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  • Award winning betting exchange.
  • Odds are usually extremely good value.
  • Solid all performer with live streams.

Online-Betting Rating:

This is our review of Betfair. Within this bookmaker review, we will take a look at both the Betfair Exchange and the Betfair Sportsbook.

But the bulk of the focus will be on what their Exchange offers because they are really the big pioneers of the online betting platform.

Betfair is one of the big innovators in the world of online betting, they were one of the front-runners, the industry leaders to really drive on with the peer to peer betting platform that is the exchange.

It has revolutionised the way that punters bet because odds can be defined and selected and punters can back and lay a selection in a market.

Betfair are the biggest internet betting exchange in the world and they have seen tremendously rapid growth since their start in just 2000.

They are now one of the most recognisable brands in online betting and they were fortified further when they merged with Paddy Power to form Paddy Power Betfair in early 2016, creating the biggest gaming company in the world and they also run a traditional sportsbook as well, giving punters the best of both worlds.

Our Betfair reviews take it all in. We will also take a look at things around the Betfair site such as extra features, the Betfair welcome bonus and cast an eye of their mobile app as well.

To get started into this Betfair bookmaker review we will start with an in-depth look at their Exchange and Sportsbook.

Betting markets and odds quality 9/10

Betting markets

There is such a tremendous variety of odds and market options across both platforms that Betfair has running.

They have both their exchange, which they were strong pioneers of, but they also run a regular sportsbook as mentioned.

So you have choices and you are free of course to flip between the two of them as you please. Either way, you are pretty much going to be loaded up with quality in both departments.

The beauty of the exchange is that if you can’t find a price that you like for a wager, then you can set your own and as long as someone matches it, it will be active.

That is what peer to peer betting is all about, finding value and that is the big appeal for punters for playing on the platform.

The value. That’s what it boils down to along with the massive amount of variety that is found within the books.

Another big feature of the Exchange is because of being able to back and lay bets, it is possible to create a green book, a form of hedging bets.

That is a more advanced skill of betting, but it is worth a quick look in this review.

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The Betfair Exchange Green Book

A green book is creating a situation where no matter the outcome of a sports match a return from a stake will be locked in.

A simple example of this is backing a horse with a 10 stake at 6.00 in a race. If that horse was to lose then you would lose the 10 stake. That’s your liability.

But then the horse drops to a Lay price of 3.00 just ahead of the race. So now if a 10 stake went on the Lay option at 3.00 odds things turn to the punter’s favour.

If the horse wins, then the 10 stake at 6.00 returns 60. Minus the 10 stake on the lay.
If the horse loses, the lay bet of a 10 stake at 3.00 returns 30.00 minus the 10 stake loss on the Back Bet.

So either way, there was a return collected from the combination of backing and laying wagers.

When that happens that is a Green Book scenario.

Timing plays a big part in the Betfair green book and it can also spread out across pre-match and in-play betting as well.

The bulk of the navigation is done by a left hand driven menu. There is a horizontal menu, which is the location where you can switch between the Exchange and Sportsbook.

So when a sport is clicked on, there the list of exchange prices will be raised.

This can be a little confusing for punters who have only seen traditional bookmakers before.

The prices are listed in Blue for Backing and Pink for Laying. There are other prices also listed on either side of the Blue and Pink columns.

They are all bets at odds which have been matched by punters and underneath there will be the value of bets which have been matched up at those particular odds.

It is just the ones in the coloured boxes are the best prices from the entire market.

So there is a little learning curve just to get used to the view of an Exchange compared to the Sportsbook.

But Betfair do have wonderful helpful user guides and there is also a community where punters share information about the workings of Betfair as well based on their own experiences.

Next in this Betfair review, we will take a look at some of the main markets in a bit more detail.

Betfair Football Review

As can be seen across many different areas of both the Betfair Exchange and Sportsbook, there is a tremendous amount of variety around.

