, but of the expected socring power of teams involved in the matches. Head to BetFred and click open their Football - Weekend Goals Galore link and you will see the Goals Galore Coupon open up before you. From the list of matches presented, you make the selections of matches in which you think both sides will score. That is what you are predicting in the BetFred Goals Galore Coupon, which matches will have goals from both sides. So, if you think that a Chelsea v Blackburn match will provide goals from the home side and the away side (it doesn’t matter how many goals are scored or what the final scoreline is, just as long as both teams score), then hit the selection and add it to your Betfred coupon. What is this coupon worth to you in terms of odds? Well, this is where the challenge of the BetFred Goals Galore Coupon really comes into play, as the more you predict, the more that you stand to win.

Betfred Goals Galore Weekend Coupon / BTTS Tips 19th January 2019

Bournemouth v West Ham Stoke v Leeds Charlton v Accrington Arsenal v Chelsea Betfred Goals Galore Coupon & Odds The BetFred Goals Galore Coupon and Odds can really start to build up some profit for you. Getting three predictions correct on a coupon will reward odds of 3/1 which isn’t a nice return and offers better odds than picking out three odds-on favourites as a winner in matches. But, as you start to build your Goals Galore coupon up even more at BetFred, then you start gaining even more reward for your efforts. Picking five correct matches will creep up the odds to 10/1 and for seven correct predictions of games which will have both teams score, then you will pick up a very nice 28/1. The odds continue to rise on a sliding scale, all the way up to 15 correct predictions, which will bring a return of a massive 1350/1 odds. But, even staying in the mid range has the potential to bring you some great rewards, as 6 correct predictions for example pays out odds of 16/1. This really is a smart promotional coupon from popular online bookmaker BetFred, who really do excel at this kind of thing. It is well worth your time checking out and seeing what can be picked up as addition to your regular football betting. BetFred Goals Galore Bonus Coupon The Bonus coupon makes things very interesting and if you look at it, then you will see that there are higher odds running on them. So there is a bigger reward there waiting? Why? Because the matches have been picked by the bookmaker and they are ones that will be a little bit harder for punters to predict and therefore you will get enhanced odds on them. As with the regular coupon BetFred Goal Galore bonus coupon features matches from top leagues and competitions from all over Europe including England, Spain, Germany and Italy; and the major European cup competitions such as the Champions League and the Europa League. Terms and Conditions You must make a minimum of three selections on your coupon. If there are any voided matches, then bets will be settled on the number of remaining valid selections. Both teams have to score in each match selected during the regulation 90 minutes and that does include and official stoppage time. This cannot be combined with any other offer. See full details directly at the Betfred website. T&C's Apply. Please gamble responsibly. BetFred are a highly popular, and highly recommended online bookmaker. Known as The Bonus King, they really roll out the red carpet when it comes to money back specials on your sports betting. From Double Delights and Hat-trick Heaven (which doubles and triples First Goalscorer Odds), to a wide variety of cash back specials on football, take a look at BetFred to enhance your football betting, as everything is well backed up with very competitive prices to begin with. For new customers wanting to get in on the great Goals Galore Coupon and Odds, then there is an extra incentive to do so. Look at BetFred for your quality football betting, and waste no time in checking out their promotions page, and heading to their specialist Sportsbook coupons. Customers registering a new account with Betfred can generally take advantage of a welcome bonus.

Half Time/ Full-Time Betting Strategy – An Overview

Best Strategies for Betting
The half/time full/time betting market on football matches are pretty popular. It is a market that can come in handy in terms of finding extra value for your efforts when you are looking at a lopsided game. For example if there is a heavy favourite for particular match and there’s not much meat on the bone in backing them to win outright, you can find extended value in the half time/ full-time market. This does give you plenty of options for your soccer betting and first of all let’s run through a few example of when it would be a good time to consider the market. This is essentially two bets in one. You need the half time result to be correct as well as the separate full time result.

A likely draw

There are some games where you get a strong feeling that they could be ending in a draw. Say a cagey top-of-the-table clash is happening or the home team in a fixture has a bit of a penchant of low-scoring tight games. A way to approach this could be looking at the home team to be leading at half time and then the full-time result being a draw. Why? Well the impetus is generally on the home team to do more of the attacking, but if they have fallen into a habit of drawing matches, then you can piece that together to look at value. You are of course doubling your risk because you need two outcomes to happen. When you are looking at this option, unless really exceptional circumstances you are going to be looking around the 16/1 odds mark for a Home Team/Draw half time/full time outcome. That’s just a ballpark rule of thumb so the attraction of big odds is there if you can find the right trending teams in the right fixture.

One-sided games

The half time/full time bet option is utilized more when there is a lopsided game. If you have a very strong home side who are at an odds-on price on home soil then there isn’t great appeal in the price. You would have to stump up a hefty wager to get any substantial returns. For example, we looked at a real Brentford v Sheffield Wednesday Championship fixture from August 2018 and Brentford were 4/7 odds-on favourites on home soil to take the win. If you staked £10 on that, that would be £10 risked to win £5.71 profit. However, because the Bees were such heavy favourites to win the fixture then would have the option of backing a Brentford/Brentford half time/ full-time wager at 11/8 odds. Which immediately looks more appealing even though the risk is a little bit higher because you need the Bees to win both halves of the fixture. But if you weigh up their favouritism and look to see just how strong they have been on home soil, then it could be a viable option.

