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Expanding Outright Bets with Forecast Betting Options

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It is always worth exploring bets which step outside the norm of the regular Straight Win, because there is a lot of potential in exploring different means of bets. That way you find what suits you best, according to your betting strategy, and of course, financial limits. Looking around at the Premier League football betting markets, there was an immediate pull towards a Straight Forecast, and figured it was time to go and look at some Forecast betting. What are Forecast Bets? What different types of Forecast Bets are there? To start with, Forecast bets are popular with horse racing but they also work well in Ante Post football betting, which is what we are going to look at today, with all prices here listed at online bookmaker Paddy Power. Normally there is quite a dominant force in any domestic football league, you will have Barcelona and Real Madrid in Spain’s La Liga Primera, Rangers and Celtic in the Scottish Premier League and Manchester United and Manchester City in this year’s Premier League for example. Fortunately the dominance of just two or three genuine title contenders in each league will play into your betting hands when it comes to Forecast football betting. This is because, while there may be 20 or so teams in a league, you are realistically only going to see, perhaps three teams at most, with a genuine chance of winning the title. Note that a genuine chance is a long way from an optimistic fan point of view for their club! Because of this major narrowing of a field, your Forecast options are not going to be too vast, but there is still good profit to be made. Indeed, because adversely teams like Barcelona and Madrid are going to be at really short odds in Outright betting to win La Liga, and you’ll likely find them at negative value (below Evens) where you have to risk more than you will get back, it is worth looking at Forecast betting. Because everybody knows that La Liga is a two horse race, if you step a little further back and try to predict what the finishing order of those two will be, then you are increasing your margin profit, naturally for just a little bit of extra risk. In Spain’s La Liga Primera for example, you still have a 50/50 shot of getting a Forecast right, whether you pick Barcelona/Real Madrid or Real Madrid/Barcelona, just as you would if you backed either in a straight bet. The difference is, there will be a little more profit at hand. For our examples of the different types of Forecast bets, we are going to look at the Premier League Outright market for our main focus on Forecast bets. Straight Forecast This is Forecast betting in its most reduced, simplest and most popular form. Basically you simply predict the correct order in which a finish in any event will occur. A Forecast is on the top two places in an event, and it is a bet which works just as well in Horse Racing, F1 and football alike and is worth looking at in any sport where you can find it. In terms of the Barclays Premier League, at Man City/Man Utd Forecast is priced at 7/4 with Paddy Power, while a Man Utd/Man City Forecast is back at odds of 5/2. Just to compare this for profit sake, the outright odds on Man City winning the league are 10/11, and defending Champions Man Utd are at 7/4. What does this tell us? Well a £10 bet at 7/4 for the Man City/Man Utd Forecast returns £17.50 while a straight bet on Man City to win the league would only yield a £9.09 profit, so you are almost doubling your money for what is essentially the same bet. You are still backing Man City to win, and with United their likeliest challengers, for that little extra risk there is more profit to be gained. On the flip side of the Forecast, if you backed the Man Utd/Man City Forecast with a £10 stake, that is £25 profit, opposed to £17.50 profit on the Red Devils to win outright. So you are, to some degree backing the same outcome, but expanding the bet to try and pick up more profit. If you looked down the Straight Forecast coupon at Paddy Power and banked on Chelsea getting in the picture, who are realistically the only spare wheel which is likely to break up the Manchester dominance, then you start looking at bigger profit with Man City/Chelsea at 11/2 which is a £55 profit off a £10 stake. It is still more value than backing City outright. It is not as profitable as backing Chelsea as an outright league winner at a price of 8/1, but you have to weigh up the option that the Blues are likely only going to finish as a runner up to one of the Manchester clubs. Again, in this scenario you are still banking on City to win the league, but expanding your bet for profit reasons and hoping Chelsea pip United to the runner’s up spot. A Straight Forecast only requires a single unit stake. Reverse Forecast Again, another straight forward Forecast market which usually won’t be as profitable as a Straight Forecast. This is because with a Reverse Forecast you are increasing your chances of winning, but the sacrifice comes at lesser odds. Let’s look at the battle of Manchester for supremacy in the Premier League again this season. With a Reverse Forecast, you make the selections of United and City, but this bet doesn’t specific an exact order of finish. So as long as those two finish in the top two in either combination, you will paid out as a winner. The Reverse Forecast just gives you more coverage because you are making two bets, and therefore more leeway for coming up trumps, but at lesser odds than a Straight Forecast. A Reverse Forecast requires two unit stakes, because of the two bets involved (a/b and b/a). Tricast This is really where a look of form study and betting strategy will pay off. The Tricast is simply an expansion of a Straight Forecast, because in this, you are trying to correctly predict the order of the first three finishers at an event instead of two. So naturally there is more profit here, because you are reducing your chances of winning over a Straight Forecast, but that is also what makes this more attractive. Again, there is only a single unit stake required as this is only one bet. This is generally reserved for bigger fields in horse racing but can be quite lucrative. Combination Forecasts There is a way to Box your Forecasts by taking a Combination on a Tricast or a Straight Forecast. What is this? Let’s just concentrate on the basic Combination Forecast here, which is where you make three (or more) selections and you will want any of these to finish in positions one and two in the result. Let’s say you make three selections of which you need any two of those three to finish first and second in any order. Here you are essentially making three individual Straight Forecasts (a and b, b and c, a and c) so your unit stake has to reflect this. It is like building a multiple bet, you have to stake coverage on each bet in the combination. Naturally the more selections you make, the worse the odds are going to get because your chances of winning increases and your bookie is not going to like that! You also place a Combination Tricast where you make three or more selections in the hope of any three of them landing in the First, Second or Third place in an event. So you could pick four selections for example, and if any three of them occupy the top three positions, you are a winner. Again, the value of your unit stake will be in relation to how many selections you make. So that, in a nutshell is Forecast betting, and it is a useful betting market to look in to for most sports and events. We have used prices from popular online bookmaker Paddy Power for this example, as they provide good coverage on Forecast betting. The bookie welcomes new customers with a free £50 bet as a sign up bonus. Paddy Power will match the value of your first stake on a new account with a free bet, up to the maximum value of £50. A great way to get started with your Forecast betting!

