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How to bet on Reality TV shows

You will have already, or at least you are to soon likely find out that your online bookmaker isn’t just limiting their sportsbook to well, sports betting markets. There is more variety up for grabs beyond the sports markets, because pretty much everything from the weather to movie stars, to global events and political markets can be be bet on. These non-sports betting markets all fall under the category of novelty betting which has become hugely popular.

Reality TV Betting

One of the biggest novelty betting markets is Reality TV betting. These wagers are highly popular because of the amount of hype generated by the media and, of course, the voyeuristic principal. Everyone will be able to associate with someone on a reality TV show and that is what producers bank on. People like watching people, like getting engaged in the human behaviour unfolding in front of them and that drives punters to having a bet on who will win reality TV shows such as Dancing With The Stars, X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and Big Brother.

Movie Betting

From TV to movies, you can find actual novelty bets on the the big movie releases. The Star Wars, Batman, Jurassic Park and James Bond franchises in particular are among the most popular movie betting markets around. You can bet on anything from character deaths, to a famous line being said, to the next actor to play a main role (such as the Next James Bond) to who will perform a theme song. It’s a pretty active novelty betting area in which to look.

Royal Betting

With the Royal Family always in the public spotlight, a couple of novelty betting areas which have been in focus so much is the birth of royal babies. The name, gender, weight and even hair colour markets on the next royal baby markets have gone crazy. You can also find markets for Royal engagements and less common events like abdication.

Awards Betting

If you stopped and looked you would be amazed at how many awards there are across the course of a calendar year. There are some major events such as the Oscars, which opens a huge wealth of markets from Actors, to Directors to Music and everything in between from the silver screen. The EMMY’s are a popular betting awards market and you can dig around and find awards betting on the Man Booker Prize, the Nobel Peace Prize and going back to sports you have a wager on the Sports Personality of the Year. Don’t forget about the awards that are handed out in sports too, such as the PFA Player of the Year in football. If there is an award being handed out, you can likely bet on the winner.

Political Betting

In between the actual General Elections, political betting never seems to stop. Of course when it comes to major events like a General Election or the US Presidential race then you are going to find more markets available such as the number of seats to be won by a party, or the majority a party wins by. But there are constituency races which happen also and referendum votes that also attract betting attention during the years between the big polls. World politics is another area in which you can find politics betting to enjoy and other aspects such as party leadership races.

Novelty Betting Advice

Even though these are fun markets, don’t treat them as fun. There’s no point throwing money at something which is unlikely to happen just because it may tickle your personal fancy. Put your own personal opinions out of the picture and try to gather as much information as possible from the internet about what is likely to happen. Try to gauge whether a certain rumour is true, and don’t be panicked into backing an option who has just been shortened by a long way all of a sudden. Give it a day or so and then see if they start drifting as the rumours fall away. If that happens, the rumour probably wasn’t true.