Search for Consistency

One of the major statistics that you can look at when you are digging around for value in the half time/full-time market is half time results. This is pretty easy to find but something that can get overlooked because of 90-minute results. Go and look at the full stats on a football league and you will be able to see a trend in first-half performances of team. Looking back at the 2017/18 Premier League table, Manchester City were winning at half time in 24 of their 38 matches which is a huge trend. That means that they would have been pretty reliable in terms of backing for a half time/ full-time success, especially on home soil. At the other end of the table Swansea, who ended up getting relegated were winning at half time just five times all season, but on the reverse side of that, they were losing at half time in a whopping 18 of their 38 fixtures which could be used to back their opponent in any match to have been winning at halftime. You can also pick out teams who were more likely to be drawing at half time than anything else. Newcastle, Brighton and Huddersfield for example ended up being level at half time in half of all their fixtures during that 2017/18 Premier League season. Of course this is the kind of information that you are going to have to extrapolate from during the course of the season and that all comes down to trends. The search for that first half consistency (in whatever outcome) must go on.

Half/Time Full/Time Plus

There’s an extra step that you could take a look at. Remember that will all betting everything at the end of the day should boil down to your bankroll management. With that in mind, an extra strategy you could put towards the half time/full time market is backing more than one outcome. What do we mean by this? Well, let’s assume that we are considering a strong home team and we’ll just go back to the Brentford example from above. We are expecting them to win the game over 90 minutes and that’s the important thing with this strategy. They are a strong home side, running in good form and they are taking on a side who haven’t been producing any positive results of note. But there is no such thing as a dead-cert of course and because the odds in half time/full time bets are pretty generous, then you can use that to your advantage. Let’s say you were going to stake £10 at 11/8 odds on a Brentford/Brentford half time/full time win. £10 @ 11/8 = £13.75 profit You could split that stake over two beats, both the Brentford/Brentford option and the Draw/Brentford option, the latter of which is at 3/1 odds. So here would be a scenario. £6 @ 11/6 = £9.62 profit on Brentford/Brentford £3 @ 3/1 = £9.00 profit on Draw/Brentford Now if the first option wins you would you still have £6.52 profit in your profit (as you take out the stake of the losing bet). If the second wager comes up then you would still be in profit somewhat at £3.00 up. It’s not as big of a return naturally but that is because you have been paying a premium for that extra insurance on Brentford coming out with a win. You can of course play with the balance stakes to your own liking and assess your risk and reward. Of course those aren't the only two outcomes that could turn up in the match (half time/full time) but given the balance of strength between the two sides, they are the most likely ones. We’ve said it before though and we will say it many times again. Always stick within your bankroll and never risk more than you can afford to lose. Bankroll management is such an important part of sports betting.

Bet365 Bet Builder Feature – Review

A lot of times when you are looking at online betting, you get an urge to create something that just specifically suits an occasion. There are times when you get a good inkling of what could happen in a football match, beyond what the outcome is going to be in the match outright. The Bet365 Bet Builder is a feature of the operator’s website that allows users to create their own wagers. That is something that we wanted to explore a  little further.

Building a Bet

This is a feature which is available to customers at Bet365 and the operation of it all seems simple enough. We quickly accessed the feature just by just clicking on a game and then the Bet Builder option was across the header for that match. In clicking the Bet Builder option for a game it delivers a pop-up window from where selections are made, and this was really accessible and user-friendly. In the Bet Builder up to six selections can be pooled together to create a bet of your very own making and upon opening the Bet365 Bet Builder it was a straightforward process to pick those selections. The menu quickly lists options to choose from like the Match Result, Both Teams To Score, Number of Goals Scored in the match, the number of Corners that will happen in the match and Plays to Score (options including anytime goalscorer, first goalscorer, last goalscorer etc).

Odds and Editable Options

After a few quick clicks of favourable selections, a click of the Calculate Odds button reveals what we were looking at in terms of odds. We did also find it really easy to go back in and edit the options for a game. A single click tool options back out of the bet and by just going through the same original process of adding selections, allowed the addition of new options. Each time that options were swapped around in the Bet Builder, it was just another click of the Calculate Odds button and we knew where the odds stood. Once content with the bet created it was just one more click to add it to the betting slip, locking in the odds at the time of selection. That was all it took and it wasn’t any different from clicking around the usual options in the sportsbook to come up with what we wanted. We found the efficiency of the feature to be excellent in our experience of it.

What Appeals

It is having that creativity to pull together a bet of your own creation, that personalisation of a wager which makes this feature really appealing for us. Bet365 in our opinion has made it really easy to go about all of this because it is just so simple to pull together your wager from the options that qualify for a Bet Builder. It does add a nice new dimension to football betting instead of just browsing around in the sportsbook and looking around for the different bits and pieces that you would need to do this.

