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Champions League Betting

If there’s one thing that’s no good for punters, it’s the end of a season. For this reason, the Americans are at a distinct disadvantage to the rest of the world. Most of their sports have distinct, shortish seasons that are over too quickly, leaving them with nothing much to do but pine after their team the rest of the year.

Thank God for long seasons and Europa League betting! The run up to the final Championship match is months in the making, meaning that as a punter you’re never short of betting opportunities. Instead, you can be betting Champions League matching from September to May.

Naturally, if you’re going to be stretching your wagering out over the entire life of the tournament, you won’t want to lose it all on the first go. For that reason, you will want to stick primarily to football clubs that you know well. It can be tempting to risk is on a lesser known team that’s shining up well, but the safest bets are with teams where you know the players and the coaches.

By the same token, when you are doing Champion League betting, you’ll want to stay away from accumulator bets unless you are quite sure of all the teams on your bet card. In the early stages, there can be quite a few upsets. Its part of what makes the matches so enjoyable, but that same unpredictability can wreck havoc on your pocketbook.

You’ll also want to stretch yourself out over a few different bookmakers. Some are country specialists, so you can’t get the whole of the league, while others will simply wait until the later rounds before wading in to the action. You’ll want to pick a bookmaker that has all of the teams that you want across the league.

You can also use Champions League betting as a way to test out different bookmaker promotions and service support systems. There are so many opportunities for you to see if you can earn betting bonuses just for laying a wager on a given match, or for opening a new account. Naturally, don’t be tempted to partner up with anyone you don’t completely trust just for the sake of a £10 bonus, and don’t place bets you aren’t comfortable with throughout the season. However, watching for the bonuses can be another way to ensure that you have the funds to play all the way through to the final rounds with your favourite teams.

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