Trading – betting strategies (part 2)

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Trading – betting strategies (part 2)

Trading is rather like learning the alphabet. As you learn the letters and their sounds you find you can put them together and " HEY PRESTO" words.
Trading is exactly the same and constant practice will enable you to use "longer words".
It really is a question of practice, practise and more practise. The time spent in front of your PC even if you’re "paper trading" will be time well spent.

Any strategy whether used as "stand alone" or for trading, can ALWAYS be improved on.
Even the old chestnut LAY THE DRAW. There are now many variations and each one has it’s own merits.

The "normal" bet was to lay before the kick-off. However this has been used so much that in many cases the odds for the draw are now watered down and should the underdog score first, there is often very little movement in the prices.
Many now leave it until half-time before making their bet. The game must be level at this time. The beauty of laying at this point is that the odds are much lower. Well below 3.0. A score after this time should mean the odds to BACK the draw should ensure a good profit.

The more adventurous now make their starting point 60 mins or even 70 mins.
As the game progresses it is vital to get your hedging bet (when a goal has been scored) on as quickly as possible. The one thing that can spoil this bet is an equalising goal before you can hedge. So time is of the utmost importance.
Finding suitable matches for the newer version of this strategy can be helped if you use the stats available from various sources to sort out the "the late scorers".

Many other betting strategies can be improved upon. It’s just a case of "plodding-on" with your practising and adding a bit here or taking a little away, there.
Such a strategy that calls out for amending is basic under/over 2.5 goals. Here again, the use of stats can be a God-send.
Certain leagues call out to be included in any "unders" bets.
Our own League 2 is a prime contender. Along with, America’s M.L.S. league. Also The Irish Premier and the Braziliero.
For an almost "nailed-on" bet you can try the Greek Div 1. Providing you can get a price. Their record of 4 out of 5 games going "under" takes some beating.
The "overs" figures is a little more conservative. The Dutch Eredivision leads the way with over 73% going over". Followed by Iceland Div 1, Norway Div 1 and Denmark Div 1. Must be something to do with the cold weather they have up there. Finally you can add our own Premiership.

With any strategy you need to maximise any price you take. Obviously it will pay to steer clear of the likes of Chelsea and Man. U and such. For my own part, I advocate operating with the teams in the middle two quarters of any league. It’s surprising how you miss the "unexpected" coupon buster.