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The best online bookmakers list for the UK in 2022

Best Bookmakers in the UK according to

Provided here is a list of the best bookmakers in the UK based on the research done by our experts. After careful examination of many different criteria, we have created a ranking system to help you get to the best bookmakers UK. Why? So that you can get the most out of your online betting experience.

Best Betting Sites in UK – May 2022

Please note that all ratings are based on our personal experience. T&C`s Apply.

These are the best online bookies for the UK & Europe which we can recommend, but there are others that are still really reasonably good – and you can find those on our Betting Bonus Page or under Links.

Remember too that you are not just limited to selecting only one of the recommended bookmakers off of the list.

You can sign up with more than one bookmaker if you feel necessary, which can help you sort of shop around to get the best value that you can for a wager. It also allows you to take advantage of different promotions and bookmaker offers.

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How we review the best online bookmakers

Best Online Bookmakers

Using the knowledge of our betting experts, we have been assessing and analysing betting sites since 2002. We look at the quality of sports markets available across a wide range of sporting events. Because of all this experience which we can bring to the table, it means that we can provide knowledge insights into the many different online UK bookmakers that are out there.

The benefit of this is that you don’t have to do all the leg work. You can sit back and relax and focus on your sportsbook bet. That is because we have done all of the time-consuming groundwork for you, including offering things like football tips based on odds available at bookmakers.

Many factors have been taken into consideration through all of this research and exploration. Let’s take a quick look at some of those factors:

  • Customer service, bookmaker promotions and what extra features are available like cash out, bet builders, live in-play and live streaming are areas which have been examined. That’s in addition to the sports markets and the odds within them. A bookmaker is more than just the sportsbook that it offers.
  • Updates are important! We keep these reviews up to date on the ever-changing industry. That’s important because bookmakers are constantly updating their services. So we have to stay up to date as well. We have put everything together and because of valuable input from user-questions and issues in our chat, we know the areas of importance for punters.
  • We only recommend bookmakers that live up to the highest standards of quality (in terms of size, customer support, fees among other factors…). All of the research results have come through testing these websites, actually visiting and trying out the services which the bookmakers offer.
  • The key with a bookmaker is to be sure that you trust them and find them to be a reliable partner in your wagering pursuits. You want to go and look for important things like value, variety and security.

So rest assured that the list of best online bookies is compiled with expert knowledge. Please note that all ratings are based on our personal experience. T&Cs Apply.

Top 10 Football Bookmakers List

Again, we can’t stress this enough is that all uk bookmakers are different. They operate with different betting margins and some of them are stronger in certain areas. So looking at the top 10 football bookmakers, some of the key areas were market odds, variety of football betting markets and live in-play coverage. Here are the results of our research into the top 10 football bookmakers.

Some of the important things to look for when it comes to the best football bookmakers are the extra features that really help to deliver a top service. We found that mobile betting apps are so important when it comes to football betting, just because of the sheer volume of bets that are played on the sport.

So if you, like many punters enjoy a football wager, then you probably aren’t going to want to have to sit and load up your computer to do it. You want to get out your phone and place a quick bet. So finding a top football bookmaker app was an important aspect. Other things was having good market variety and a strong in-play betting service. Other features we liked to enhance football betting was bet builders and cash out options.

Top Horse Racing Bookmakers List

Horse racing is such a major part of UK betting, you will naturally find a big focus of the sport at uk bookmakers. But you won’t find the same horse-racing service at one bookmaker as you will at another. Services will vary slightly. Here is our list of the top horse racing bookmakers in the UK.

Some bookmakers go all out with their racecard stats, while others provide a wonderful range of easy-to-build bets and others excelled with features like offering extra places and having other betting bonuses like Best Odds Guaranteed applied to a high percentage of races.

Some of the things to look for in a horse racing bookmaker are racecards that have a good depth of form in them because this can be a big time saver. If you can quickly see the current form of horses then you don’t have to stop and go and visit another site to find that information and then come back again and bet.

Other things to look for are live racing streams, cash out options and variety of international racing if you like looking further afield.

How to choose the right online bookmaker

So with so many choices available out there in terms of UK bookmakers, and then the different services which they offer, how do you narrow it all down? The goal of, of course, is to try and get the right online betting sites which will tick all the boxes of your requirements. There are, of course, many, many bookmakers out there, all clamoring for your business.

Some of the most popular online betting sites and betting exchanges include Bet365, William Hill and Betfair. The choice is a good thing. It’s always good to have options available to you because, at the end of the day, it is competitive between the best bookmakers uk which ends up driving value to the customer.

