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Betting on Horse Racing

Betting on football is one kind of adventure, like arriving in Spain without your phrasebook. Betting on horses is another kind of adventure entirely, like wandering off into the African bush on safari and then trekking your way back to civilisation without so much as the stars to guide you. Yes, I’m exaggerating. Slightly.

Have you ever tried betting on horses? It’s not the same as other betting! Not a bit! First of all, the language is all over the map. Give me a good over/under or straight money bet any day rather than all this trifecta, exacta, yankee, parlay, and daily double nonsense. By the time you’ve even understood what you are trying to bet, the race is over, the bookie has your fiver and you’re left wondering what on earth just happened.

Fortunately, betting on horses is the kind of betting that rewards a few hours of study. Naturally, getting a book of terms is going to be a big help, and before heading down to the track or clicking online getting the basic definitions straight will save you hours. Additionally, there are all kinds of statistical tools you can buy that will give you tips about whether or not betting the house on the Kentucky Derby is complete folly or absolute brilliance. Personally, I’m forever saved by anything with real time updates and flashy trend line charts and graphs. Once the stuff is up and running you can bet with confidence, if not always success.

You see, the other tricky thing to be aware of with betting on horses is breeding. Past winners are often put out to stud or turned into breeders and their lineage is traced back as meticulously as that of the royal family. Of course, just like with any breeding project, keeping it all in the family has its disadvantages and soundness of the current generation can be a bit of an issue. You’ll want to study the family trees to see if any anonymous blood has been let in for strength, and watch the weight of the jockey on the more delicate families. Parentage is not even mentioned in other sports, but if you want to be taken seriously betting on horses you are going to have to get some of the major families down.

All said, wild, exotic and confusing as it is, betting on horses can be profitable and entertaining. Take the time to study. Learn a few key names. Finally, get down to the track and choose your champion – and good luck!


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