First Goal Losers in English Premier League

Cyril's Betting Advice
Recently I read an article on teams which concede and then have the ability, or luck, to equalise. I immediately found myself wondering how these games ended up. Did the outcome depend on whether or not the underdog scored first or whether the favourite got off to a good start. Now unfortunately my available stats don't tell me who scores first unless the the half-time score is to NIL. So I began to try and make use of the stats I do have to hand. So I went back to an old favourite. The half-time score. And the score that interested me most was 1 - 1. But without any idea who had scored first. (Hopefully I can revisit this concept when time and stats allow). The original article stated that if the underdog scored first then the stronger side, evidently the favourite, would be expected to reply. But what happens if the underdogs are the equalising team? Something to find out about later on. I did however set about finding how these games ended and what a surprise I got where the Premiership was concerned. Naturally there weren't to many games which would end the first-half equal at one goal each but they did show some very interesting outcomes. After 35 weeks there had only been 29 such games. Surprisingly there was a less than expected number of home wins. (41.3%). Draws (24.1%) came out about as expected but Aways (34.4%) were over the expected norm. However looking at things from a different angle figures weren't all that different either. From the 26 games played so far 12 (46.15) were won by the better placed side in the league standings. Lower placed sides won 7 and there were 7 games drawn. Scoring in these games wasn't outstanding tho'. 6 scores of 1 - 1, 4 of 2 - 1 and 6 of 1 - 2. (55.1%). Maybe something to look at in more depth. It is rather surprising at the lack of goals in the second half of these games. A general expectation for "average goals" is around 1.4 goals in the first half of games, rising to 1.6 in the second half. So more than half of the games played ended with 3 or less goals. So perhaps these games were actually within the "expected" parameters as far as historical figures stand. In general there have been less than the expected number of 1 - 1 half-time scores this season so far. The previous two seasons being 44 last season and 43 the season before. A breakdown of the 2012/13 season shows 44 games ending 1 - 1 at half -time. They then gave final results as follows: Homes 13 (29.5%). Well below the normal home win "expectation" which is around 45 to 50% over the normal season. Draws (19) came out at 43.1%, and Aways 12 for 27.2%. Theses stats show a very marked sway in favour of games ending as draws. Under usual circumstances draws can be expected to turn up at around 25% of matches. So some room here for thought, too. Looking at things from a different angle teams who were better placed in the league table came out on top only 14 times, (31.8%). Worst placed of the two teams came out on top on 11 occasions, exactly 25%. The other 19 games ended all square. (43.18). Most popular scores in these results were 1 - 1 (11), 2 - 1 (6), 1 - 2 (6) and 2 - 2 (8). Here again something to look at with 31 of the 44 (70.4%)games ending within this small range. Season 2011/12. Here we had just one fewer games ending the first-half at 1 - 1 than the previous season. Only 13 of these games ended in a Home win. Slightly below the following seasons performance. There was a marked difference between Draws and Aways for the two seasons but the fact remains that the Home win rate is well below par. It does appear that when the home side are held at 1 - 1 at half-time, something seems to dictate that the home side doesn't always come back as we would usually expect. Even the better placed teams when playing at home, seem to find they have a hill to climb. Under normal circumstances games, over a season will usually work out at very approximately 2 home wins, an Away and a Draw in four games. This isn't a rule of thumb but is accurate enough to compare what is happening in the matches being surveyed. The bare stats for this season are 43 games which ended 1 - 1. There were 15 Home wins, 14 Aways and 14 Draw. Goals were again grouped around the smaller scores. 27 games ended with 3 or less goals. 