There are great and many options available when it comes to looking at online bookies, but the bottom line is, is that they are all different. The differences can be small, but others can be big enough to have a detrimental effect on your online betting experience. So knowing just what bookmakers have available before signing up, can help you to avoid complications down the line.

New Online Bookmakers 2022

Things never stand still in the world of sport and neither do they in the world of online betting. There are long-established operators online offering their services, but there are also new faces joining the ever-expanding list of online uk bookmakers. So what to look for in a new bookmaker?

List of our new Online Bookmakers 2022:

Well if you take into consideration some of the new operators like Tote and Fansbet then you would be looking for the same things as at a more established bookmaker. Customer service is a key one for new bookmakers, account management and then things like welcome bonus offer, market odds and mobile betting platform options.

Don’t worry, you will find some of the newer bookmakers have ranked very well on our list of the best online bookmakers. That is after taking into consideration things like strength of sportsbooks, market odds and website features of new online bookmakers 2022.

Best Online Betting Offers

Bookmakers offer specials like enhanced odds or bet bonuses under certain conditions, such as a welcome bonus.

What to look for when choosing a betting offer

Betting offers vary a lot, in all aspects. The bonus amount of them being a prime example. There is no hard and set rule for the value of any bonus, you just have to shop around to find one that you like.

If you have two different bookmakers offering enhanced odds on England to beat Germany, one may have the offer at 11/1 and the other at 8/1. Offers come in many shapes and sizes like odds boosts, accumulator insurance and enhanced odds.

When you open an account with a UK bookmaker, you may see something like a deposit bonus, which will match the value of your initial deposit with bet bonuses (up to a limit).  That deposit would have to be made by a qualifying payment method too.

Whether you are looking at a regular sports bonus offer as an existing customer or as a new customer, there are things to look out for. The first one is any bonus code needed to activate a promotion in the first place.

Secondly, all promotions will come with terms & conditions. It is important to pay attention to them so that you meet all requirements. If you don’t hit all the requirements of the T&C’s then you would miss out on the rewards that the bonus has to offer.

Key things to look for are minimum deposits, stake maximums, expiry date of any bet bonuses collected and any wagering requirements as to what you can do with a betting bonus that is credited.

*Wagering and T&Cs Apply / T&C’s Apply on betting offers, 18+. Please Gamble Responsibly. 

How to deposit to your betting account

Deposit methods at online bookmakers are important. One of the first things to take into consideration is whether the method that you use is compatible with any welcome bonus. Generally, you will find that with sources like Skrill, Paypal and Neteller, when making an initial deposit with them (or just funding an account in general) those funds cannot be applied towards any bonus offers. Always check for minimum deposit amounts as well.

But there are many different ways to deposit to your betting account. You can use direct bank transfers along with debit cards or wallets to get funds into your account. More often than not the UK bookmakers are not going to charge you fees for transactions, but your financial institution may well do so, so just check both to make sure that you don’t get any surprise fees anywhere.

There will be a minimum deposit amount that bookmakers will require and in the UK, you will find that it is generally £10. But again, check with the operator that you are signing up with to see what their minimum is. You will have to first make a qualifying deposit (minimum amount and valid payment method) to take advantage of any welcome bonus that is on offer at a particular bookmaker.

So when registering at a bookmaker, those are some of the key things to look for. Note that when you do deposit with a bookmaker, more often than not they will want any withdrawn funds to go back to the same source as the payment method that the funds came from. So if you have deposited with your MasterCard debit card, for example, that is where the withdrawal has to go back to.

Using multiple betting sites

If you find that you are getting poor service, having difficulty with deposits and withdrawals or experiencing limited coverage of the areas on which you would like to bet, then it may be time for you to explore other options.

Sometimes online betting is just a learning curve in terms of experience and what you can get out of a particular operator. The more you come to use a uk bookmaker the more that you will find out what you like about them, and in some cases, what you don’t.

It is important to understand that you don’t have to simply be loyal to one bookmaker. Just because you have signed up at one bookmaker doesn’t mean that you can’t do the same at another. It is perfectly acceptable to use multiple bookmakers all once and if you stop and think about it, that has its advantages.

The advantages of multiple betting sites

Let’s assume for a moment that you have signed up for an account at three different bookmakers. What does that give you? Well maybe you wanted to go and back to Brazil to win the World Cup, but one of the three bookmakers has better odds on that outcome than the other two. If you were locked into just one of those bookmakers who were offering at a lower price, you would be missing out on value.

Just signing up with different uk bookmakers allows you to shop around a little bit to get the best price possible. Further to this end, and as you can see from all the research that we have done on this topic, is that there is absolutely no shortage of good online bookies for you to choose from. When it comes to the world of sports betting, then there is a lot to explore out there.

