Who or what is the traders worst enemy? The answer is G R E E D

Trading at Betting Exchanges

No matter who we may be, we will have been or will be tempted, where our bets/trades are concerned. To overcome any possibility of this happening, we need to have a plan for each and every trade we even consider making. e.g. For every bet or trade we make, we must have an entry and exit point. This isn’t so hard to do for a straight forward bet/trade but can be more difficult for a trade like Lay the Draw. A back or lay trade should be fairly straight forward. Choose yor entry point and assess at whpoint you want to get out. The easy way to do this is to Cash Out. The problem starts when you have lat the Draw trade which goes wrong.

The entry point should be around 3.5 or thereabouts. The Exit point is or should be when the home side scores the first goal. Everything is fine if it goes according to plan. The draw price will almost certainly go out to 6.0 maybe even more. Making it easy to Green Up. The problem is when the underdogs score first. The Exit point may never be reached. When this happens you can either get out with a loss or stay in expectations of a quick equaliser and the for the favourites to do the business.

Another situation where it is necessary to have an Exit point is when the match is level at 0 – 0 with around 20 minutes left. This is a crucial time . Very many matches will remain level from this point onward. A wise man will, at this point cut his losses and live to fight another day. Without these “Points” it is down good luck and almost certainly a wrong choice will be made. It will be very tempting to chase the money. And that is down to G R E E D.

Only stake what you can afford to lose.