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Betting exchanges like Betfair have helped punters take better control of their wagers. They can offer a certain sense of flexibility and control of bets, particularly through creating a green book on an event. This is where you cover your liability on all outcomes so that whatever happens in the match you will be picking up a profit. For example, if you were to back a team to win a match and then in-play go and lay them (as long as the stake and prices are right to cover liability) then you have a green book where you will win.

So this is a huge advantage of playing Betting exchange strategies & systems at Betfair and we’ll go into this in depth a little bit more as we go on through this article. So because Betting Exchanges are user friendly in terms of creating systems then it has become a great platform for punters to exchange strategies and systems at them. Betfair for example has a user forum where punters offer up all sorts of different tips and systems and this is such valuable information that you can’t pass it up.

Betting exchange strategies & systems posted so far:

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You can find an overview of the best betting strategies at our betting strategies main page.

If you are wanting to get in on some betting then find betting exchange strategies & systems that you feel comfortable with and then take some time to test them out on paper before actually playing them. Maybe then you will be able to create your own and share that knowledge with the betting world.

So right down the line you have a tremendous opportunity at betting exchanges to close in on some valuable plans that can push your betting game to the next level.

So going back to the Betfair opportunity of building a green book. Here is how it could work and this very same principle can be applied to any sport, be it racing, NHL ice hockey, football, rugby, tennis or NBA basketball. Say you back a horse at a £10 stake at a price of 8.00 then the liability is the £10 that you have staked which, if the horse doesn’t win then you will lose it.

But come the start of the race, what has happened? The price has dropped to 6.00 to lay it. So then you have a huge chance here to eliminate your liability of the initial £10. If you then took another £10 stake to lay at 8.00 then what you will be left with is a green book. In the worst case scenario of the horse not winning, you would still make £33.30 on the outcome. That is because you will have backed the horse at 8.0 to win and betting it at 6.0 to lose. The second lay bet has to more than cover the initial liability.

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The ability to back and lay options is massive. For example you can lay the entire field in a horse race which can prove more valuable than backing than a winner. As long as you get your Lay bets matched then you can be active in backing and laying. This, along with most betting strategies will need some time and effort put in on your end because this is about watching markets and waiting and it could take some time to find the right balance between getting the bet matched. But patience and persistence is the key.

Dutching at Betfair

Another key Betfair betting strategy is called dutching and it has a counterpart, Bookmaking. Starting with Dutching, this is where you spread your stake across a market on an event. This could be a horse race where you simply back all the horses which have low odds, to win. Or it could be applied to a football match where you could for example, cover the most likely First Goalscorers.

What Dutching is, is when you spread the stake correctly so that whichever of the outcomes happen, you will still find yourself with a return, even if it is small. Bookmaking is the exact same thing except that you use lay bets instead and you would just lay all of the most unlikely outcomes on an event.

Betfair Betting Strategies

So you have a tremendous amount of variety and control over your outcomes with a Betfair betting strategy. It is really about watching the prices because you can find a fluctuation in a price just a few second later in backing and laying.

You can also adapt this to in-play betting and simple betting exchange strategies of waiting as long as you can in a match (say after 30 minutes at least) and then play over 1.5 goals. If the game gets to 0-0 at half time and then you can place this wager, there should be good value on it. So everywhere you look there are great betting strategies to look forward to at Betting Exchanges.

This is one of the platforms that you can enjoy because it really gives you good licence to go and create your own betting strategy and systems on your favourite sports. The great thing too is that there is so much help available out there that you can’t go wrong in getting started.

Read as much as you can, absorb as much as you can because there are punters out there who have been doing this for a long time and have valuable insights to impart. Always manage your bankroll properly and always test out any systems that you find beforehand.