Choice and variety are good

You may find through your exploration that you consistently get better horse racing odds at one particular bookmaker. But you may want to do all of your football accumulators betting at another bookmaker because of an Acca insurance promotion that they have running. So that is a good example of some of the advantages of being signed up with more than one bookmaker. Just remember that you can’t hold more than one account at the SAME bookmaker, which is a different thing.

So it all comes back around to the wonderful value of choice. There are so many bookmakers out there, so use our ratings and rankings as a starting point. Then take a look at them from your betting perspectives and needs and try some on for size. Then you will be able to settle where you have your go-to bookies available at your disposal. But just as a caveat to that, don’t forget about those new bookmakers which crop up and just what they could offer.

Online UK Bookmakers FAQs

During our research into the best online bookmakers, some FAQs kept coming up time and again. It would be impossible to address every single question that every single player has about online betting, but here are some of the common questions that we felt necessary to answer, to help the process.

Which is the best bookmaker?

So which is the best bookmaker? That’s a loaded question because we always feel things at the end of the day comes down to personal preference. Does every single Manchester United fan think that George Best is the best player in the club’s history? Of course not, people will have differing opinions. People will have different experiences and different views of the different bookmakers.

However, throughout our testing, we did keep coming back to some familiar names in the different areas.

So to answer which is the best bookmaker, there is one operator which came out at the top of our lists. According to our reviews, Bet365 was the best bookmaker when everything was tallied up. They are the only one that we tested that we could give top marks of a five-star rating to. That, of course, will naturally lead you on to another question. That is why?

Why is Bet365 the best-rated bookmaker?

Let’s take a look. Some of the reasons as to why Bet365 ranked so highly with us, is because of the strength of the odds within the sportsbook, features and customer service. Let’s start with the customer service, which is something that is often overlooked by punters, but oh-so-important. You want to know that there is easy, efficient customer support there in case you run into issues. Support comes in many different forms, from frequently asked questions to live chat and technical support.

From a playing perspective, it is all down to the sportsbook. Consistently we found tremendous sportsbook variety in the bet365 sportsbook which is why it got rated so highly. In odds comparisons and not just exclusively to the major sports betting markets, we found that the operator was extremely competitive in odds. You want to know that you are getting good value from your online bookmaker and that is what we discovered frequently with bet365. Other notable features from bet365 were their live in-play betting service and live streaming.

Is betting legal in the UK?

It is very much legal in the UK. All uk bookmakers have to have a current gambling licence in the UK to operate. That is in place to protect punters as all online bookmakers have to abide by the same standards.

From an individual’s perspective, it is perfectly legal to gamble as long as you are at the minimum age of 18 and a resident of the UK (if you are betting from the UK at a UK bookmaker).

Who regulates gambling in the UK?

The official regulator of all aspects of gambling within the UK is the Gambling Commission. They are the ones who keep a check on everything in UK gambling from sports betting, to casino wagering and games. All betting companies have to answer to the UK Gambling Commission.

How do I place a bet?

Placing a bet at an online uk bookmaker is a pretty easy thing. Everything is designed to ensure that that is the case. A bookmaker doesn’t want you to go through twenty different steps before placing a bet of course. They want you to part with your money as quickly and as often as possible.

So the process is simple and it can be broken down into simple steps as well. You have to, of course, be registered with an online bookmaker to start with. Then it is just a matter of browsing through the sportsbook until you find the market upon which you want to strike a bet. If it’s a popular, common market on a big event, say a Premier League match, for example, you will probably have very quick access to those events right on the homepage of an online bookmaker.

You then make your selection. That selection will then be sent to your betting slip. In the betting slip is where you enter your stake. The betting slip offers a nice pause between picking a market selection and striking the bet. So just take time to ensure that it is the bet that you want and you haven’t just rushed into things. Also, make sure your stake is correct and then place the bet.

Do I have to pay taxes on my betting returns?

All betting in the UK is subject to taxes on the bookmaker’s end of things and they actually have to pay out a hefty chunk as well. Punters, however, do not pay taxes on stakes or gains. So it doesn’t matter if you have won £5 from a short-priced horse or £50,000 from a massive accumulator, you keep the money and the taxman doesn’t get a chunk.

If however, you stick that lump sum of money where it is gaining interest, then you are going to be subject to income tax. The HMRC doesn’t consider being a professional gambler as being a job so it’s not subject to tax. Another aspect of this is that they would have to come up with a credit system if they started taxing gains from gambling.

We will just throw in a small caveat to this. If you are making a living off gambling, as opposed to just being a casual punter, then there is a small chance at the HMRC may have a peek at what you are doing. But you would just have to show your betting history to prove “good-gambling-gotten”.