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Betting Exchanges

Over the past few years, there has emerged a second type of betting company next to the traditional Bookmakers – namely the Betting Exchanges.

On a Betting Exchange, your experience of having a punt online changes a little bit, as you do not bet directly against the bookmaker as you would in the traditional manner. Instead, on a betting exchange, you cut out the middle man and bet against other sports betting fans like you and me.
Additionally you can play the role of the bookmaker and offer (LAY) betting odds.

Main Advantages of a betting exchange:

  • The profit margin of the bookmaker is not there, so you can find higher odds than at the normal bookie in many circumstances.
    (although you pay a small commission (only) on your winnings).
  • You can ‘sell’ made bets and thus harvest the crop, before the match you had bet on is even started

As the world of sports investing has developed over the last decade, several new twists have emerged to continue to stimulate the interest of punters all over the world. One of the most interesting items technology has created has to be betting exchanges. The rise of exchange betting has opened up whole new avenues for entertainment for those who want to do more than simply have a flutter on the ponies.

The UK betting exchange environment has consistently been full of pioneers in the industry (with the front runner being the highly popular Betfair), but new names are popping up all the time and they are worth incorporating into your betting ‘portfolio’ for options when having a punt.

As there is no central bookmaker with a betting exchange, there are many advantages available to punters. One of the main advantages which attracts customers to betting exchanges, is the increased market prices available. Prices on market selections are generally a bit more generous, because the profit margin of the bookmaker is not there to trim profit. So this means that you can find higher odds than at the normal bookie in many circumstances. How the betting exchange takes its cut, is by having punters pay a small commission on their winnings. But this is generally smaller than the cost of taking lower market prices in order to cover traditional bookmakers odds.

More Advantages of a betting exchange:
Additionally, because of the way that Betting Exchanges operate, you can even play the role of the bookmaker and offer (LAY) betting odds if you want to take that alternate route for your sports betting. There is also a brisk trade in ‘made bets’, which allows you to buy and sell the work of other punters for a profit before a match even takes place!
To profit on a sports betting exchange with this method you will want a careful eye for detail, but ‘selling’ your made bets and thus harvesting the crop before the match you had bet on even starts, is a way to try and spice things up if your regular betting has gotten stale.

Essentially, betting exchange software allows you to bet against other punters directly instead of betting against a bookmaker. Online betting exchanges even allow you to play the role of the bookmaker and offer lay odds on a given match. Truly advanced sports investors can take advantage of betting exchange arbitrage or trading to score themselves a little extra, all through the exciting formats available at betting exchanges.

New or old, betting exchanges offer another exciting element of gaming to sports investors. Many have very low starting costs, so there is no reason not to give them a try if you are curious about the opportunities they offer.