The Three BIG Rules for making a profit of betting. Cyril’s betting advice (part 2)

Football Betting

DISCIPLINE is the first and most important. Without it you’ll never make a profit over any length of time.
You must be prepared to say "NO" when your heart tells you to back a selection because you made a few pounds on it a couple of weeks ago. There’s no place for sentiment when money is at stake. Especially when it’s your money.
The above is just one example of the pitfalls that await you if you don’t learn to say "No" to that little voice in your head. DO NOT deviate from your plan of attack. You might win a few bets that way but you’ll lose a much larger number than you win. And that means you’ll be putting your betting bank at stake.
SPECIALISE in your method of selection.
There is no way you can aquire the knowledge you need to make your betting pay if your method of selection is haphazard. Do you know how many racehorses there are in training? Do you fancy trying to collate form for them all? Thought not. So why back in a sprint race one minute and then a two miler the next?
There are many people who do make money from the gee-gees but they all specialise. The vast majority keep to sprint races. Two year old stakes races are another favourite, on the flat. Over the sticks Hurdle races are the likeliest source of winning bets.
Moving away from horses there are hundreds of football leagues you can study. What about baseball, snooker, tennis, American Football, Aussie Rules, basketball, golf, ad infinitum. There are thousands of betting opportunities for you. Pick one or maybe two and study study study.
You really must spend time reading any relevant pieces of information you can find. There’s plenty on the Web.
STAKING PLANS are a must if you intend to make a profit from your bets.
The most basic is  LEVEL STAKES. If your method of backing returns a profit when you’re backing with level stakes, YOU ARE IN BETTING NIRVANA. There are a myriad of staking methods you can use but you must find the one that best suits your method of selection. All have their good and bad points. Except the Martingale. This one is the fast road to the workhouse. It’s simply doubling up after a loser. A losing run of ten, not unheard of believe me, would have you staking 1024 on your next selection. Remember, you’ve already lost 1023 on your previous ten bets. That’s alot of money riding on your selection. Then, just imagine it wins, at ODDS ON. You just wont cover your previous losses. This is one to leave alone, at all costs. 
There are so many staking methods that I’ll keep the best for the next post. They really are that important.