Example of a Bet Builder Wager

Here is a walk through of using the Bet Builder option for a Premier League game between Manchester United and Chelsea that we used to explore the feature (using odds at the time of writing just for the purpose of the example). The Manchester United v Chelsea game that we looked at was fancied to go under 2.5 goals because most of the big clashes in the Premier League between the top-six sides are pretty tense, tight tussles. At the time of writing, under 2.5 goals at Bet365 for the fixture was at 7/10. However, the Bet Builder allowed us to expand on the expectancy of a low scoring game. The Under 2.5 goals option was added first and then we looked at the Both Teams To Score market and took a selection of both teams NOT to score in the first half, when teams are generally working their way into a game, feeling each other out. Based on current form at the time of the fixture it was Manchester United’s home form which looked the more likely to win out on the day, but again, expecting a tight battle between two good teams at Old Trafford, a Manchester United to win by a one-goal margin was added to the Bet Builder. Those three options that we created for the fixture was offered at 13/2 odds. Manchester United v Chelsea Under 2.5 goals regular market @7/10 Manchester United v Chelsea Bet Builder Under 2.5 goals + Both teams NOT to score in the first half + Man Utd to win by a one-goal margin @13/2 odds So you can see we expanded on our original notion that it would be a tight game between the two clubs in the fixture, by taking the original Under 2.5 goals and combining it with likely options that would crop up in the game to back up that original assumption.


We really enjoyed our experience of the Bet365 Bet Builder. One of the things that we liked the most was that it was just there, easily accessible. It didn't matter which of the games we went to look at, it was just sat there in the header for the game and that allowed a quick process of getting to the feature and then building the bet that we wanted.  It was great to delve into the different markets and click on what appealed to us. In summary it is one of those features that are just nice to know that they are when you want to add a little creativity to betting session and we would it an all-round hit.

Terms and Conditions

There are terms and conditions of course which come along with this and notably, one of them is that this does only apply to pre-match markets, this is nothing to do with in-play. The bet will be struck as a single bet only so you can’t combine your final bet with anything else. Importantly it is also worth noting that the Bet Builder wagers won't be eligible for Cash Out nor can you go back in and use the Bet365 Edit Bet feature on it either once you have placed it. You have a maximum of six markets in a Bet Builder bet and the Bet365 '2 Goals Ahead Early Payout' does not apply to bets created with the feature either. If any of the markets within a bet created with the Bet Builder happens to be voided or pushed then the entire wager will be voided/pushed. Just as an example of that, if you have picked a goalscorer which doesn’t play then the entire bet, is just voided.

Expanding Outright Bets with Forecast Betting Options

Best Strategies for Betting
It is always worth exploring bets which step outside the norm of the regular Straight Win, because there is a lot of potential in exploring different means of bets. That way you find what suits you best, according to your betting strategy, and of course, financial limits. Looking around at the Premier League football betting markets, there was an immediate pull towards a Straight Forecast, and figured it was time to go and look at some Forecast betting. What are Forecast Bets? What different types of Forecast Bets are there? To start with, Forecast bets are popular with horse racing but they also work well in Ante Post football betting, which is what we are going to look at today, with all prices here listed at online bookmaker Paddy Power. Normally there is quite a dominant force in any domestic football league, you will have Barcelona and Real Madrid in Spain’s La Liga Primera, Rangers and Celtic in the Scottish Premier League and Manchester United and Manchester City in this year’s Premier League for example. Fortunately the dominance of just two or three genuine title contenders in each league will play into your betting hands when it comes to Forecast football betting. This is because, while there may be 20 or so teams in a league, you are realistically only going to see, perhaps three teams at most, with a genuine chance of winning the title. Note that a genuine chance is a long way from an optimistic fan point of view for their club! Because of this major narrowing of a field, your Forecast options are not going to be too vast, but there is still good profit to be made. Indeed, because adversely teams like Barcelona and Madrid are going to be at really short odds in Outright betting to win La Liga, and you’ll likely find them at negative value (below Evens) where you have to risk more than you will get back, it is worth looking at Forecast betting. Because everybody knows that La Liga is a two horse race, if you step a little further back and try to predict what the finishing order of those two will be, then you are increasing your margin profit, naturally for just a little bit of extra risk. In Spain’s La Liga Primera for example, you still have a 50/50 shot of getting a Forecast right, whether you pick Barcelona/Real Madrid or Real