For this next part of the review, we take a look at Betfair football. For it, we took a look at a Bundesliga fixture and saw a huge list of markets available for that one game.

That was Over/Unders, Half Time Bets, Wincasts, Corners, Next Goal, Time Of First Goal and so much more. A great touch about navigation is that the different markets for that individual game are listed in the left-hand menu, so it’s really quick to scroll through.

All of the odds and markets in Betfair football are still listed in the main screen of course.

There will be snapshot views of just the best Back and Lay prices on offer and a punter has to click through to view the full market for the Double Chance for example or whatever the market is that is being looked at.

All markets have a market graph available so that the flow of the particular market can be studied. It is also easy to spot which markets have the cash out tool available for them as well, indicated by a red circle in a yellow box.

If there is a live feed available for a Betfair football match, that can be watched directly under the bet slip, which is over on the right-hand side of the screen.

Betfair Racing Review

There is racing and plenty of it available at Betfair. It is available on the Exchange and on the Sportsbook. In the Exchange, there is a lot to enjoy within a card.

Not only are there the prices for the Back and Lay options within the Betfair horse racing within the sportsbook, but there is also a great deal of analysis.

Along with a very good race analysis overview, there is also in-depth comments on each of the runners.

That makes the racecard very valuable. Each horse can be selected individually to see their current form, pedigree and more. It is wonderfully detailed which will keep racing purists very happy.

In Betfair horse racing there are quick links to get to Place markets and Head to Head bets can be created on horse racing as well.

Also indicated within the race card is whether or not the race is going to go in-play. There are options to look at multiples, Tote and all topped off with live streams as well.

Racecards within the Betfair Exchange and in the Betfair Sportsbook come in from all over the world, from the likes of Australia, USA and Japan.

That’s on top of all the expected British and Irish racing that can be found.

Again, in our experience the quality of the racing section at Betfair is exemplary.

Betfair Esports Review

There are plenty of good Betfair betting Esports options that are available within the Betfair Exchange and the Betfair Sportsbook.

The immediate thing that is noticeable is the good variety of different games that they have available.

While browsing the Betfair Esports section we saw Counter Strike tournaments, DOTA 2, Global Starcraft 2 League, League Of Legends, Overwatch, Rainbow 6 and Starcraft 2.

We felt that that was a little bit more than we generally have found at other online bookmakers. So that was a huge positive which will help up to give them a good Betfair bookmaker rating.

The matches for the different games were plentiful from around the globe, from the bigger North American markets to India and mainland Europe content. So again, the variety was top notch.

We looked around and different matches and there was a variation between how many markets were available for a given match.

Some of them did just have the outright match odds available, while others had things like Map betting options available.

It was overall a very good section.

North American Sports

Another section of the Betfair Exchange in particular which we really thought was worth looking through, was their coverage of North American markets.

That was because just out of curiosity of how those big markets were being traded.

We were impressed by the range of available options.

Looking at the American Football markets during the off-season there were a lot of long term bets available on there, such as Conference winners and of course the outright Super Bowl winner of the following season.

Within matches there were still at least five months away there were already different options available beyond outrights.

That included things like the Touchdown Markets, Spread Markets and Totals. Again, full market views could be looked at.

It was the same across the other big North American sports that we looked for the NHL, NBA and MLB. The baseball action from the MLB we felt was very extensive with plenty of prop bets around for futures as well.

Betfair Novelty Markets

The Novelty markets can be found under the Special Bets link in the main sports menu. On the sportsbook, it is under Current Affairs.

There was good variety in there such as Weather and the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

There were a lot of TV-related markets there, such as Britain’s Got Talent, The Voice and even Let’s Dance Sweden. So it wasn’t just the UK markets that were covered.

Politics is present on the Betfair Exchange and Sportsbook as well. There was a good variety there, with of course the UK and the USA markets being prevalent.

But they did branch out nicely beyond that to include things like the Australian Federal Politics, France, New Zealand and more.

