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Selection Based on Results and Statistics

Sports Betting Strategy of John

Selection Based on Results and Statistics - Sports Betting Strategy of John - © Onidji -

Selection Process

1. The system uses a combination of previous results, statistics and probability. 2. It’s quite a complicated process but I’ve got it down to about 30 minutes to do all 4 english divisions. 3. The system has very defined boundaries and there are no grey areas – this applies to both the selection and the rating. 5. About the exact selection method you really have to find out yourself (your method),
I can only promise that if you get it right, this can be highly successful.

Other Points to Note

1. Statistically so far, the AWAY part of the system has proved to be the best option. 2. The Maximum Bet of 3* has proved to be the most reliable rating to find the winners (encouragingly enough!).

Each game is given a rating of 1*, 2* or 3*
(3* being in effect a maximum bet)
stakes for 1* games are 2 points per game.
Stakes for 2* games are 4 points per game.
Stakes for 3* games are 6 points per game.

If overall gains reaches :
100pts then stakes become 3,6,9
200pts then stakes become 4,8,12
300pts then stakes become 5,10,15 and so on

In addition I combine selections in small multiples in the hope of a big payday.

For the multiples I only select one outcome for each
match as follows :
The HOME system will be 1-0 unless home team is best priced at
1/2 or less in which case 2-0
The DRAW system will be 1-1
The AWAY system will be 1-2.

I am also doing a small fixed odds multiple bet. Stakes for multiple bets are no more than the stake for a 2* game (ie 4 points initially). Anyway hope this makes some sort of sense – it’s good to have a structure before things start rather than ‘winging’ it.


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