WHAT DO YOU KNOW? (About Football Betting)

Football Betting

WHAT DO YOU KNOW? (About Football Betting).

A straight enough question. However if I asked 100 punters I’d get enough answers and theories to fill a book.
Would the book be any good? Probably, but not for everyone.
I’m going to have a quick dash thru’ what I consider the most salient points and will comeback to them in future articles to discus them at length.
Everybody has his/her own idea about what kind of football bet is a good thing for them.
Many punters are still using old fashioned methods of betting. Often picked up from their parents. I know I fell into that category, until the penny dropped. Many punters, for whatever reason(s) still haven’t moved their wagering habits into the 21st century.
Football wise there are now many more bets to choose from, than in yesteryear. Gone are the days when all you had to do was choose 1, 2 or X.
The present day coupon (fixed-odds), now spoils us with the diversity of options laid out before us.
Now not only do we have the Long List, Short List etc., we have the glamourous Correct Scores, Half-time/Full-time and a host more ways to invest in.

Whilst there are now so many type of bets to interest us, we must never forget the First Commandment of betting.
ALWAYS look for VALUE. How you define value, will differ from person to person. However basically it means, value is when the price on offer is greater than the theoretical chance.The bugbear is, there is no known formula to gauge when a VALUE PRICE is on offer. We each must make that assessment under our own steam. Using our knowledge and experience.

The next step to take is, Know Your Market. It’s no much use betting any of the myriad of offers unless you have a good knowledge of that specific market. Or knowing where and why you should prefer one market to another.
I’m thinking of the First Goalscorer and Anytime Goalscorer and why one should be preferred to the other.

How about CORRECT SCORES? The average game will end in one of TEN possible scores. That’s up to 3-0.
The theoretical odds for any of these scores is 9/1(10.00). Not exactly Father Xmas in disguise, is it?

How about Half-Time/Full-Time betting. Where can you find VALUE in that market?
Each market can give you VALUE if you know what to look for.

Betting Exchanges have added another dimension to the betting world. Betting a team NOT to WIN give gives the punter a greater chance to make money than ever before. Surely it’s easier to choose from only TWO possible outcomes.

Whilst it’s worthwhile knowing which betting market is more likely to prove lucrative, knowing which ones to leave alone is even more worthwhile.
One such market I have in mind is First-goal-scorer/Full-time-score. Correctly forecasting either part of this market is one of the hardest to do. Let alone both halves. These two markets are at the best of times heavily weighted in the layers favour. To add insult to injury, you won’t even receive TRUE ODDS. You’ll always receive REDUCED ODDS, because they’ll tell you, one part of the bet holds sway over the other.
This little nugget of the bookies, that one thing happening in a match can influence other outcomes is one that has cost many, many punters dearly.

The next thing to think about is STAKING. Bad staking makes short work of any system. It’s always hard enough to find winners, if you’re MONEY MANAGEMENT isn’t up to scratch, you’re just wasting any that you do find. The biggest bugbear to staking is, of course, the LOSING RUN. A losing run is as certain as taxes and death. There are many ways to deal with losing runs but my tip, is run TWO selection methods at the same time. Just think about the advantages.
Yet another very salient point to consider when betting is, YOUR CHARACTER and EMOTIONS. How will you handle a losing-run.

Unless you are very resolute you may just add to your misfortune.
Finally there is DISCIPLINE. without it you’ll be lost. Or rather your bankroll will.
As stated earlier,I’ll come back and cover all these points, in full.