We also noted how deep some of the markets ran. For example in the 2020 US Presidential Election winner market, there were 97 selections to pick from.

For the novelty bets genre as a whole, we found the sportsbook to be a little bit more user friendly in terms of variety.

But the Betfair politics sections as a whole on both are just superb.

Betfair Exchange Commission

Because there is no bookmaker margin in play on the exchange, instead punters pay out a commission on winning bets.

This is an important factor to consider because it is why the Exchange can often come up trumps in terms of getting a better payout.

The commission factor at Betfair is something that is important for players to understand. The base rate of commission is 5%. That is the most that will be paid out on a winning bet.

But there are ways to bring down the level of commission that will need to be paid out. A punter can earn points that stack up to a Discount Rate.

That is done by getting 1 point for every 10 pence of commission paid. So build that up, so your overall commission rate will come down.

odds comparisons

So whether it is looking at the exchange or looking at the traditional sportsbook that they have running, you are going to find the market odds and quality.

The important thing to remember is that Betfair doesn’t act like a traditional bookmaker on the exchange in terms of taking a bookmaker margin, so there’s not that middleman factor there.

Instead, you pay a commission on your bets, which punters generally find to be a lot more favourable.

The betting exchange is something that punters who have only looked at a regular sportsbook before may find a little confusing at first.

But you can find superb, straight-forward guides on how to get around and understand what you are looking for. Very soon you will probably find yourself fully engrossed in it.

There are so many pluses to sitting down and thoroughly investigating the betting exchange platform

One of them is the value which is, probably the most important thing about betting that you should be focusing on.

Commission on winnings runs about 5%-7%. You can also find plenty of non-sports markets like financials at Betfair as well.

What about those betting markets? Again, we are talking about both platforms, you are going to find a stunning array of market variety and options to get stuck into.

While their sportsbook is extensive and offers plenty of sub-market betting across the many different sports, you will likely find in the exchange even more variety as punters will try and get their bets matched.

You basically aren’t going to find yourself short of variety or options.

Betfair sign up bonus, free bets & current promotions 7/10

bonus offers

Betfair Welcome Bonus

There is a Betfair sign up offer available on new registrations. For placing £50 worth of bets, £20 in free bets will be received through the offer.

That same offer can be repeated up to five times for the total bonus amount of £100.

As part of the eligibility terms for the Betfair sign up offer, when opening the account the Betfair code ZBAA01 has to be used.

Just go and sign up for an account and then go and £50 worth of bets at odds of at least 1.2 (1/5).

The max bonus available is £100 (5 x £20 free bets).

*New customers place £50 worth of bets to receive £20 in free bets. Repeat up to 5 times to receive maximum £100. Min odds 1.2 (1/5). Multiple bets included. Exchange bets excluded. Payment restrictions apply. New Customers Only. 18+. T&C’s Apply, 18+. Please Gamble Responsibly. See details directly at Betfair.

Other Betfair promotions

There are other Betfair promotions available and to get a full range of them, because they do change around quite a bit, do a Betfair login and visit the Promotions page.

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In-play betting 8/10

live in-play betting

The exciting world of in-play betting is, of course, available on Betfair.

It is fully available on the betting exchange so all of the functionality of that platform can be applied to live bets as well.

It is worth noting though that the Sportsbook and the Exchange at Betfair are separate entities.

They are not direct replicas of each other just on a different platform.

We feel that’s important to mention because the same range of in-play markets on the Sportsbook may not be exactly the same as on the Exchange.

That’s just one little thing to look out for.

Just by the nature of the betting exchange, it fits in perfectly with live in-play betting.

You can track the prices of a selection and this importantly is where a lot of punters will create that green book.

If you have a wager on Man City to beat Stoke for example, but Stoke takes an early lead, you could lay Man City with a live bet so if they win or lose you won’t lose out.

This is all based on the pricing of course because the value of either outcome has to cover the loss of stake on the other one.