Madrid/Barcelona, just as you would if you backed either in a straight bet. The difference is, there will be a little more profit at hand. For our examples of the different types of Forecast bets, we are going to look at the Premier League Outright market for our main focus on Forecast bets. Straight Forecast This is Forecast betting in its most reduced, simplest and most popular form. Basically you simply predict the correct order in which a finish in any event will occur. A Forecast is on the top two places in an event, and it is a bet which works just as well in Horse Racing, F1 and football alike and is worth looking at in any sport where you can find it. In terms of the Barclays Premier League, at Man City/Man Utd Forecast is priced at 7/4 with Paddy Power, while a Man Utd/Man City Forecast is back at odds of 5/2. Just to compare this for profit sake, the outright odds on Man City winning the league are 10/11, and defending Champions Man Utd are at 7/4. What does this tell us? Well a £10 bet at 7/4 for the Man City/Man Utd Forecast returns £17.50 while a straight bet on Man City to win the league would only yield a £9.09 profit, so you are almost doubling your money for what is essentially the same bet. You are still backing Man City to win, and with United their likeliest challengers, for that little extra risk there is more profit to be gained. On the flip side of the Forecast, if you backed the Man Utd/Man City Forecast with a £10 stake, that is £25 profit, opposed to £17.50 profit on the Red Devils to win outright. So you are, to some degree backing the same outcome, but expanding the bet to try and pick up more profit. If you looked down the Straight Forecast coupon at Paddy Power and banked on Chelsea getting in the picture, who are realistically the only spare wheel which is likely to break up the Manchester dominance, then you start looking at bigger profit with Man City/Chelsea at 11/2 which is a £55 profit off a £10 stake. It is still more value than backing City outright. It is not as profitable as backing Chelsea as an outright league winner at a price of 8/1, but you have to weigh up the option that the Blues are likely only going to finish as a runner up to one of the Manchester clubs. Again, in this scenario you are still banking on City to win the league, but expanding your bet for profit reasons and hoping Chelsea pip United to the runner’s up spot. A Straight Forecast only requires a single unit stake. Reverse Forecast Again, another straight forward Forecast market which usually won’t be as profitable as a Straight Forecast. This is because with a Reverse Forecast you are increasing your chances of winning, but the sacrifice comes at lesser odds. Let’s look at the battle of Manchester for supremacy in the Premier League again this season. With a Reverse Forecast, you make the selections of United and City, but this bet doesn’t specific an exact order of finish. So as long as those two finish in the top two in either combination, you will paid out as a winner. The Reverse Forecast just gives you more coverage because you are making two bets, and therefore more leeway for coming up trumps, but at lesser odds than a Straight Forecast. A Reverse Forecast requires two unit stakes, because of the two bets involved (a/b and b/a). Tricast This is really where a look of form study and betting strategy will pay off. The Tricast is simply an expansion of a Straight Forecast, because in this, you are trying to correctly predict the order of the first three finishers at an event instead of two. So naturally there is more profit here, because you are reducing your chances of winning over a Straight Forecast, but that is also what makes this more attractive. Again, there is only a single unit stake required as this is only one bet. This is generally reserved for bigger fields in horse racing but can be quite lucrative. Combination Forecasts There is a way to Box your Forecasts by taking a Combination on a Tricast or a Straight Forecast. What is this? Let’s just concentrate on the basic Combination Forecast here, which is where you make three (or more) selections and you will want any of these to finish in positions one and two in the result. Let’s say you make three selections of which you need any two of those three to finish first and second in any order. Here you are essentially making three individual Straight Forecasts (a and b, b and c, a and c) so your unit stake has to reflect this. It is like building a multiple bet, you have to stake coverage on each bet in the combination. Naturally the more selections you make, the worse the odds are going to get because your chances of winning increases and your bookie is not going to like that! You also place a Combination Tricast where you make three or more selections in the hope of any three of them landing in the First, Second or Third place in an event. So you could pick four selections for example, and if any three of them occupy the top three positions, you are a winner. Again, the value of your unit stake will be in relation to how many selections you make. So that, in a nutshell is Forecast betting, and it is a useful betting market to look in to for most sports and events. We have used prices from popular online bookmaker Paddy Power for this example, as they provide good coverage on Forecast betting. The bookie welcomes new customers with a free £50 bet as a sign up bonus. Paddy Power will match the value of your first stake on a new account with a free bet, up to the maximum value of £50. A great way to get started with your Forecast betting!

