Will there be a McGregor v Mayweather UFC fight in 2018?

Will rivals meet in the Octagon in 2018?

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Following reports that Floyd Mayweather has gone and applied for an MMA licence, it has thrown more fuel on the fire of there being a shodown between the boxing legend and UFC star Conor McGregor this year.

That of course would be after their much-hyped duel in the boxing ring in Las Vegas last year, which Mayweather won to take his career record to 50-0. The American though likes a good circus of attention and a big fat paycheck and has already admitted that he has been training MMA.

41 year old Mayweather has been training with UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley to get ready for his debut in the sport. But would that debut come against former world champion McGregor? Maybe not and you can already shop around to find odds on Mayweather to have an official MMC fight in the UFC during 2018.

You will find a much longer price on there being a showdown in the octagon between McGregor and Mayweather during the 2018 calendar year. While Mayweather has been in training it is going to take most of the year to really get ready for a debut so if that happens later in the year a more likely scenario is that the two rivals would meet next year.

It will be a totally different kettle of fish for Mayweather, who was majestic in controlling his boxing bouts. Naturally if Mayweather was to step onto McGregor’s turf in the octagon then it would be the Irish star going as heavy-odds on favourites to get the win, probably to the point where it would be better keeping your money in your wallet.