You will see prices fluctuating quickly throughout the live in-play betting section and again you can place your own.

Everything is presented very clearly, although it may take some getting used to for first-time punters because there is a lot to absorb.

Their in-play betting services are not limited to just football, of course, it covers a much broader spectrum of sports including the likes of Basketball, volleyball, Esports, Badminton and more.

To dig a little deeper in the Betfair in-play experience, we will break down some of the main sports.

In-Play Football

The in-play links across the main horizontal menu on the Betfair website.

If you were to click on a link to Football for example from the sportsbook menu, there are buttons to filter what matches are displayed: All, In-Play, Today, Tomorrow or Future.

There were in-play football options from all around the world when we took a look, including action from Europe and beyond from places like Costa Rica. Things once again have tremendous variety here and it is all well displayed.

We clicked on a football match and got presented with a match view graphic of the game. That was under the bet slip on the right-hand side and it would be where a live stream would be shown if available for that particular match.

Within that, there were indications of things like a dangerous attack or a throw-in, as well as the key moments of the game like goals and cards. There was a tab to switch to just see the key match stats only.

The main listing of the in-play markets were fantastic (again there were menu links down the left-hand side in the actual sportsbook menu), covering everything you would expect from a bookmaker.

The common stuff like the handicaps, Half Time/Full Time, Correct Score and Next Score were all there.

There is also a great selection in the live in-play betting where you have quick bursts of selections of what will happen in the next 1 minute (corner kick, free kick, goal kick, penalty etc for a team), and the same for a 5-minute period.

That was an exciting dynamic which we found worthy of a mention in this Betfair betting review. That’s not available on all in-play football matches, just the bigger ones that we found.

In-Play Tennis

We also enjoyed the live in-play tennis section that was available at Betfair. They covered a lot of matches, which was a really strong point of this particular service.

The big tournaments like the weekly ATP and WTA stuff were all there of course, but we also found a good chunk of variety from lower-tiered tournaments all the way down to exhibition matches.

Even on some of the smaller matches, there was excellent Back and Lay covered across a range of markets like Set Betting, Set 1 Winner and Set 2 winner.

Of course, when it comes to looking at the smaller matches, players may have a harder time of getting bets matched up by others, so would have to rely more on the straight sportsbook odds.

On the WTA and the ATP there was a graphical representation of the match to take a scan through.

Live streams are also available on tennis adding to the entire experience of in-play tennis betting.

In-Play E-Sports

There were a lot of Esports matches that were available for live betting at Betfair.

The full range of games was represented from the likes of Counter Strike, Dota 2, Starcraft, Overwatch, Rainbow 6 and League of Legends.

There was action from leagues around the world as well, with a big chunk of them coming from North America.

This, of course, will change and be dependent on what time of day that you were to look at the in-play live action.

The variation on the amount of Betfair betting markets that were on offer for a given event was a bit up and down as well. Counter Strike and DOTA 2 fixtures did seem to carry more of the alternative markets like Map and Kills options.

We do have to mention at this point that there were different in-play matches available on the sportsbook to what there was on the Exchange at the time.

We did favour the sportsbook a bit in terms of match variety, better presentation of the live-action through graphics and they provided live streams as well.

Extras & features 8/10

Extras & features

There are good touches of extra features around among the Betfair services that can be used to enhance the experience there. In the next part of this Betfair betting review, we will take a look at some of those extra features.

Cash Out

There is cash out available at Betfair. This is very common across the markets both on the exchange and on the sportsbook. Anywhere that the small icon is displayed the cash out will be available.

You can operate cash out at Betfair on several sports including Football, Horse Racing and Tennis. All that is needed is a click of the big yellow Cash Out button.

Partial cash outs are also available and with that, you can just move the slider to the amount that you want to pull out. You can cash out as many times as you like on a single bet, as long as the slider is there you can keep on going.

