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Betting only NHL Handicaps

Sports Betting Strategy of Dorian

Betting only NHL Handicaps - Sports Betting Strategy of Dorian - © photographer2222 -

The strategy i use most of the times is one i developed myself, but to be honest some other people might have used it before. I usually start with a bankroll of 500 units and play ONLY NHL handicaps.

I chose a team from the middle of the table which will face another team which is placed a bit below the team i chose the first time and see what the odds are for -1,5 on the 1st team. Usually if the teams are pretty close in standings the odds will be around 2.5 and thus from a 10 unit bet we will have a 15 units profit. If our team fails to beat the spread we will play martingale, meaning that we will double the amount we have played each time our handicap won’t be won. I consider this strategy as being a lot more effective than the draw martingale betting strategy used in football and a lot more rewarding than a simple martingale play.

From what i have noticed out 10 hockey games in which the favourite team wins 6 of them beat the -1,5 handicap. I have been using this strategy for almost 2 years now and have always rewarded me.

notice: does explicitly disadvise all progressive stake stategies!

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