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Football Accumulator Bets Explained & Calculator

Can You Handle Football Accumulator - Multiple Bets Situations?

Can You Handle Football Accumulator - Multiple Bets Situations? - © Dmitry Sunagatov -

If ever there was a carrot and stick situation in the world of sports betting, it would be in the land of accumulator bets. Essentially, an accumulator bet is one where you have to pick multiple outcomes correctly to get the payoff. The more you get right, the more you win.

Of the different bet accumulator options, the football accumulator is the most popular. No surprise there! Football betting is still the top draw for most punters, and adding multiple bets to the scorecard is just another way to play.

If you’re a thrill seeker, or if you love the charge money on a match gives the action, you’ll be drawn to accumulators. However, you may want to double check that you’ve truly got the guts for it. An accumulator bet will take your thrill and seriously ratchet it up.

An accumulator bet, commonly known as a double, treble, fourfold, fivefold etc, needs all selections to come up trumps in order to payout. Naturally, the more selections that you make, the bigger the risk of losing, but the greater the payout if you land it. The bonus of accumulators is that although they are hard to land, there can be a huge reward for a small stake. That is the punter’s dream, big profits for small stakes, but the odds are always highly against you in an accumulator. Naming just three correct results out of 10 Premier League matches on the weekend, for example, can be a tough call.

Football Accumulator Calculator


However, if you landed a threefold bet, then the accumulator is paid out by staking the profits of the first selection onto the second one and so on. So e.g. three selections of 2.8, 1.5 and 1.3 in an accumulator would be calculated as Stake x 2.8 x 1.5 x 1.3, to give you your profit. So you it is easy to see how the profit can amass quickly. You would get a return of £54.60 on the above example for just a £10 stake.

Colloquially known as ‘accas‘ experts say the chances of losing are far greater than your odds of ever winning a single penny. They point out that accumulator bets were invented by bookies as a profit booster, and that there’s no reason to walk into a stacked hand. This is actually sound advice, but it doesn’t mean that accumulator’s don’t pay off. They do, usually in a big way.

Many casual punters get over their heads by losing their smarts when faced with an accumulator bet card. They add in teams they don’t know anything about to hit a certain mark, say £100, or £500. They’ll also bet on their favourite team without thinking through the odds. They might as well just put their money straight in the bookie’s pocket, because they’ll never lay eyes on it again.

Instead, just as with any other kind of betting, you’ll want to handle your risk. Yes, accumulators by nature are higher risk bets. Thus, you’ll want to stick strictly to teams that you know and matches you understand, leaving your favourites strictly out of it to keep yourself objective. Keeping the number of teams involved low increases your odds of walking away from your accumulator bet with something to show for it later.

It can also seriously hit your nerves. When one of your teams wins, you can’t relax and get back to enjoying the football. Accumulator bets will keep you on edge until all of your results are in and you’ve either won it all or lost it big. Your mates might have found you a bit twitchy before, but it’s nothing to how you’ll be with a bet accumulator on the line.


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