Keys to Half Time/Full Time 1/X betting

Types of Bets

The Lucky 15 is a type of full cover bet, which has singles included in it. It is a very popular wager because it only requires punters to pick out four selections and it is something that you will hear many horse racing punters trying to chase town. Included in the Lucky 15 will be 15 separate bets. Along with the four singles, included are 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a big four-fold accumulator. What makes the Lucky 15 such a popular form of betting is that you would only need just one of the four selections to win in order to get some kind of return (because of the included singles). A lot of bookmakers will even pay out at double odds if just one winner is landed in a Lucky 15, which is where the term “lucky” comes from.

But a Lucky 15 can just as easily be utilised in football betting as it can be on the horses. The natural, straight forward option here would be just to have a look at a weekend coupon for example and pick out four winnings selections (which offer some value of course). You don’t have to go too big, or stray too far from odds on favourites for a Lucky 15. Landing four correct selection at odds of 1/2 on each would return over £25 worth of profit for you if they all came up, which is largely down to the accumulator odds included in the bet. Of course, remember that you are placing 15 separate bets in a Lucky 15 and you have to pay for all of them. Asking for £1 stake on a Lucky 15 will mean that you have to stump up a total of a £15 stake. Here we are going to look at the Half Time/Full Time 1/X option to build a Lucky 15 with. The Half Time/Full Time market of course, is a lot richer for punters than just backing an outright selection. If Chelsea were at home to say a relegation threatened Norwich, the outright market could be around 1/5 on the Blues to bag the win, while in a Chelsea/Chelsea Half Time/Full Time bet, you could get the home side at around 4/6 to be winning at half time and at full time. But the bigger value in Half Time/Full Time bets is seeing a team throw away a lead at half time to end up drawing (Half Time/Full Time 1/X). It is tougher to call of course, but that will be reflected in bigger odds. So what kind of games would you be looking for in this scenario? You certainly wouldn’t look at a Chelsea/Draw option, because the game would be looking far too lopsided. Instead you are going to want to look at games where the teams are relatively evenly matched. This could generally focus on teams who don’t score a lot and don’t give much away at the back either. The chance of a draw is far more likely to happen than in a lop-sided scenario. An example here is that a Chelsea/Draw Half Time/Full Time against Norwich being priced up at 22/1, while a Hull/Draw scenario against Aston Villa returns around 14/1. The latter, even though at the shorter odds, naturally makes the better value because there is a higher chance of a draw. Don’t chase the outrageous odds for a Lucky 15, track the sensible ones instead. There is a general rule of thumb in soccer stats, and that is around 1/3 of the games for an entire season, will end in a draw. That is not a high return, because look at it the other way, two third of games don’t end in a draw, so in trying to back a draw you are immediately going against the odds. At the time of writing, the Premier League had only returned draws in 20% of all games (357 in total). So this season has been decidedly short of draws, with the 2012/13 season resulting in 28% of its matches being drawn. The natural starting point would be to look for the teams who do draw more games than others. This season’s highest tallies have come from West Brom, Stoke and Southampton. There are two elements to the Half Time/Full Time bet of course and so you will want to be looking at teams who have a higher percentage of winning games at half time. Most of the time this will be the top clubs, but look outside of the likes of Liverpool and Man City and you will find gems like Southampton who have been winning a third of their games at half time. It is mid table teams like that which you want to look at. The biggest stat though you want to consider, is the number of games an away team has been winning at half time. Why? Because you will get a lower percentage of away wins in a season than you will home wins. So if an away team gets an early advantage on the board at half time, it is plausible to expect the home side to come back into it. Think of it the other way around, if you look at strong side winning at half time on home turf, then the likelihood that they will let a lead slip and fall to a draw is far less. So that is where you look to try and pick out the best teams for your Half Time/Full Time 1/X betting. Look for teams who have drawn a high percentage of games already in the season, those generally around the mid table area, and then look for them on the road in non-lopsided games. If someone like Southampton is on the road at Old Trafford, then there is less of a likelihood of them getting ahead in the first place than if they are playing at somewhere like Villa Park, against a team who are a way below them in the league. The alternative route to this, would be too look at the stronger teams on the road against mid table position. This are also games which tend to offer a bigger chance of a draw happening. Another key stat to consider would be to look at sides who have a high percentage of their goals being equalising ones. It suggests a team with a good battling quality, where heads don't drop after falling behind in a game. Looking at Southampton this season, 48% of their goals have been equalising ones. The reverse of that, marry it up with sides who have conceded the highest percentage of equalising goals. There are plenty of teams around this season like Stoke, Swansea, West Ham and West Brom, who have conceded over 40% of their goals as equalising ones. Keys to Half Time/Full Time 1/X bets Mid-table teams playing away at teams who are below them Stronger teams playing against mid-table teams Teams who have been winning a fair share of games at half time Teams with over 40% of their goals for the season being equalising ones

Cyril’s betting advice (part 1)

How to win Football Betting

I was around at the birth of betting shops.

How could anyone not immediately fall in love with the wonderful facilty-lacking places? And that marvellous fog like atmosphere. I loved it so much that I  taught myself to settle. I blagged myself a job as a relief settler/boardmarker. That was in July 1963. Thank God the owner didn't know a bet from a bat. Fortunately I hit it off with the settler/manager and what I didn't know he taught me. I WAS IN!!!

The years in between now and then, have taught me a lot.  Mainly, only bet when the chances of winning are greater than those of losing. Being able to do this takes a lot of hard work and studying.

Although I earned my living accepting bets, mainly on horses, I myself prefer football for my betting interests. Foinavon in '67  taught me the error of my ways where horses were concerned.

The way to making money on any field of betting is strewn with traps of many kinds. The biggest cause of losses is indiscipline. No matter what your field of interest  you must be disciplined if you want to make money.

I have three basics in my betting phylosophy
1. Discipline.
2. Specialise.
3.Money Management.

Each is as important as the other.

Discipline speaks for itself. Never bet for the sake of having a bet. Always know why you're betting on whatever will carry your money. "This one's due to win", isn't a good enough reason to back it.

Specialise in your selections. When you realise how many horses there are in training, or how many teams in the multitude of leagues available for you to bet on, the mind boggles. Not forgetting Greyhounds, both real and cartoon. Sorry that should be, real and computer generated. Then there's the various numbers games to entice you.

Finally you need to keep a good grip on your betting wallet. Have a set amount to bet with and divide it between your selections in a way that makes good sense. There are many staking plans available to the punter. The only one I dismiss out of hand is the Martingale.

All these things will be discussed more fully as the weeks pass ...

(Cyril is a betting expert with more than 50 years of experience - he will share  valuable advice, betting systems and a lot more here, so come back regularly to read more!)


Asian Handicap Football Betting Guide

Types of Bets

Asian Handicap football betting can really open up new dimensions to your wagers. The market option is becoming ever more popular in European football betting, after originating, as the name would suggest, on the Asian continent. The betting term itself of “handicap” actually originates itself from days of yore when gamblers would get together and toss all of their wagers into a cap before a sporting event, (hence “hand-in-cap.”) The purpose behind the Asian Handicap betting (which is also known as hang cheng) is to eliminate the outcome of a draw in the match by handicapping one of the teams with an advantage or disadvantage in goals, before the start of the match. It tries to level the playing field a little bit between two teams which differ in strength and quality. The benefits of Asian Handicap, is that you will probably be able to increase your chances of landing a winner. Why? Because this form of football betting takes out one of the options from fixed odds betting, in which three outcomes are possible (a home win, a draw, an away win - which equates to a 33.3% chance of either happening). With Asian Handicap football betting you reduce the outcome to a win/loss only (by eliminating a draw) and therefore you have a 50-50% chance of either event happening. The principle behind handicap betting is really to give the weaker team some sort of head start in order to give the match a more even feel. You generally handicap the stronger team by making them start in the negative. Therefore, because a result is forced by putting such a handicap in place, the practice of it really does offer some great value to the punter.

