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2 Favourites and a Draw Out of 10

Sports Betting Strategy of Paul

2 Favourites and a Draw Out of 10 - Sports Betting Strategy of Paul - © Karol Zielinski -

Hello Friends!

Here is a strategy that I have created:


First you choose 2 matches you are absolutely certain of the result (like a Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester, Chelsea or Sevilla win), the odds don’t matter, the only thing that matters is that you are sure of your choice (the odds won’t be so high if you choose favourites but it is the best way to get winning bets).

And then you bet about 10 accumulators with those 2 matches as bankers and a draw (so it’s all 3-fold-accumulators with the two favourites and a draw),

Choose your draws in leagues where there are many like the french Ligue 2.

There’s a simple example with no team name, just figures:

– Fist favourite @ 1.3
– Second favourite @ 1.3
– 10 * draws @ 3.5

Which gives you 10 accumulators @ 5.92.

So if one of your favorites don’t win, you lose 100% If your favourites win but there is no draw among the 10 predicted draw matches, you lose 100% If there is 1 draw, you lose 40.8% If there are 2 draws, you already win 18.4%

If there are 3 draws, you win 77.6%
If there are 4 draws, you win 136.8%
If there are 5 draws, you win 196%
If there are 6 draws, you win 255.2%
If there are 7 draws, you win 314.4%
If there are 8 draws, you win 373.6%
If there are 9 draws, you win 432.8%
If there are 10 draws, you win 492%.

Of course it is difficult to find more than 3 draws, but 3 is really possible and gives you nice profit.

For me it has worked great until now, and I hope you like my system.


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