9 @ 1 - 1, 8 @ 2 - 1 and 10 @ 1 - 2. With these figures there is plenty of room to play around with Correct Score bets. Another stat that requires looking at is that of the side placed highest in the league table. It would appear that once the score reaches 1 - 1 the expected dominance of the better placed side doesn't always come into play. Why? There must be plenty of opportunities for traders to lay some of these "results". Especially the shorter priced Home teams. A word of warning. When these scores occur in the early season be a little on the wary side. The Best Placed teams are only really there on sufferance until the early form settles down. Careful with selections until around week 10 of the league campaign. This has been a funny season in the Premiership. The demise of Man Utd and the rise of Liverpool bringing an old fashioned look to the league table. Liverpool's ability to score goals at their present rate has also been a revelation. Along with Man City they are headed for over the hundred goal mark. This alone will have a marked effect on many different stats. So be prepared to treat your favourite strategy/system with a little extra respect.There are some sides who are quite resilient. They can go behind but somehow find that extra bit of "get up and go" to pull themselves out of the mire. Just as there are sides that go behind and throw in the towel. This second kind seem to do it regularly. So it may be worthwhile knowing which sides can be relied on to roll their sleeves up and those that just let their heads drop and hope for better next week. It's also worth knowing which sides can take the lead and HOLD on to it. At first glance this may not appear to be too important but give it a little thought. When do you get the jitters? How about after your selection has scored and they need to hold on for your forecast to come about? A few stats may not go amiss at this point. During the last seven seasons there has averaged 349 games in which goals have been scored. That leaves an average of thirty-one scoreless matches. So not too many 0 - 0 draws likely to make a mess of most punter's forecasts. Over an average season 43 teams which score the first goal will go on to be beaten. just a touch over one per week. Sixty-nine teams that score first will lose their lead and the match will end all square. finally The first scorer in the game will go on to win in 237 matches. These stats have been rounded as required. One stat is fairly consistent, that of the team to score first and them lose the match. The smallest number to do so in a season is 39 and the highest number to do so is 52. Broken down stats for the past seven seasons are as below. [table=336] By themselves the bare figures aren't much use. However use them in conjunction with other stats and we begin to build something of interest. We can look at previous seasons and note which teams consistently fall into one or other of our three groups. Teams likely to be of interest are those which DON'T lose a lead and those which can turn round the match after conceding first. Last season Man. Utd. conceded first in 9 matches but ended up winning them. They scored first in 22 matches and won 19 of them, losing none. Teams play 38 matches each season so I have found those which when having taken the lead either go on to win or draw in at least half of their matches. [table=337] [table=338] [table=339] [table=340] [table=341] [table=342] [table=343] The first thing that emerges from the above stats is that there is a very stated consistency. The same teams appear time and again. However as with most sets of stats there is often a little hiccup. Or at least something to make you think for a minute or two. E.g. Although Chelsea appear in the scoring lists every season, they also find themselves amongst the teams which take the lead and then lose, in two seasons returns. To show how these anomalies occur I've logged them alongside the "win/draw" stats. In the main stats there are a total of nine teams. Seven of them appear on more than one occasion. Newcastle and Aston Villa were just a flash in the pan. The other seven are the teams you normally expect to find in the top seven places in the league table. The point this seems to make is that class and form will always tell. Check thru' the second column and note how many of the sides are or have been in the lower divisions, during the lifetime of the stats. It's stats like these, often completely overlooked by the punter, that compilers use when making the match odds. As can be appreciated, these stats are readily available for the more important leagues but when we drop further down the league pyramid, stats become a little harder to obtain. To anyone who has a deep knowledge of the lower leagues and can compile stats in the same vein as these, what a start he'll have over the compiler. The more remote the stats are, the more likely the punter will be a step ahead of the compiler. A little later on I'll look at the flip side of these stats and see what more different knowledge we can garner. Be lucky but bet responsibly.

