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In-Play Betting

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One of the great advantages brought to punters by all the new technology in the last decade has been the advent of in-play betting. It’s really something worth trying out at least once. In fact, some punters like it so well that they won’t be going back to the old style of laying a wager in advance, even if it cuts them out of some sports.

In play betting is done by laying your bets in real time after the match, race, or tournament has begun. It can be a good way to lower your risk levels. This is because while it is done at the last minute, you will be able to account for any unpublicised injuries, surprise substitutions, or poor starts off the line.

In play bets have made the news lately, thanks to new action from the UK Gambling Commission. As you well know, many ‘live’ sporting events are actually broadcast on a bit of a time delay. This gives a different edge to those watching at the event than those who are watching at home or at the pub. Thus, to make sure everyone knows what anyone with common sense knows, sites offering inplay betting have to put up warnings.

Some of the issue was that the rumour mills indicated that the UK Gambling Commission was targeting the online brokerages when they decided to enforce the need for a label. Actually, the online exchanges already had the warning. Thus they were just trying to make things obvious for everyone.

Although it did seem a bit heavy-handed, the Gambling Commission’s actions did highlight one of the pratfalls of in play bets. The time delay can be a nuisance if you are trying to leave things to the last minute and bet down to the wire. At times, the exchanges will close based on the real time outcome, even if you are still three minutes back in the action. It is wise to plan accordingly!

Even with the warnings and the fuss, the advantages of inplay betting remain. In play bets let you manage your risk and can be a good way to keep your interest high during long match ups. Doing in play bets on cricket matches, for example, is quite popular, and there are certainly plenty of opportunities to do it.

Furthermore, if you like novelty betting, then in play bets will also be a good strategy. In addition to betting on an overall winner of Britain’s Got Talent, for example, you could also do in play bets each week as the votes come in and the performances unfold. Paddy Power is the currently leader on in play bets for novelty events. If you are a serious punter you may not have thought of it, but these kinds of bets can be both a bit of a lark and a bit of good profit to boot!

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