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Hedged Win of the Favourite

Sports Betting Strategy of Alan

Hedged Win of the Favourite - Sports Betting Strategy of Alan - © Andreas Wolf -

I am a passionate bettor, and usually select my bets using a consistent strategy – I always place my bets on Betfair.

I use the following strategy to place my bets:
I take the Dutching Calculator [e.g. the one from Oddschecker here] and select a game that’s in play on Betfair.

Before kick-off, I take a starting betting bank of £50 and split my bet according to the proportions specified by the calculator.

Here an example:
Chelsea-Wigan – for me Chelsea is the favourite, so I bet as follows:
Final score ‘0-0’ odds: 13.50 -> £4.04 bet results in winnings of £54.54
Final score ‘1-0’ odds: 7.20 -> £7.57 bet results in winnings of £54.50
‘Two goals or more’ odds: 1.42 -> £38.39 bet results in winnings of £54.51

With this bet, I would only lose (£50) if Wigan beat Chelsea 1-0. In all other cases, my winnings would be 8.28% or approximately £4.51 on the total bet of £50.

For the next game, I don’t bet the £50 but enter £54.51 into the calculator as my bet, and so forth. Thus I bet the winnings from the previous game on the next game as well.

If I’m successful 15 times in a row, I have the winnings paid out and start over. If you know your way around, this is easily possible. However, one should only bet on games where the home team is also highly favoured to win.

Of course a certain measure of luck is required as well, but then again, the money would only be lost in case of a (highly unlikely) loss of 0-1 by the home team.


PS: If you would like to try it for yourself, I wish you the best of luck.

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