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Are you a World Cup Expert?

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The arrival of the FIFA World Cup 2018 on June 14th will bring 32 nations together in fierce competition to be crowned the World Champions. Only seven of the nations who are appearing in this summer’s tournament actually know what winning the World Cup feels like. For the rest and many more nations across the world, winning the World Cup remains a dream.

We have a World Cup quiz running to challenge you even before the tournament kicks off. How many of the winners and finalists of the previous 20 editions of the World Cup can you remember?

Test your World Cup memory by trying to name every nation which has finished as either the winner or runner-up of the previous competitions.

Simply hit play and you will be on the clock to recall as many as you can!!! Enter a team name into the position of winner or runner-up for a given year and if it turns green, you are right! If it doesn’t try again!

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Instructions: Just type in the name of a nation that won or finished runner up at the FIFA World Cups in the respective field. Remember, that you only have limited time to remember all the teams who have reached the final.

One more time 32 teams will fight for crown of the world’s biggest sport event. The best teams from all continents will meet for a clash which millions will watch live in Russia in the stadiums or at home in front of their TV screens. What will be the moments that will remain unforgetable for ever?

Start and test your memory skills in our World CUp Quiz 2018 and then challenge your friends!

If this was too hard for you, try the easier version of the World Cup Quiz!