Ladbrokes offer 9/1 for Liverpool to win all of their remaining matches this season

Premier League Betting

They are currently on a massive fourteen match unbeaten streak in the Premier League and having won their last nine on the bounce, Liverpool have powered their way to the top of the table. Brendan Rodgers has taken them to the brink of an unexpected title and there are just five matches left of the season for them to see off.

After a victory over West Ham on the weekend, thanks to a brace of converted penalty kicks from Steven Gerrard, Liverpool are at the summit of the Premier League, two points clear of Chelsea. So as long as the Anfield Reds keep winning their matches they are going to hold off the challenge of Mourinho’s men. But the bigger threat to them getting their hands on the table is of course Manchester City who are just four points back and with two games in hand over them. The threat from the Citizens as well is that actually have a better goal difference than the high-scoring Reds, so a tie at the end of the day and it is advantage City. Online betting site Ladbrokes are offering a tempting price of 9/1 that Liverpool will win all of their remaining games this season. The current form that they are in, you wouldn’t put it past them. However, two of those five are going to massive in determining the outcome of the league title. They have to host Manchester City on April 13th and then welcome Chelsea to Anfield on April 27th. Those are the big crunch games. So their destiny is in their own hands. Win those two big home games and the title should be winging its way to Liverpool. The other remaining games for the Reds are away to Norwich and Crystal Palace, before finishing up their season on home turf against Newcastle. Liverpool lost 2-1 at both Man City and Chelsea earlier in the season, losing at the Etihad on Boxing Day and then at Stamford Bridge just three days later. That loss at Chelsea on December 29th, was the last time they lost and since then have taken 38 points from a possible 42 available, twelve wins and two draws from the fourteen games. What may make the price of 9/1 so tempting is that Liverpool have won twelve of their last thirteen matches at Anfield and are priced up at 13/10 favourites to win their clash with Man City on the weekend. With the big games to come though, punters may see more value in the price of 13/8 for Liverpool to go unbeaten for the rest of the season. Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes said: “While the title race remains in Liverpool’s hands the betting suggests City will spoil the party. The market expects City to get at least a point at Anfield however a loss would concede title favouritism to their opponents.”

