Betting Tips Archive

Betting Tips Archive

Since March 2005, has posted betting tips from diverse football matches from the English, Spanish, Italian, German football leagues, including some international events. There have been successful times as well as less successful ones, but nobody can win with football betting tips all the time.
On this page you will find a betting tips archive that dates back to 2005.

You can as well visit our current football betting tips, which are updated daily.

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Nowadays, finding betting tips isn't a hard task, the internet has become an infinite source for such information. Experienced punters, sports connoiseurs and statisticians offer sports betting tips on internet. However, one should be careful to find a good and serious source when it comes to trust your potential picks, as there are many people who claim to be profesional tipsters but in the reality they aren't.

Sports betting tips include a lot of personal opinion and intuition of the person who writes them, which not necessarily has to be a trustable source as it might differ from one person to the other. An easy way to make your own tips and prognoses is looking carefully at the sport event of your interest, search for related statistics and compare its odds among different bookies. Additionally, finding a good website where you can read a preview of that event will give you a wider vision and will provide you with useful facts to finally make your decision.