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Live Betting

If you are a sports investor with a serious need for a thrill and a high risk tolerance, you may be interested in live betting. Once offered only at the horse track, live bets are now available for more sports and in more locations. However, if you don’t think you would be able to handle the excitement, you’d best stick to the traditional path. Live bets aren’t for everyone.

Live betting has been made possible on a large scale thanks to technology. In the past, the only way to make a wager on a game in play was to be watching it with your bookmaker. Even then, he or she might not accept the bet.

The internet has certainly changed things. The rise of the betting exchanges has made it easier to do all kinds of truly complex and really daring betting. Live bet offerings certainly fall into the daring category.

Live bets are executed in real time, and may be traded. You can option them, as you would a stock investment. However, the risk level on live bets is very high. At the end of the match, only the winning contracts are paid and all other contracts are typically valued at zero.

Laying a wager in advance also means less risk because you generally do it with a cooler head. In the heat of the moment, you can place some rather foolish live bets, and this can lead to heavy losses for the imprudent. You don’t want this to happen to you, so be sure to stay away from live betting if you know you don’t always choose wisely under pressure.

Finally, while the technology is there, for some sports even now live betting is not accepted. The UFC is one example, as all bets are finalized by the opening bell. While this does frustrate some fans, there are plenty of other sports that do allow live betting to keep you entertained.

Thus, if you like fast-paced action and get off on the thrill of potentially ending up with nothing, then live betting is for you. Live betting is usually done with an online bookmaker, rather than in an offline shop. Some additional fees and commissions may apply, so read the fine print careful before you start betting.

However, if done properly, live bets can really help keep you engaged and worked up during a match. The ability to adjust your strategy throughout a tournament can also help account for the injuries or last-minute substitutions that can hamstring regular punters. There is profit potential there, if you can be a sharp trader and keep a cool head. Good luck!

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