London punters show their colours in Paddy Power stats

Paddy Power

Paddy Power have released some interesting stats about where bettors in London are placing their money in the Premier League title race. With Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham in the mix during a wide open season, but all fall secondary to the outright favouritism of Man City in the outright winner market.

Punters in London have heavily backed Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea to be the team who will win the Premier League this season. Here is the breakdown of where bettors in London have been placing their money in the Premier League Winner betting market.

Chelsea – 24% Arsenal – 21% Man City – 16% Man United – 15% Tottenham – 10% Liverpool – 7% -

So even though Arsenal were top of the Premier League at the turn of the new year, and not showing any signs of collapsing so far, they still haven’t attracted the same amount of wagers that Chelsea have. The Blues took almost a quarter of all bets from London-based bettors in the market.

It is interesting to see the demographics here, because London side Spurs are well down the list, trailing in support badly behind the two Manchester clubs. The shift of power in the north west has moved to Manuel Pellegrini’s men, with more punters in London believing in their chances of going all the way to the title, than reigning champions Manchester United. Tottenham, who sacked boss Andre Villas-Boas this season, are a long way back having received just 10% of bets. The love for Liverpool was even less, few Londoners having faith in them, despite the scoring power of Luis Suarez.

There have been other bets of course on the Premier League winner. Paddy Power reported that four bets had been taken on West Ham winning the league title, which was incidentally less than the amount taken on Crystal Palace.

But one London punter went even further in backing fifteen Premier League sides to win the league this season. Among the five that the punter didn’t back are Man City, Man United and Chelsea, but throwing money at Norwich in his fifteen to cause an upset seems a little bit more than a lost cause.


William Hill new season football betting promotions

William Hill

If you are looking for some great coverage on your football betting available at William Hill, whose offers now reach across both their internet and mobile websites for extra coverage. There are three big football promotions which offers value and insurance across the playing field for you football betting to enjoy for the new season.

ACCA Insurance Who doesn’t like a cheeky punt on an accumulator? Win big for little risk, that is the lure of the accumulator and it can be heartbreaking when one loses by just one leg. Fear not, as William Hill have you covered. Place a football accumulator (5 teams or more) and if just one team lets you down, then the bookmaker will refund your stake as a free bet!

Goalscorer 2nd Chance This offering from William Hill provides great coverage for the very valuable First Goalscorer market. So if you enjoy the market, then this will be the football betting coverage for your. Back a First Goalscorer in a match, and if your selection doesn’t happen to open the scoring, but does net the second goal of the game, then the betting site will refund your losing stake as a free bet!

Bore Draw Insurance A popular promotion put in place by Britain's biggest bookmaker. This insurance is available on all matches, and if a game ends goalless then William Hill will refund all losing Correct Score and Double Results bets on that match as a free bet!

So all in all, some great coverage for your football betting, and always check out their website for enhanced prices to grab as well for some extra value. New customer registering an account with William Hill can get up to a free ÂŁ25 bet as a welcome bonus!


Bet Victor offer Free Treble Bet to celebrate return of Premier League Betting

Bet Victor

Grab a FREE BET this weekend at online betting site Bet Victor, who are celebrating the end of the Premier League betting drought. England’s top flight is back in action with a bang this weekend, and highly popular betting site Bet Victor are running a fantastic promotion which you will want to pay attention to!

Place a Treble on the Opening Weekend of the Premier League season and get a FREE treble on the following week's Premier League matches!

That is the crux of the offer. A totally free bet, regardless of whether your initial treble wins or loses. You can’t ask for much more than that really, and looking down the list of games for the opening weekend of the Premier League action, this could be a fantastically valuable offer as well!

