Under Soccer Betting Strategy (american odds)

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I have been wagering for a few years now at online bookmakers.  I truly believe statistical research and looking up head to head information on opponents is important in picking a side.  I enjoy wagering on tennis of all the sports.  For me, it is the most fun to watch and tournaments are all year around.  Two important websites for me are atptennis.com and covers.com.  Covers.com is a website that has well organized consensus data on what side people are wagering and more than enough statistical data on matches (more for wagering on American sports).

I avoid betting on spreads and usually stick with favorable money lines. Outright wins is all I need to cash in.  Spreads are numbers calculated by wise guys and PhD graduates.  You cannot beat them for long.  But now for my actual strategy….

One word, parlay.  Now many professional gamblers will tell you that parlaying is the worst thing you can do.  But since I avoid betting on spreads I need to figure out a way to win at least close to what I  risk.  To use this strategy your bookie must have a wide variety of live wagering on soccer.

I take one game that I feel very strongly about  (usually at -300 or greater). I parlay that match with a couple (or more if you wish) of live in play wagers in soccer. The in play wagering I do is total goals in match.  Usually Saturday and Sunday are the best days for this wagering because there are a huge number of in play games that you can keep track of.  I look for games in play for over 70 minutes that are either a 0-0 draw or 1-0.  Then I look for the in play wagering option for total goals in match.  I bet on total goals in match under 2.5 if the game score is 1-0 and under 1.5 if it is 0-0. These odds are not bad and usually are around the 70th minute between -1000 and -1200. I find two such matches like this and parlay it with the game I feel strongly about for that day.  My logic is simple. The competition must be fierce and defensive sides on both teams must be getting it done.  In all likelihood two more goals being scored in the last 20 some minutes is unlikely. And rest assured I have won more wagers than I lose with this type of strategy. If you wager 10 dollars on 3 matches at odds (-300, -1200,-1200) you will still get back approximately 7 dollars if you win.

Remember nothing is a lock, it is after all gambling. But this fairly conservative method of wagering wins you money 7 times out of 10. If you keep at this method over a few months you will see whatever you deposit increase.  Again it is conservative, sort of like mutual funds in the stock market.  But most of the time all strategies that work will be conservative not high risk.  You will not double your money in a day with this strategy. But you will get returns you can be proud of after a few months.  There are no fancy numbers and calculations in this strategy, just reasonable logic. Good luck to all you sports bettors out there! Happy withdrawing!