The cash out tool does extend to horse racing as well. It’s available on several racing markets and the orange cash out symbol in the bet slip shows when the option is available. Antepost bets are not eligible.

Same Game Multi

It is possible to build the same game multi on a football match as well. This is easily accessible because it is available and it will sit across the options at the head of the game’s markets.

It is a simple process of making at least two selections from a fixture to build the Same Game Multi with. The range of markets will be listed when you click on the Same Game Multi link.

An example of a same game multi at Betfair could be Man City to win, West Ham to have 3 or more shots on target and over 3.5 goals. It is just building a wager of your own creation on a single match.


The Betfair odds on that feature is where punters have requested a particular bet via Twitter with the operator.

A punter can send off their request and if the Betfair matches it (sportsbook) then they will send back a link to be able to place the bet.

Punters can browse through the OddsOnThat bets that have already been priced up. They are pretty random things such as a bet on 3+ Goals, 3+ Cards and 9+ Corners.

The bets on the OddsOnThat market and there are a lot of them, are handily arranged by price ranges. There is a Featured section, Up to 9/1, 10/1 to 24/1, 25/1 to 49/1 and so on.

Betfair Live Streaming

There is live streaming on Betfair. The sports coverage through the Betfair live streams is just excellent. Streams can be accessed via the Exchange or the Sportsbook.

There is football, tennis, basketball, snooker, dart, greyhounds, racing and more. The streams on Betfair are free to any account holder who has a positive funded account.

The racing streams cover all UK and Irish racing, plus there are streams available for the likes of Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, France, USA and more.

Exchange Racing Streams

For racing, things are a little different. For GB, Irish, UAE, Latin American and Australian horse racing there has to be a GBP2 minimum matched bet placed on the day of the race to watch it.

Races from the US and RSA just need a funded account balance of at least GBP2.

Sportsbook Racing Streams

A minimum of a GBP1 stake has to be placed to watch a live racing stream on the Betfair sportsbook. A funded account will be enough to watch racing streams from the US and RSA.

Greyhound racing through RPGTV also requires a funded account.

Live streams sit in their own little window which sits on the right-hand side of the main screen, by the bet slip.

So it is integrated into the same page but it can be treated as a pop out.

Betfair Virtual Betting

There is a big virtual sports betting section available at Betfair. The Betfair Virtual Sports action includes horses, football, greyhounds and motor racing.

The simple markets that are available on the Betfair virtual racing, be it jumps or flat, are the Win/Each Way and Forecast and Tricast markets.

There is a more expansive list of markets for the virtual football matches that are available.

There were Over/Under 2.5 goals, Correct Score, Double Chance and the Total Number Of goals.

So there was a little more variety on offer there, however, it’s worth reminding that these are just randomly generated results.

That’s the entire premise of the virtual world.

There is a new fixture being played every 3 minutes on all sports. So it’s a rapid turnover of games. There is no in-play action on virtual betting.

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Betfair payment options - deposit and withdrawal methods 7/10

Betfair payment options

You have the usual array of banking options for funding on your account and across a variety of currencies as well.

You can use a regular Bank Transfer, e-wallets and debit or pre-paid cards to get funds into your account and you get a full list of transaction history in your account.

The regular means of getting your money out of your Betfair account is available to you.

Always check for charges and processing times for the different methods of deposit and withdrawals.

Betfair do also have a speedy withdrawal function for customers in the UK, Ireland and Spain. This they call Fast Funds.

What the function does is allow qualifying customers to get money from a withdrawal transaction in two hours or less. The transaction could be complete in as little as seconds in some instances

How to make a Betfair withdrawal

After a Betfair UK login, you can go to your account and the Main Wallet. The funds in the account have to be withdrawn back to the funding source.

How long will a Betfair account withdrawal take?

That will totally depend on what the withdrawal method is. Things like E-wallets can be done in a matter of hours, whereas withdrawal to a debit card could take between 2 – 5 days.

