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Betting on Hockey Games (NHL)

Sports Betting Strategy of Valentina

Betting on Hockey Games (NHL) - Sports Betting Strategy of Valentina - © ercinese -


I will introduce my betting strategy. I bet only on Hockey games (NHL) games. Bookie bwin is offering a very interesting betting option. “When will the first two or five minute penalty be awarded (regular time)?”

You have those 3 options:
00:01 – 04:59 min with 1.47
05:00 – 60:00 min with 2.50
No two or five minutes penalty 81.00 (saw only 2 times this season)

I always take the second option with @2.50.

* i don’t bet on all games on a day – there are some derbies and the are some early fights
* on average i take 6 games a day
* based on my statistisc i win 62,8% of games
* i started with 2€ per game (1st month) – now i am at 20€ per game (3rd month)
* ESPN NHL Score board -> here you have statistics (under score box)
* create your own statistics for every team for penalties (best in excel) then you
can easily choose which games are best to not bet on
* you can still win – even if you are under 50% (45%)! – reason is in the odds being @2.5

** example with 5 games:
Carolina – NY Islanders after 5 min
Minnesota – Vancouver after 5 min
Washington – Pittsburgh after 5 min
St. Louis – Nashville before 5 min
Buffalo – Phoenix before 5 min

3 won =(90€) 2 lost =(-40€)= 50€ clear money

Historical statistics calculations:
* average stake on one game in 3 months 11€
* 62.8% won games i played
*6 games in one day
=3.685 games won on day = 35.34€ daily winnings

The odds @2.50 are very good for making profit. As i said up even if you are under 50% you can win some cash. But for the start i suggest you to start with 1-2€ try to find out what games are good to not to bet on.

Good luck


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