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Analyze Tennis Bets

Sports Betting Strategy of Raymond

Analyze Tennis Bets - Sports Betting Strategy of Raymond - © Luis Louro -


My name is Raimond and I want to share with my betting strategy.
I’m betting on tennis mostly, so I will tell about few tips. Firstly, tennis is one of hardest sport to bet on, because there are so many aspects that affect every match – form, previous meeting, surface, home factor, fatigue and of course mentality. So In my opinion these are most important if you want to be succesful tennis punter.

It took me more than two years to finally understand this sport. One thing that is very important is to see matches or at least get quality reports, because you must know players – must understand his current motivation, physical condition and so on. I mostly bet on players that I have seen recently and know their playing abilities at current day. For example last weeks of year usually known with top players tanking to not so good players. And I took advantage of that. For example this week there was several matches where Djokovic lost due fatigue and odds were great against him.

Another factor is amazing form that player can show in one tournament like Ferrer did in in Shanghai – great form in final tournament and odds were great in almost all matches ( lowest were 1.50, highest 3.50). Also there is some players who I almost never fade like Nalbandian & Safin. They can cause surprises in both ways – Safin showed bad signs end of season, but Nalbandian was awful all season, but showed incredible tennis last month, beating Federer twice and now is one of favorites to win Australian Open.

So all in all, my main strategy to bet on tennis are

1. Proper Analyze at current cricumstances
2. Watching matches to see more than stats show
3. Use Your previous experience
4. Find value using first three points

Regards, Raymond 🙂

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