Think of a bookmaker presenting an Asian Handicap betting line. The online bookmaker will place it as close as is possible in football predictions, to making a 50-50 fair match. You will find this line where the odds are as close to Evens (1.00 decimal) as possible. This is the point at which the bookmaker thinks that any difference in quality will be evened out between the two teams involved in the match. It may be starting the stronger team at -0.25, -1.00 or -2.00 handicap, or anything in between or beyond. This is the point at which will determine the rest of the odds, giving the bettor the chance to bet as close to that line as they think will be profitable. As the popularity of this method of betting grows, you will see the options readily available on online bookmakers websites such as Bet365. Here we present an Asian Handicap football betting guide to get you started.

How does Asian Handicap Betting Work?

Football betting with Asian Handicap technically increases your chances of winning a bet on a football match, compared to that of straight fixed odds betting. It does this because essentially you are able to win a bet on more than one outcome in the match. This is the basic premise of handicap betting. For example, when you place a bet on a Home win for example with fixed odds, if anything other than that happens, then you have lost your stake and the wager. However, with an Asian Handicap, you do not bet on a straight home wins, you bet on the margins of victory/loss. It is possible to back a team which loses on the field of play on the day, but still wins your bet for you. This is the enticing prospect of Asian Handicap football betting, and another reason why it is so popular.

 In Asian Handicap football betting, if you wanted to back the bookmaker’s favourite to win a match, you have three options:

1) You can back the favourites with a negative handicap with which to start the match

If you are backing a favourite, then this will be one of the first places to start looking. Here you will be betting that the favourite will overcome a deficit at the start of the match and win the match by enough of a margin as which you select in your Asian Handicap. So, if you select a -1 Asian Handicap, you need that team to win by more than one goal in the match to win. Depending on the perceived difference in quality between the two teams, the odds will be spread from a 0 Asian Handicap down to say a -2.00 Asian Handicap (you can go beyond this figure) and again, Evens is where the most probability of breaking even lies. Looking in the negative for a favourite is where good odds can be picked up because you are setting the favourites a more difficult task. The favourites will probably win, but will they win by enough of a margin as which you have set them?

2) You can back the favourites with a positive handicap with which to start the match
Backing a favourite this way won’t bring great odds, simply because they will be expected to win the match anyway, so starting them with an advantage simply adds to the probability of a win, which the bookmaker won’t like too much. Not worth looking at for any decent winnings.

3) You can back the underdog opponents with a positive handicap

This is the main alternative to option one, and where you can probably find better odds, and is a little more of a brave bet. With this option, you can give the underdog a head start with your Asian Handicap, say by one goal, and backing them this way, you will be banking on them hanging on to a draw or better. You will want the underdogs to give a good defensive performance and not lose, in this case by more than one goal. This can be a lucrative market to explore, and can be backed up well with the study of football statistics.

So, there are the basic options. Now let’s look at these Asian Handicap Betting options in a little more detail. Here is an example of Asian Handicap betting on a Chelsea v Liverpool match in which you think favourites Chelsea would win. As seen above, you have two main options:

Negative Asian Handicap: Chelsea -1.00

For all intents and purposes, this means that Chelsea will be starting the match from a goal behind from an Asian Handicap betting perspective. So, what would Chelsea need to do in order win the match from that position? They would need to score two goals (or win by two clear goals). If they do that, then the bookmaker would pay out your winner. But, there is another scenario. What if Chelsea win the match, but only win by one goal? That, again from the Asian Handicap betting perspective, would mean than the match ended in a draw, even though in reality Chelsea still won the match. Because the Asian Handicap result ended in a draw (as Chelsea started the match one goal behind) you would get your stake refunded because parity will have been achieved. If the actual match is drawn or Liverpool win, you lose outright because Chelsea already started the match behind. Let’s look at the other betting option.

Positive Asian Handicap: Liverpool +1

If Liverpool started the match a goal ahead, what scenarios would lead them to win the match? Obviously a win for Liverpool by any score would secure a winning bet, but also if the match ended in a draw, then you wild still win the bet because as far as the Asian Handicap bet, Liverpool won the match because they started a goal to the good. So, in this case, both a draw for Liverpool and a victory would pay out a winner. But, what if they lost the match by one goal, meaning that the match ended in parity from the Asian Handicap football betting point of view? Again, parity equals a stake refund if Liverpool lose by one goal. If they lose by more than one goal, then the bet loses, because they will have lost the match in reality and on the Asian Handicap bet.

0 Asian Handicap Bet

This is the equivalent of a Draw No Bet option and means that no handicap has been given because the two teams are evenly matched. Basically the team you back at 0 doesn’t start with any advantage, and you will only win if they win. If the match ends in a draw though you would get a stake refund because the Asian Handicap would still be at parity. This is the equivalent of a Draw No Bet in fixed odds football betting.

