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Betting against Favourite Teams

Sports Betting Strategy of Ben

Betting against Favourite Teams - Sports Betting Strategy of Ben - © Kaarsten -

This is a betting strategy I tried out this autumn season with much success in Italian football. It could be other championship too, like Spanish or German, but I preferred the Italian one, because I can watch its matches regulary. The strategy consists of looking up when the championships’ strong teams like Inter, Juventus, AC Milan, Roma have important (and possibly decisive) matches in the CL, which are much more important for them than their weekend matches with lower ranked Italian teams, because they receive a lot of money if they get a result or even one goal more in the CL, so they will fill their B or even C team for the previous weekend’s Italian match, to rest their key players.

Based on this I place a medium sized bet (in a betting exchange, where I can lay it back when needed) on their weaker opponent’s win before or at the beginning of the match, then wait to see how things shape. As the weaker team players know they have a chance to get something out of the match because the absence of the big teams rested players, they will be more concentrated than usual, and try to hold 0-0 and score the first goal from counterattacks, which would bring their win’s odds drastically down, from 8-9 to 2-3, where I lay it back for caution, because then the big team will certainly try to get a draw at least, and would bring in more quality players. If I see that the weaker team just can’t score either for about 30 minutes, I lay them back with a bit better odds, at about 6-7.

This strategy also works for cup-matches too, which are considered by the big teams as less important and they use them to see how their B-team players perform.

Good luck,

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