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Football & Other Sports Betting Systems

When it comes to sports betting systems, an entire industry has sprung up to take advantage of every punter’s desire to strike it rich. Really, not a one of us would lay a wager if we didn’t have the desire to see putting our money where our mouth is pay off big . . . or at least big enough. Thus, it can be hard to resist the promises made by some of the more popular betting systems.

You’ve seen them. Big, brightly coloured headlines insisting ‘Win Big Every Time‘ or ‘Say Good Bye To Your Real Job Forever’ or ‘Make £100,000 This Week!’. Sadly, many of them are complete hogwash. There hasn’t been a sports betting system invented yet that a novice punter can plug into and ride to victory whilst sitting at home in his or her pyjamas drunk on a Saturday afternoon. There are, however, a few advantages that sports betting systems can offer you if you are able to tear through the mountains of false promises.

The main thing most betting systems offer is discipline. Whether you are using a football betting system, a tennis betting system, or a horse racing betting system, it is going to have rules, limits, and budgets that ought to be strictly observed. This is a sharp change from most home betting systems, which often have no rules and are very impulsive.

The discipline of being able to mind your bets and walk away from unprofitable wagers can be invaluable to ensuring you have a long sports betting career. Gamblers Anonymous exists for a reason – some people just can’t help themselves and ruin themselves by not thinking or exercising any personal control.
You may also be surprised to know how much of a good betting system is research driven. For example, if you want to use a fixed odds football betting system, you are going to need to learn the players, the teams, and the standard odds before proceeding. You don’t just wade blindly into the fray. You research, study, and master the sport before applying the bet system.

This combination of discipline and in depth knowledge of your sport will really give you an edge, no matter what sports betting system you follow. In fact, using these two principles, you may be finding yourself making better investments in other areas of your life as well. It really is amazing what a little self-control and research will lead you to do.

However, you shouldn’t place total faith in any one system. If they were all sure things, more sports investors would live in mansions. Always limit your wagering to what you can afford. Some of the staking systems and compounded betting patterns can dramatically inflate your liabilities, so be sure you have calculated the total worst case scenario before you place that first wager. Remember, it’s disciple and research, not blind obedience, that will allow you to use sports betting systems profitably over the long term.

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