Will you back the trio of big guns Man United, Chelsea and Man City to all win their openers? How about the promise of Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal all getting off to winning starts?

This promotion applies to your first Treble only on the Match Odds across the opening Premier League fixtures on August 17th - 19th inclusive. This applies to bets placed before kick off too and the maximum free bet refund is ÂŁ25 per person or household.

So just get your Treble down and Bet Victor will give you a free Treble bet to use on the Premier League figures on August 21-26th inclusive. That is a fantastic opportunity to try and pick up some extra profit the early stages on new Premier League betting season.

You will need to be a customer at Bet Victor in order to take advantage of this promotion naturally. New customers who register an account with the bookie can get up to a free ÂŁ25 bet as a welcome bonus, as the bookie matches the value of your first stake on a new account with a free bet bonus!

Unibet celebrate EPL betting with Football deja vu special!

Do you ever get the feeling that you have a particular scoreline somewhere before? Well, you probably have and it is possible that you have been struck by some football deju vu! To celebrate yet another action packed season of Premier League betting, online bookmaker Unibet are running a fun, but at the same time, valuable, Money Back Offer and it is all to do with footbal deju va. What is that, you may be asking yourself? Well, it is looking a scores in a match which repeat themselves from one season to the next. For example, when Spurs and Arsenal came together in their two Premier League meetings last season, they produced a 5-2 scoreline at the Emirates and a 2-1 scoreline at White Hart Lane. They were the exact same scorelines which had happened in the respective games just the season before. So to celebrate the return of Premier League betting, Unibet are running the deja vu Money Back promotion. The hugely popular site will refund all losing correct score bets if the score in that game is exactly the same as it was last season! In order to opt into this great Money Back Special, you will need to head to the promotion page and physcially opt in before placing your Correct Score bet on any of this weekend's Premier League matches (which don't involve the three newly promoted clubs of course). If you need to sign up to become a Unibet customer, then the bookie offers a 100% matched deposit bonus to get you started, which can return you a free £50 bet. The season kicks off at Anfield on Saturday 12.45pm and that very fixture has been 0-0 in three of the last four seasons – including the last two! So, if you place a bet on any of the following games and the results are as follows – we’ll refund your first losing correct score bet on that match up to £50! Arsenal v Aston Villa (2-1)  Liverpool v Stoke (0-0)  Man City v Newcastle  (4-0)  Norwich v Everton (2-1)  Sunderland v Fulham (2-2)  WBA v Southampton (2-0)  Swansea v Man Utd  (1-1)

Ladbrokes launch new Fulham betting markets after billionaire’s takeover

London Premier League club Fulham have seen their fortunes boosted after a takeover from American billionaire Shahid Khan. After years of association with the club as owner, Mohammad Al Fayed sold on the club to the American, who is also owner of NFL Franchise Jacksonville Jaguars. The investment of money which should come from the new owner, will renew hopes that the Craven Cottage side can start to gain a stronger footing in the English top flight. The new owner has already said that he will build upon the foundations which have already been laid by Fayed.
Around £150 million was shelled out by Khan to purchase the London side and he now has 100 per cent control. It ends Fayed's 16 year ownership of the club. Khan has said that he will respect history and he wants to drive Fulham forward, beyond recent successes of reaching the Europa League final in 2010 and finishing 12th in the Premier League last term. He is ready to take Fulham to the next level. 
The flambouyant moustache that Khan wears will probably become a feature of the scene at Craven Cottage, and the takeover has sparked online betting site Ladbrokes to fire up some new markets for Fulham.
The online betting site has listed Fulham as 25/1 to be the biggest Premier League spenders in the summer. It is unlikely that the Craven Cottage outfit are going to really pull in big names at the moment, not until they prove themselves in the league a little more. But a more realistic offering of 5/4 has been listed for the Cottagers to go and break their own current transfer record during the current transfer window, which stands at the ÂŁ11.5 million which they paid for Steve Marlett.
In addition to those Fulham betting odds, Martin Jol's men are booked at 11/4 for a top ten finish this season, and out at 33/1 to break into the top six. On the other side of the coin, they on offer at 7/1 to get relegated from the Premier League next season, and around 11/1 is on Jol to be the next Premier League manager to leave his post. 
With Khan's takeover at Craven Cottage, Fulham becomes the sixth club owned by an American, joining Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Aston Villa and Sunderland. Ladbrokes have listed a price of 50/1 that the majority of Premier League clubs will be owned by Americans by the year 2020.