Another popular question is can I cancel my withdrawal? It is possible to cancel a withdrawal, but it has to be caught in time before it has been processed by Betfair if the withdrawal is going to a card.

Betfair can be contacted to try and see if a bank transfer can happen. Apple Pay withdrawals can be cancelled, again only before they have been processed by Betfair. All other methods of withdrawal cannot be cancelled.

For the full details of the payment and withdrawal methods, see our table below.


  1. Visit the Betfair website where you will see a “Join Now” button in the top right corner
  2. Sometimes a new landing page will appear, so you may have to click the button a second time
  3. Fill in your personal details, your security and select your account currency
  4. The registration page will ask you for any Betfair promo code
  5. Agree to the terms to and conditions
  6. When registration is complete you will be directed to a screen where it asks for your preferred deposit method. You can do that right there or later through account management.
  7. Make your initial deposit.

Online-Betting Rating:

User-friendliness of website & mobile app / mobile version 8/10

User-friendliness of website & mobile app

If you have never landed on a betting exchange page before then it could look a little bit foreign.

At first glimpse, the exchange can look a little complicated, but just spend five minutes poking around and you will get a grip of it pretty quickly and will it all makes sense.

Again the wealth of help on the site is a fantastic feature of the entire Betfair experience.

It’s probably not the most aesthetically pleasing betting platforms (the sportsbook nor the exchange) and that is where it didn’t rank as highly as it could have done in our review of Betfair.

Otherwise, the operation and functionality is spot on.

Betfair has a mobile website version and their own App which can be downloaded for both Android and iOS devices.

Going straight to the Betfair mobile app review, you will find one of the most user-friendly betting apps out there.

Betfair Mobile App

Next, we push on with the Betfair app review. There is a Betfair app for both Android and iOS.

Things are the same via the mobile platforms in that both the Sportsbook and the Exchange can be played.

There is a dedicated app for each of them.

On the Betfair mobile app for the sportsbook, it is possible to place and track bets on the go, as well as enjoy features like their same game multi-tool.

The each-way edge is also a feature of the Betfair app download. There is a wealth of live streams, over 100,00 live events each year which can be streamed through the sportsbook app as well.

On the exchange, the full functionality of the Back and Lay options are there.

So you get the total control of asking for the price you want to get better value, and there is still the possibility of building a green book through hedging as well.

Both platforms of the Betfair mobile app allow for the high-quality in-play betting that the operator is so famous for.

We took a look at both of the apps and found them to be as equally good as the other, so it’s just a matter of preference.

Navigation was a breeze on both the sportsbook and the exchange app.

Even though the exchange can look like a confusing set up for a beginner, they have done a great job of simplifying it and fitting it onto the smaller mobile screen.

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Betfair Customer Service & Support, Security & Reliability 8/10

Betfair Customer Service

The quickest way to get in touch with a customer support representative is to get into a Betfair live chat.

You will need to do a Betfair login to get that help. The chat is the most-pushed method of contact that you will see on their site.

There is also a good help section available if you don’t want to go through the Betfair contact options.

It is worth mentioning we feel ,that there is such a strong help section overall at Betfair. In that we include other features like guides and informational videos.

There is also the Betfair community, which is a forum stacked full of great input from users.

That can prove to be a very valuable thing when it comes to learning the ropes on the betting exchange.

Our Betfair review rating: 8 / 10

Betfair review

In summary for our Betfair review, they are a top performer and well worth using for your online betting.

The versatility between having the Betting Exchange and the Sportsbook is a great thing we feel.

There are differences between the two beyond the obvious format of the betting platform, including the type of coverage on sports markets that you can find.

The control that the betting exchange can end up giving you on your betting is fantastic and again, it is really worth spending time looking around and learning what goes on there.

There is a top, top value to be found across the betting exchange and for the times that you don’t want that, you can just switch to their sportsbook.

The high-quality products that Betfair offers, makes then one of the top recommendations that we can make.