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Are you a World Cup Expert?

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The Fifa World Cup 2018 will produce a thrilling month of international football as the 32 qualified nations all try and reach the pinnacle of the game and that is, of course, winning the World Cup. There will be thrills and spills and drama along the way and the 2018 edition hosted in Russia will be the 21st FIFA World Cup.

For a bit of fun to celebrate this summer’s World Cup we have a quizrunning to challenge you. Do you remember all the winners and finalists?

Test your World Cup memory by trying to name every nation which has finished as either the winner or the runner-up across the course of the previous 20 editions of the FIFA World Cup.
As soon as you hit play, get that memory fired up and name as many World Cup finalists that you can. Just enter a team and it will automatically be filled into the year and position.

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Instructions: Just type in the name of a nation and if they have either won or finished runner up at the FIFA World Cups, their name will be automatically filled into the grid. Remember, that you are on the clock and have limited time to remember all of the teams who have reached the final of a tournament.

So how much do you remember about the World Cups from days gone by? You certainly know who won in 66? But who was it 4 years later?

Can you cast your mind all the way back to 1934, when the first world cup took place in South America and just few nations send a team there.

Test your memory skills in our World Cup Quiz 2018 and then challenge your friends to how much they can recall!

If this was too easy for you, try the hard version of our World Cup Quiz!