Quarter Ball, Half Ball and Three Quarter Ball Asian Handicaps
This is where the Asian Handicap football betting can get just a little bit more confusing when first looking at the markets, because you can bet on more than just a full ball (i.e. whole goal handicaps as in the example above, like -1, -2, -3). In between each of those whole ball markers, you have three other options which pan out like this…

+1.00 (whole)
+0.75 (three quarter)
+0.50 (half)
+ 0.25 (quarter)
0 (whole)
-0.25 (quarter)
-0.50 (half)
-0.75 (three quarter)
-1 (whole)
In the following descriptions, we are just using the more popular negative option for the example, the positive handicaps work in exactly the same way:

Full ball Asian Handicap

This is the most straight forward option, as exhibited in the Chelsea v Liverpool example above. Whatever option you take on a full ball handicap, the team either has to win (or not lose) by more than that set handicap for your bet to win.

Half ball Asian Handicap

Because it is impossible for a match to end in a draw when one team starts with a ½ goal advantage in a match, your Asian Handicap bet will either be a full win or a full loss. There is no in-between here. In the case of -1.50 it splits the difference between a -1.00 handicap and a -2.00 handicap. What is the difference between a -1.00 and -1.50? Well, a -1.00 result would give a stake refund if the handicapped team wins by one goal, but in a -1.50, the team would need to win by two clear goals or else the bet is lost. That is why this option will be at longer odds than a whole ball handicap, because it is harder to achieve.

Quarter Handicap

This, essentially two Asian Handicap bets rolled into one. Let’s look a -0.25 quarter ball, it is actually one 0:0 bet and one -0.50 bet combined (which is sits in between). What does this mean? Well, if the match ends in a draw, it means that you will either lose or win 50% of the stake (depending on whether you took a positive or negative Asian Handicap). This is because it is halfway between the whole ball 0:0 bet (which refunds stake on a draw) and the -0.50 bet (which loses on a draw). So a quarter handicap cuts a bit of risk in losing everything on a draw, as you only lose half of your stake on that outcome.

Three Quarter Handicap

The same as a quarter handicap essentially, as it splits the difference between a -0.50 bet and a -1.00 bet (again it is essentially those two bets combined). Where a -0.50 bet loses if your team loses, and a -1.00 bet refunds stake if the team loses by 1 goal, then halfway between those two options would be a half win if the team wins by one goal. This is the purpose of the three quarter handicap. As with quarter ball Asian Handicap betting, because you are essentially betting on two selections, if for example you placed £10 on a -0.75 bet, it is the equivalent of putting £5 each on the -0.50 and -1.00 bets.


The Three BIG Rules for making a profit of betting. Cyril’s betting advice (part 2)

How to win Football Betting

DISCIPLINE is the first and most important. Without it you'll never make a profit over any length of time.
You must be prepared to say "NO" when your heart tells you to back a selection because you made a few pounds on it a couple of weeks ago. There's no place for sentiment when money is at stake. Especially when it's your money.
The above is just one example of the pitfalls that await you if you don't learn to say "No" to that little voice in your head. DO NOT deviate from your plan of attack. You might win a few bets that way but you'll lose a much larger number than you win. And that means you'll be putting your betting bank at stake.
SPECIALISE in your method of selection.
There is no way you can aquire the knowledge you need to make your betting pay if your method of selection is haphazard. Do you know how many racehorses there are in training? Do you fancy trying to collate form for them all? Thought not. So why back in a sprint race one minute and then a two miler the next?
There are many people who do make money from the gee-gees but they all specialise. The vast majority keep to sprint races. Two year old stakes races are another favourite, on the flat. Over the sticks Hurdle races are the likeliest source of winning bets.
Moving away from horses there are hundreds of football leagues you can study. What about baseball, snooker, tennis, American Football, Aussie Rules, basketball, golf, ad infinitum. There are thousands of betting opportunities for you. Pick one or maybe two and study study study.
You really must spend time reading any relevant pieces of information you can find. There's plenty on the Web.
STAKING PLANS are a must if you intend to make a profit from your bets.
The most basic is  LEVEL STAKES. If your method of backing returns a profit when you're backing with level stakes, YOU ARE IN BETTING NIRVANA. There are a myriad of staking methods you can use but you must find the one that best suits your method of selection. All have their good and bad points. Except the Martingale. This one is the fast road to the workhouse. It's simply doubling up after a loser. A losing run of ten, not unheard of believe me, would have you staking 1024 on your next selection. Remember, you've already lost 1023 on your previous ten bets. That's alot of money riding on your selection. Then, just imagine it wins, at ODDS ON. You just wont cover your previous losses. This is one to leave alone, at all costs. 
There are so many staking methods that I'll keep the best for the next post. They really are that important.


