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How to bet on Tennis

One of the great things about tennis and tennis betting is the fact that the season pretty runs all through the calendar year. There is fantastic early action to get your teeth into at the start of the year, which then runs right until the early winter. What is also nice about tennis players is that because of the court changes across the season, different players come to the good at different times of the year. Then you have the variety of both the men’s ATP and women’s WTA on top as well.

Tennis Betting Guide

There are only a handful of players around who genuinely challenge for the major titles time and time again. This narrows a very big field when looking at the Grand Slam events and the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 events in general. This is an asset for your betting because suddenly a lot of options get cut from the picture. It means to some degree that each way betting on the main contenders (outright favourite aside) in tennis betting isn’t a bad route to go down. If you can predict a final four finish for a top player in a tournament, you are pretty close to getting something of a return.

Tennis Betting – Odds, Preview and Predictions

If you want to look at slightly bigger money makers then quarter final betting is a good tournament tennis betting option. You don’t always have to just look for the outright winner of a tournament, something bettors sometimes lose sight of (especially newcomers). Look for players outside of the leading pack who have potential to hit the quarter finals. It doesn’t matter then if they go on or not to win, at least you will have found some profit and top fifteen players in the world are usually worth sizing up for this one. Another option to be would be to back several strong players all to reach the final eight to bank some small returns.

Another way of backing tournament winners is to percentage out your stake, sending x-amount of money to say three of the strongest front runners, ensuring that if the outright favourite were to win, you would still earn enough returns to cover what you lost in stakes on the other two players. See the Betting Stakes Explained section of the betting guide for further information.

Match Betting

Because there are so many matches in a single week of a tournament, there are plenty of chances to pick up profit. One thing about tennis betting is that prices aren’t that generous when it comes to match outrights. A lot of the time there are very lopsided match-ups when you know the favourite is just going to win at a small price. On those occasions, you are better served looking at Set Betting for value, backing the favourite to win 2-1, 3-0 or whatever it may be. You can also just take a punt on total sets and hope that the underdog gets a set on the board for value if that’s the way you want to swing it (which is usually where the better value is).

For more evenly matched contests, you will probably find prices just either side of the even money mark and then it is just worth having an outright shot, perhaps building a system bet with winners from other matches. For individual matches, you also break them down further by backing how many games will be played in the opening set for example. This is usually a totals bet or an under/over wager.

Live Tennis Betting

Because of the nature of tennis, it lends itself very well to live in-play betting. Try sitting and watching a match and you will be able to gauge how the match is going. You can usually tell by body language if someone is starting to tire in a match for example, or whether their first serve percentage is slowly dropping, or whether they are starting to missing winners. You can use that direct knowledge to influence live tennis bets. The other great asset of live betting is that if you have taken a match outright on one player and they aren’t going to convert the win for you, then you can lay against them by backing their opponent with live betting.

Don’t forget about comebacks as well which tend to happen more on the WTA than the ATP. You can usually snap up a great price on a player turning around a 1-0 set disadvantage in a game, particularly if they are the favourite for the match and you know they have the quality to strike back. This is an area of tennis betting where the odds are high and are generally worth having a wager on. Tennis is quite a dynamic sport to bet on, but a lot of variables tend to stay the same, like it’s not often that a top player will lose a match after winning the first set. Do your research, look for trends and build your tennis betting base.