Chelsea v Everton Betting Odds, Preview and Predictions

Oscar - Torres (Chelsea)

Chelsea v Everton Betting Preview A final day match between two clubs who will be losing their respective managers at the end of the season. Chelsea will be brimming with confidence at home after winning the Europa League final in the week, and they are the ones with everything to play for. A win secures third place in the league for them, whereas Everton have to settle for nothing less and nothing more than sixth in the league. Will it be Rafa Benitez or David Moyes who signs off from their current employment with a win?

Chelsea v Everton Betting Odds at online bookmaker BetFred Chelsea 8/13, Draw 14/5, Everton 9/2

Spurs cling to Champions League hopes Tottenham v Sunderland - Preview and Predictions

Online bookmaker Promotion It was a Frank Lampard double at Goodison Park earlier in the season which secured three points for Chelsea. Now as Chelsea’s record goalscorer, will he give the Stamford Bridge faithful a treat to sign off another superb season with? Online bookmaker BetFred have a great Double Delight Hattrick Heaven promotion running, in which, if your winning First Goalscorer selection scores a second in the match, you will get your odds doubled. If your winning First Goalscorer selection scores three in the match, then you will get treble for your odds. New customers registering a new account with BetFred can get up to a free £50 bet as a welcome bonus.

Chelsea v Everton Recommended Bet: The Blues could end up in total tie with Arsenal, by finishing the season with exactly the same records. That will happen if Chelsea draw their match and Arsenal land a certain one goal win depending on however many the Blues net. If that happens, then Chelsea and Arsenal will have a one match play off to settle third place and a place in the group stage of the Champions League. Chelsea can avoid all of that hassle though by winning the match which will see them finish in third. A draw for Chelsea and a win for Arsenal by a two goal margin or greater would see the Gunners leapfrog the Blues. So one last effort from Rafa Benitez’s men is needed and they should be full of fire after beating Benfica to the punch in the Europa League final. Their European ventures aside, the Blues have been in good Premier League form as well so they are favourites to take the win they may need.

Gunners seek Champions League confirming win Newcastle v Arsenal Betting Odds, Preview and Predictions

Chelsea are unbeaten in their last seven Premier League matches, winning five of those. Their form against the other top six sides this season has been great, taking the most points off fellow top six sides than any of the others. The weight of Chelsea’s season can clearly be seen by this being their 69th match, whereas this will be just Everton’s 45th. Chelsea have lost just twice this season in posting a W11 D5 L2 record and they have scored at a rate of 2.17 goals per game and have conceded at a rate of 0.8 per game at home this term. This should set them up well for a win. Just 50% of their home games though have gone over 2.5 goals this season. Everton of course will pose their threats and they have won their last five matches on the final day of the day of the season (one of them a win over Chelsea back in 2010/11).

Everton’s form at Stamford Bridge hasn’t been great through, winning just one of their last twenty Premier League visits there. Steven Pienaar could be worth watching as First Goalscorer, as he has scored in the opening five minutes in the last two matches against the Blues in the Premier League. A reason why Everton have fallen outside of the European places is they they have taken just four points from eleven away matches against the current top five in the Premier League this season. In total in London, Everton have won just three of twenty matches in the capital since the start of the 2009/10 season. Everton are on a three match unbeaten streak at the moment, and have lost just one of their last ten in the top flight. Away from home, the Toffees haven’t recorded a win in their last seven though. In fact Everton have only recorded four away wins all season in a W4 D9 L5 record this term. They have scored and conceded 21 goals on their travels this season.