EFL Championship Odds and Preview – Football Betting

Championship Betting
It was underlined at this time last year in a Championship title preview how much money talks in England's second tier nowadays. The tip, Middlesbrough, eventually found Burnley too good but the Lancashire side were able to utilise the Premier League parachute payment to good effect and play-off winners Hull City had the same advantage. Clubs not able to claim an inflated share of the TV money really are at a massive disadvantage in the EFL Championship unless they have a mega-rich benefactor who doesn't mind gambling part of his fortune on a bid for the top flight. NEWCASTLE UNITED have both and they are strong favourites to bounce back to the Premier League at the first time of asking as champions. They did it in 2010 and sportingbet's 19/10 to win the Championship title will look very big if Rafa Benitez' men get off to a flyer. Sportingbet are one of the world's leading multi-lingual, multi-national bookmakers in the world and well known for their exceptional free online bet offers. They claims to be the largest bookmaker in Europe, though we'll have to take their word for that! They offer a £50 welcome bonus but that is divided in three parts. First, you have to register an account with Sportingbet, place a first bet of at least £10 and you'll get a £10 bonus. Second, place 5 bets of at least £10 each, with real money. The bonus (max. £20) will be credited based on the average stake of these bets. The first bonus must have been completed. And finally, place 5 more bets of at least £10 each, with real money. The bonus (max. £20) will be credited based on the average stake of these bets. The first and second bonus must have been completed. This offer is available to all new customers and is only available once per client, per household, per account, per IP address. The Magpies have done very well to persuade Benitez to stay in charge. The Spaniard has managed at the highest level and should really find the Championship a breeze. United are really a Premier League side masquerading as a Championshipclub with their squad. Internationals Grant Hanley and Ciaran Clark should help shore up their defence and Tim Krul should be fit again soon. Mohamad Diame, Matt Ritchie and Dwight Gayle were other expensive summer signings and the race is probably on to finish second. Brentford are hard to beat at Griffin Park and could be worth a bet at the 11/1 with bet365 for promotion. You can get 9/2 with the same firm for Dean Smith's Bees to finish in the top six. There are no real stars among the Brentford ranks but they have a togetherness fused by having a settled squad who know each other's game. Last season's play-off finalists Sheffield Wednesday should be in the mix if starting a bit quicker than last year and are a general 5/1 for promotion. Brighton were just pipped to an automatic promotion place last year and were also unlucky in the play-offs so should also be buzzing around the promotion places and are a general 7/2 to gain elevation this time. If Newcastle look good things for the Championship title, the same can be said regarding BURTON ALVION and relegation. Back-to-back promotions may have left the tiny Brewers ill-prepared for a season in with clubs who have recent Premier League history. Their home support will probably be outnumbered by visiting fans on most occasions and it's hardtop see Nigel Clough's men scoring enough goals to make a fight of it. Get on the 11/10 with Skybet for an immediate return to the lower leagues.

EFL Championship Title Latest Odds

Newcastle (19/10), Norwich (10/1), Aston Villa (12/1), Derby (13/1), Brighton and Wolves (16/1), Sheffield Wednesday (17/1), Brentford and Cardiff (33/1), Leeds, QPR, Fulham, Reading and Ipswich (40/1), Huddersfield and Wigan (45/1), Nottingham Forest and Bristol City (50/1), Birmingham (66/1), Blackburn, Barnsley and Preston (100/1), Rotherham (200/1), Burton (250/1)

EFL League Two Odds and Preview – Football Betting

Football Betting
There is no doubt that Portsmouth manager Paul Cook will have had the biggest transfer budget in League Two this summer. Pompey (9/2 with bet365) were favourites for the title last season but inconsistency, especially at Fratton Park, cost them dear and meant they had to settle for a place in the play-offs. Expectations are high again this year and their squad has several players who are probably better than League Two standard. Summer signing Curtis Main is one as his goals more or less kept Oldham in League One in the spring. Main was not wanted at parent club Doncaster and will be looking to prove a point when his new side face newly-relegated Rovers this season. Bet365 also have the best odds on Darren Ferguson's Doncaster (9/1) but the South Yorkshire team, who have also been busy in the transfer market and quality in their ranks, received a huge blow this week when Northern Ireland international Luke McCullough was ruled out for the entire campaign. Fergie junior's managerial record since leaving Peterborough is a real worry considering his team's odds and the same could be said about Andy Hessenthaler at Leyton Orient. Another club with a big budget, the O's should cause teams problems in the basement division with forwards like Jordan Bowery, Jay Simpson, Harry Cornick and Armand Gnanduillet but are priced accordingly for the League Two title (11/1 is the biggest) and Hessenthaler's teams are often vulnerable at the back. NOTTS COUNTY are a general 25/1 but pulled off a real coup in persuading John Sheridan to leave Oldham and take over the reins at Meadow Lane. Sheridan took the Latics' top scorer, Jonathan Forte, with him and has also inherited the free-scoring Izale McLeod as well as former Premier League strikers Jon Stead and Alan Smith. County are simply too big when you consider that Blackpool, a club in turmoil and freefall, are only 20/1 to win the title. Plymouth Argyle, last season's play-off final losers, are 16/1 with Skybet who have newly-promoted Cheltenham and Grimsby at 25/1 in the market. For probably the first time since regaining their league status, ACCRINGTON STANLEY aren't favourites for relegation. They reached the play-offs last season and would have achieved automatic promotion had they not slipped up on the final day. However, the heart has been ripped out of their squad over the summer and club legend John Coleman has almost had to start again. He was still trying to bring players in on the eve of the campaign and now may be the time to back Stanley for the drop at a massive 12/1 (Skybet).

EFL League Two Title Best Odds

Portsmouth (9/2), Doncaster (9/1), Luton (10/1), Leyton Orient (11/1), Plymouth (16/1), Carlisle and Cambridge (18/1), Blackpool (20/1), Colchester (22/1), Notts County, Cheltenham, Grimsby and Wycombe (25/1), Accrington, Crewe and Mansfield (33/1), Exeter (40/1), Barnet, Hartlepool, Stevenage and Yeovil (33/1), Crawley (80/1), Newport (100/1), Morecambe (150/1)