Six of the last 12 Premier League meetings between the two have ended in a draw, and they have split wins between them in the other six matches. So this could well be a tight match and three of the last four matches between them at the Bridge in all competitions have ended in a draw. Could be worth looking at a draw for value at 14/5 with online bookmaker BetFred.

Find the latest results, League Table, Top Scorer and more on our football statistics on (just choose your country & your preferred topic)

Form Chelsea WWDWW, Everton WDLWDW

Stat Attack Six of the last twelve meetings have ended in a draw Everton have won just one of their last 20 EPL matches at Stamford Bridge The Toffees have won their last five final day fixtures in a row Chelsea are unbeaten in their last seven EPL matches


Tottenham v Sunderland Betting Odds, Preview and Predictions

Tottenham - Jermain Defoe

Tottenham v Sunderland Betting Preview Everything is on the line for Tottenham in this one and they really have to go for the jugular in this one. They have to do better than what Arsenal do on the final day of the season, in order to take fourth in the Premier League and get into the Champions League next season. They will go as hot favourites at home to put the pressure on the Gunners, going up against Sunderland, who are struggling for form.

Tottenham v Sunderland Betting Odds at online bookmaker Paddy Power Spurs 3/10, Draw 9/2, Sunderland 9/1

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Tottenham v Sunderland Recommended Bet: Spurs start one point behind Arsenal going into Sunday. However, they are far worse off in the goal difference stats than the Gunners are. That means if Arsenal lose and Spurs only manage to draw, Andre Villas-Boas’s men will remain in fifth place. A draw for Arsenal and a win for Spurs would get Tottenham into fourth place. So plenty to play for and many will be getting behind them to deliver here. They are in good form at the moment, going unbeaten in their last seven Premier League matches. They are actually on a sequence of WDWDWDW, so if that follows then they should draw. Tottenham have lost just one of their last twelve home matches in the Premier League and they have posted a very good W10 D5 L3 record at White Hart Lane this season. They have won their last two back to back on home turf as well, beating Man City and Southampton.

Spurs have actually come through a tough sequence of games without defeat, having faced up against Everton, Man City and Chelsea recently. So they have been showing a lot of fight as well and they have scored two or more goals in six of their last seven matches. Spurs have averaged just over one and a half goals per game this season at home, having conceded at a rate of exactly one per game. Spurs have lost just one of their last eleven home matches in the Premier League against Sunderland, winning nine of them too. At home, Spurs have won eight and lost one of their last twelve at home, so should be pretty solid in this one. Emmanuel Adebayor is hot at the moment, having scored five in the last six EPL appearances. With just one win in their last eight against Spurs, the Black Cats go as firm outsiders in this one. Under new boss Paolo Di Canio, they have posted W2 D2 L2.

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No side has scored fewer goals in the opening and closing 15 minutes of matches this season than Sunderland have. On the road, the Black Cats have posted just a W4 D4 L10 record for the season, and they have recorded a draw in their last thirteen. They have scored in each of their last seven away matches though. The Black Cats head into this one on the back of two 1-1 draws, and they have scored at just a rate of 1.17 goals per game away from home this season. Spurs took a 2-1 win at the Stadium of Light earlier in the season and the Lilywhites won this corresponding fixture last season 1-0.

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Form Spurs DWDWDW, Sunderland LWWLDD

Stat Attack Spurs have only managed to keep two clean sheets in their last 18 matches Spurs have won nine and lost just one of the last eleven home matches against Sunderland Sunderland have scored in each of their last seven away matches The Black Cats have won just one of their last eight EPL matches against Spurs